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  1. AFAIR, KSP requires all the mods to be open-sourced and non-commercial, so no need to be afraid of any legal concequences. That being said, I still highly recommend you to just tell us your genius idea. Chances are, there is something like what you want, so you'll be at least able to start from something already working, instead of from scratch, which will be very helpful for your first mod.
  2. TextMeshPro is not bundled with unity, it's a separate package that you need to install by yourself. You can do it using the asset store in unity.
  3. I noticed that the shielded docking ports do not have attachment points. Is this intended?
  4. I don't know about "gradual kick-in", but I wrote this just now, for 1.3, because my 150-parts plane couldn't make it past 3 seconds of flight 9 times out of 10. Now it starts OK every time. Now to make it airborne... well, that's a totally different story
  5. I can't believe nobody has done such a mod before. I can't believe it so hard, that I'm actually sure someone did, and it just that my google-fu wasn't strong enough. Anyway, So, imagine the situation: you constructed an enormous behemoth of a plane consisting of 200 parts. You try to launch it, but it explodes the very moment it touches the runway. If only you could disable the crash damage for 5 seconds, until the wobbling is calmed, and the plane settles on the runway... And that is precisely what this mod does. It is trivial: it enables "no crash damage" and "unbreakable joints" through cheat menu for 5 seconds on flight scene load. That's it! Download Code (the whole 20 lines of it)
  6. @rmaine, @Argonicus: your bugs were fixed in 2.3.1. Hopefully...
  7. Yes, it is. I was sure I fixed it long ago. Now I'll do it again.
  8. I want to take a dev-build for a spin. Is there some issues I should be aware of? Some particular use-cases where I should look for some weird behavior?
  9. You need to enable the "orbit info" module using the button on the right.
  10. Yep, that's a hint . Indeed, the scale parameter acts weird when you have both local and global scales. The global scale overwrites the local the moment you assign a parent. Long story short, it's fixable . I'll do it on a weekend.
  11. Originally, I started from blizzy's code. I didn't fork it on github, because it wasn't my intention to change a lot of stuff. It kinda happened by itself . And by the time I decided to publish my version there were so little original code left, that there was no point in forking the repo. I just started a new one. So it's a fork more spiritually than in an actual codebase. Especially since the version 2.0, where all the imgui was replaced with ugui, and now you'll need to look really hard to find even the traces of the original code. The note about it being a fork is there to stop confusion. It's not the same mod under a different name, like "precise node continued", it's a different thing.
  12. Can't reproduce. Logs please.
  13. 2.3.0 is up. Marvel at the beauty of the TextMeshPro (used for pretty much everything in KSP) compared to the default unity text! Also, translations. Right now only the russian and the chinese are there. Sorry, @Deltathiago98, I couldn't wait for the corrections. I added a couple of lines, so now some corrections should be made.
  14. No. But in the dropdown list in the maneuver pager you can see all the dVs listed.
  15. Not really. I started to tweak the gui layout in order to fit the spanish and the russian, but ended up replacing all the text components with TMPros. And now I'm in the middle of that . It should make all the text much clearer and better fit the stock gui.