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  1. You can open the debug tool (Debug Toolbar) and go to the "Input Locks" tab. It should list all the currently applied input locks. You can see if there is something PM-related.
  2. Well, if unity advises to put some logic in Awake instead of the constructor, then why not But it definitely won't be a priority.
  3. Hm, never saw this one before. Does it prevent the mod from launching or something?
  4. I'll look into it, but it's probably some bug inside KSP. When I update the maneuver, I just provide the new dV and ut. If some dV/ut combination breaks KSP, there is not much I can do about it, all of them should be perfectly valid.
  5. Well, I looked into the new maneuver tool, and it is my opinion that it is utter excrements. The maneuver gets deselected as soon as gizmo disappears, which means on any (mis)click, the gizmo has no feedback, the icons always remain in one place. And it also seems that the amount of change is always constant, regardless of distance you drag the mouse. Which means that the tool is impossible to use for fine tuning. Which basically means it's useless. Looks neat though, but useless. The mod is working fine with 1.7, but the "official" release will be a bit later. I'll look into the code of this new tool and see if I can use some of it to simplify my logic.
  6. At the very least let's see this new UI first A couple of minutes on youtube is definitely not enough to understand how it would feel. But I actually have some high hopes about this update. So many times I had to jump through hoops kludging around the limitation of KSP stock maneuver handling. I'm going to look at the new UI implementation, and maybe I'll simplify things on my side. Also, I'm a little bit disappointed. Squad never even acknowledged the existence of this mod, and now copies it almost verbatim (did you notice that the axes in the gizmo are located in the same order as in PM? It may be a coincidence, but they used a different ordering in KSPedia. Why would they decided to change that?).
  7. What do you mean "final"? It's not going anywhere yet.
  8. Version for KSP 1.6 is ready, check it out. It was a long time since I did it last, so some problems may occur. @Twidget_Gray the logs would be nice, then we'll know for sure
  9. Ok, I see now. The menu button initializes when KSC scene is loaded the first time. The tutorials do not load KSC, and so the plugin is simply not initialized. I think it should be changed to main menu. Main menu definitely initializes all the time . As for the button being visible where it shouldn't be, well, that's a mystery. I'll add the investigation of this to the list of things I'll do when I get a new PC But honestly, both problems seem minor enough to be postponed for a couple of weeks
  10. The button should only be present while in map view. So if you can't see the button in any other screen - that's an expected behavior. Otherwise, please provide the logs, maybe there is some problem with newer KSP.
  11. First of all, my problem with the computer is not money-related. I can afford myself a desktop. What I don't have right now is an apartment. Things should settle down by march. As for donations, while I appreciate your support, I live in a country where it's not that easy to set up a paypal account. It'll be more trouble than it's worth.
  12. There are plans. Unfortunately, my laptop fried in july and I still don't have a windows machine where I could install MSVS and Unity (and KSP itself, obviously) and make a release. I thought I'll get myself a new desktop by christmas, but it looks like I'll have to postpone these plans until march. On the bright side, I can assure you that the plugin is not abandoned, and I'll still provide support in case of problems.
  13. Feel free to share your build, it's not like I'm paid per-download or something But as far as an official 1.5.x release, I'd still want to re-export unity assets using the updated unity editor, to make sure that everything is of the same version, and that would be a non-trivial procedure that I'm afraid only I can do.
  14. I don't think it has anything to do with recompiling. More likely the update of the "version" file would suffice. The problem is that my only laptop with windows got fried, and I can't recompile the plugin ATM (it requires both MS VS and unity editor). So you're stuck with the outdated version for a couple of months.
  15. AFAIK, TriggerAu is Australian (hence the "Au", I guess), so I would trust his word on the subject of English language over mine To my defense, I could say that the "from" bit was in the original Precise Node, and I kept it without much thinking. But now all the lines are in the separate file, so if some native English speaker could review it and correct all the funny places, that would be helpful.