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  1. Doubtful. For one, SpaceX rockets work and rarely explode. And there is not even any struts showing up. Totally NOT kerbal.
  2. WRESAT used a Redstone launcher? Wow, that's really surprising, Redstone was a balistic missile (before it became a Rocket booster) after all! It surprises me that US agreed to gave one away to Australia (those must've been highly sensitive/classified in the '60!!). Hmmm it seems even wikipedia agree: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redstone_(rocket_family) Thanks for sharing that @Martian Emigrant
  3. I seem to burn in flame whenever I go above ~5.5km/s. I'm pretty sure I am doing-it-wrong (tm), but still, 8km/s looks rather high. Has that ever been mathemetically calculated? Or tested practically in a challenge of some sort? I'm very curious what's the ultimate velocity limit to survivable kerbin re-entry... I wonder what kind of shenigan craft could survive at 8km/s (or above!). ...an idea for a challenge maybe..?
  4. Any space plane that reach orbit would exceed 2000m/s. So basically, your challenge could be renamed to "build a spaceplane then take it to Laythe". This has been done many, many times and there are plenty of similar challenges around.
  5. I'm curious on the reasons why Dress and Duna are so far at the end instead of the typical Duna -> Dres -> Jool -> Eeloo? Did you find a nice tranfer window, did you want to shed some mass at Jool first or is it simply to reduce velocity on the way back to Kerbin?
  6. According to rules, it would qualify if it would be on the runway. There was nothing in the rules about HORIZONTAL take-off / landing anyways EDIT: Ah snot, @RedPandaz ninjaed me and added it
  7. What the hell is a "dab"?? Google points to that: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dab_(dance) Could you please just give the basic details in one of your challenge, for once??
  8. Maybe. It's not clearly stated so one can only assume. Vaguely defined challenges rarely take off, I think @RedPandaz might want to fix that.
  9. ...the challenge explicitely states that the parts must land intact. EVA-ing your kerbal won't help. That's pretty much the only option. And even there there is no guarantee (you won't have any mean to control). So strap a heatshield on a seat, drop it from space and pray that it land safely. Rinse and repeat until it does...
  10. Except for the +1000 points for supersonic landing, speed has no impact on score. Thus landing 10 kerbals at 250m/s would give you a lower score than landing 100 kerbal at 50m/s... I think you should review you scoring system.
  11. This is awesome! I want to see you do the race with that thing. And PLEASE use "Born to be wild" as the soundtrack
  12. So the vessel must be exactly 1 stock part + 1 command seat. Both parts must land intact. Soooo no control (would require SAS or control surfaces), no runway landing (no wheel), no parachute (command seat won't attach to chutes). The challenge is to drop something in free fall without any mean to control it and pray that it survives... I fail to see the point or the fun in that.
  13. It is an interesting challenge.. except that KSP physic does not model ground effects which are the very basis of the Real-Life Ekranoplane. I'm curious to see what kind if craft people will build though
  14. Can we see the COM and COT with full tank full and empty? Maybe your COM shift too far out of your COT when your fuel goes low? Also, we do not see the engine on those picture... Do you have one engine or several? Maybe the fuel flow is messed up causing one engine to flame-out, resulting in asymmetric trust.
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