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  1. Can we get this marked as solved?
  2. RivaTuner isn't the overclocking software, it's only for monitoring; Afterburner does all the overclocking. I use it to give me a HUD showing FPS, GPU utilization, etc that can be turned on and off in any game via the scroll lock key.
  3. With RivaTuner Statistics Server disabled, KSP 64-bit now launches in D3D9 mode. Excellent work, @sal_vager
  4. 64 bit was broken regardless of where I launched from. This included Steam, CKAN's built-in launcher, and the plain old KSP_x64.exe. I used Steam to add the -force-d3d11 launch option to get it working again.
  5. I've got the same problem as OP. Running: * W10 64 bit, build 1703 * i7-4770, RX480 KSP 64 bit crashes immediately on startup application launch. KSP 32 bit runs fine, but can't handle the mods I need to continue my career save. I've tried graphics driver reinstallation and KSP reinstallation (sans mods). error log - output log - EDIT: Able to force KSP 64 bit to run by using -force-d3d11
  6. As long as the boosters are providing more thrust than weight, they are beneficial and dropping them will reduce delta-v (and therefore fuel required to orbit a specific payload)
  7. @MadChris48 Probably not gonna fly by the rules of the challenge, but I'll be damned if that ain't clever as hell.
  8. Sorry about that, I didn't think OBS would record my music playing as well.
  9. Bug report, best explained with video: Log file: Running Linux Ubuntu 14.04, KSP 1.0.5 64-bit
  10. Link to craft and code. `.craft` goes into `ships/VAB` or `saves/[mysave]/ships/VAB` All `.ks` files go into `ships/script`, kOS will create the folder on startup but you can create it if kOS hasn't yet. Select `` as the boot script, launch, and hit H when prompted. Atmosphere: stock -- Final orbit: 186.5km x 182km -- Liquid fuel remaining: 134.65 EDIT: Same script and ship; although make sure the control surfaces are set to 0% for all controls. Atmosphere: FAR -- Final orbit: 182.3km x 181.1km -- Liquid fuel remaining: 145.7