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  1. Hey Nick, This continues to be an indispensable mod for me. I request the female end of the Big G docking port, lack of something to dock this to is why I have Never used this part. I also request Disable Staging be added to Skylabs meteor shield. As I have been happily using this mod for over 10 years now, I am also willing to pay you. If there is a good reason why this is not possible, please tell me and I will quit asking.
  2. OK so I confirm that in docked mode I Can transfer the ore. But it made my rover go crazy. (Sas off, brakes on.) Looked like the cable might have been retracting. Dock mode initiated from port, not station. ***edit*** I see now that this is meant to go from RTS to RTS. I had assumed, wrongly as it turns out, that I could go from RTS to a JS-1.
  3. obey resources transfer was off. The RTS line Was connected a good dozen parts from the ICRU... I will try a closer connection.
  4. I'm still seeing this almost 3 years late, so I'm assuming there is still no fix for this. Part clipping is off, so this isn't a killer or anything, but if a solution can be found, I am all for it.
  5. I just found that the resource transfer station connection does not transfer ore. This may be either a bug, something not done, or a feature. If the former, please add to the list. If it's simply not added yet, please add to the list. If Feature, I'm sure you have your reasons. Thanks for all your hard work! This mod makes KSP better and will probably soon be assimilated into the main game as DLC
  6. I can't get the Big "g" docking port to dock to Apollo female adapter. Anybody else having this problem?
  7. I miss this feature, and I hope it can come back someday. Thank you for all your hard work!
  8. Sorry if this has been asked already, but is there some way to get this mod to scale the number of crew a part can hold?
  9. The black texture thing happens to me when there are two versions of the texture file in question.
  10. I just loaded up Kerbal, coffee and toast ready to get me through these few moments while both kids are napping simultaneously, and decided to check on my Moon mission, on obtital assembly at at Low equatorial Earth orbit, awaiting the crew Fuel, and propulsion modules, and found to my amusement that I was on a pretty interesting Mun-influenced Sunar insertion maneuver that hit Minmus (more or less) center-mass at 7km/sec. So that was interesting. New GUI is pretty tho. Good luck with the fix NK! "Green Light" -Captain Pyke
  11. Alright, I just re-read this entire thread. (and for some reason many of your under-post quotes... I can't go past them apparently) At least until a working version of 1.8 happens along, I am going to revert to an older version for the sake of attempting to insert a 3tn object into Low Martian Orbit (LMO) . Anyone out there using RSS And this mod? How does it work for you, am I wasting my time? Which Version should I use? -Pyke
  12. I redesigned Madeline SSTO to work without any of OPT's J-class spaceplane parts. I realized that I have no idea what "fork" means as it is used here. And the word is very difficult to google.
  13. Can I get some credit for having called this back in '99?
  14. I had come to terms with the limitations of the interior space of these designs a long time ago. One of my favorite K-planes had habitat and a major science facility just from a bunch of stock and b-9 stuff stuck inside a cargo bay. (The preceding sentence is unwieldy, but works if you read it again.) Keep up the good work K.Yeon! (And then at some point please stop tinkering. You've broken all my SSTO's.)
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