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  1. Well, I copied and pasted the screenshot from my imgur album.
  2. For some reason, when I edit my post, there is no Imgur (i) symbol in the top bar, so I can't add imgur albums.
  3. This was completely random and I didn't plan this. I just made a satellite to orbit Kerbin and then I noticed that there was a solar eclipse, with almost all the planets next to it. Of course I had to post this.
  4. Can this mod be used without KIS? Is there a way to put the experiments on the surface without KIS?
  5. Thanks. If thats true, there should not be any missing science logs when I play with OPM.
  6. When I play KSP on version 1.1.3, the shadows are flickering and sometimes even the screen. I have reinstalled the game multiple times, removed the mods and checked my DirectX version and It's still a problem.
  7. Ok, I just think that it should not be so visible, considering that it's an easter egg.
  8. I noticed that near space center, there is a monolith with Squad's logo. I think it has always been there. But for some reason when I started the game, the monolith was visible from KSC, and I wasn't visible before.
  9. The download link has some security issues and I don't think I should download the mod before it's fixed.
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