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  1. I have a couple of contracts that want data from at least 4 experiments but they only list 2. I keep transmitting but it wont complete.
  2. I had only tried it the one time, but your right the problem comes back every time.
  3. I was having issues with the same file. Try deleting the Kolonization folder in the cache and check if that fixes it
  4. Thanks that worked. I did go change the gui strings to make sense though.
  5. I'm having issues with the mk2 cargo bay parts. When I drag them into the editor the doors start open then immediately close. This is the opposite of what the bigger cargo bays do. It makes it really hard to put things in there. Also on the runway the doors do start closed but the right click menu says 'close cargo bay doors'. If I click that the doors open and the right click menu says 'open cargo bay doors' which would then close them. Is this something I can fix by editing the cfgs or am I stuck not being able to use them?
  6. Author of the original Kiocoit Engineer. I might come back to this at some point. But until then I fully endorse this mod in my place. If you ever want to drop the redux let me know and we'll work something out.
  7. I\'ll look into it but I don\'t have time for a few days. Do you have any other details?
  8. Yea for new videos. I\'ve been wondering what you will get up to with the new features.
  9. I haven\'t checked these values in flight but as far as in the editor inverseStage = Usually is the stage that it appears in in the gui, however if you move all parts out of a stage and remove that empty stage this is no longer accurate. The game still thinks that empty stage exists even though it doesn\'t show up on the GUI. This may be a bug and is an issue i\'m still trying to solve for my engineer plugin. defaultInverseStage = The stage where the game puts a part when you add it to a ship while in the editor at least. originalStage = seams to always be 0 in the editor possibly just not use
  10. There is no part. To get it to work you need to add the module section to the end of the landing gears part.cfg.
  11. Engineer v0.8 and AdvancedBrakes v2.1 Released AdvancedBrakes added ALT-b as a hot key to engage all parking brakes and is merged into Engineer. Engineer has a new UI and added Isp and deltaV. I would consider those estimates at best as accuracy is not guaranteed for complex staging and almost certain to be wrong on stages with both solid rockets and liquid fuel engines. Stages will consider any fuel in higher stages to belong to them until it finds another stage providing thrust. While those were the stated features of this release the big feature is the Consultant System which can provide co
  12. You could change the command module\'s part.cfg to allow surface attachments.
  13. So I have two plugins I\'m working on. One with my base files and another one providing implementation by subclassing a base class. It works when the base plugin is loaded first, but if it\'s loaded second my implementation plugin starts throwing errors on load. Is there some way to make sure the base plugin is loaded first?
  14. It was kind of a design decision not to, but I suppose I could. The recent overhaul probably wouldn\'t make it that hard to do. I don\'t really see that much use for that personally. I\'ll think about it after I get v0.8 done.
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