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  1. Fantastic stuff Necro! I love using the SpaceY parts, so much easier to launch heavy payloads with them.
  2. I've had it installed since 1.0.5 dropped and it's given me no trouble.
  3. Having just finished The Martian a few days ago... very cool! I'll have to check availability through CKAN.
  4. The Muon Detector is of course not used solely for finding the arches and is most often used for finding the other easter eggs on the Mün, Kearth, and Minmus. I haven\'t spent a lot of time looking for the ones on Kearth, though that\'s next. I\'ve just about covered everything I can on the Mün. 1st: 2.424 North / 81.444 East 2nd: 12.471 North / 39.261 East 3rd: 12.454 South / 140.826 West (750 meters underground from my best calculations) You should really try to find them yourself before resorting to just being told though, it\'s much more fun Nifty… thanks for the link to the Muon detector. Also, it\'s Kerbin, not Kearth.
  5. How bizarre, I have a 4890 and always get shadows. Could you try under another OS besides Linux just to see what happens?
  6. 0.14 is out now… though I can\'t check to see what changes are there as the .zip file is corrupted.
  7. Currently… i7-930 @ 2.8 GHz 6GB RAM 1GB HD 4890
  8. I wondered how long it would be before somebody made this… downloading now.
  9. Looks like a flying bomb to me. Can you still get to the Mun if you have, say, three full tanks left over once you\'ve jettisoned the orbital stage?
  10. I\'ve yet to maintain a stable orbit (gimme a break, this computer\'s IGP sucks), so I may have to try building that rocket that you did…