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  1. I am also having a problem with the procedural control surfaces, by having them reset to the minimum thickness along with the shape being altered when leaving the SPH
  2. I am currently having problems with setting up mods on my server, it keeps kicking me from my server as it says module manager and kspmodfilelocalizer are not white listed
  3. I have been having a glitch when i try to use the buffalo cabs or parts, when i try using them they appear in the center of the SPH and then i cannot leave or click anything else, Any help?
  4. Hey I'm still having trouble with the Jsi configure bug can anyone help
  5. Hey any response? Of it going to 1.2.2
  6. Kerala foundries is not working even when I have done everything right I installed the latest version of KF and the wheel API also deleted the plugins for KF and nothing happens!
  7. Hey btw shadow mags can you help me test out your API with KF by helping me with which plugin to delete because there are two plugins and what to do with the API
  8. Hey I'm still having issues when I install it because i installed everything but nothing is showing up and ther is no new tab for the parts and also the hooligan labs pars are not showing so I need help plz
  9. hey how do you get the parts i have installed it many times but it wont show the parts from the mod and the Heisenberg airships mod i need help
  10. Hey I'm having a problem with the RPM in one of the cockpits and I don't what it means by check the config
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