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  1. I never seen issue like this before. It still can be (hypothetically) an issue of KIS, but there must be other factor affecting it. I bet it's something about another mod compatibility. Btw, when you were assembling the vessel, have you used node attach or surface attach mode?
  2. Good catch! I've created a bug. It was removed, but you can bring it back at your own risk (no official support is offered if it doesn't work).
  3. @Soda Popinski @chris-kerbal @Xithyl515 TL;DR; The KIS pylons (and one from KAS too) that can attach to surface are no more working properly in KSP. With all the physics improvements and changes during the course of the year, the static attach to the surface became a very dangerous practice. Avoid doing it if you don't want to awake Kraken. Afaik, there is an alternative "anchor" part in USI. It works differently and strictly speaking doesn't fix the vessel position, but it more or less does what's needed - fix the vessel position on the surface. In nutshell, when the scene is loaded, the vessel in it are placed independently. And the placement is approximate. I.e. there could be exactly 1m distance between the vessels on save, but on load it will be 1.2m. It's not a big deal in the stock game, but if you tether two vessels, then there can be a physical effect. I do not recommend using winches to connect station modules on the surface. Use RTS instead. The latter part does not apply physics on the rope.
  4. Highly unlikely. KSP mods run in C#.NET sandbox. It works or it doesn't. There is no a middle state where it "works, but with bugs". In case of RAM is not enough, the game would simply crash. FYI, 16Gb is more than enough to run KSP. I've spent months playing on a system with only 16Gb onboard (today it's 32Gb). 20 years ago I stopped working as a driver in rideshare to start programming. However, we didn't have Uber or Lyft at the time. In the today's reality, I could be a Senior Driver III now Or, you can install KSPDev Logs, which already does it It won't capture the game initialization though. And saying about the "NaN issue". I've been thru it before. In my experience, the reason is always a failure in the physics thread. TL;DR: KIS doesn't do much stuff in this thread. I'd suggest you have a mods conflict. Like this one. The legacy KIS is using hacks to have the parts created, it may have bad consequences in the edge cases. I gave up fighting with it. KISv2 is to address these issues. However, October is my best estimation for the official alpha testing start.
  5. I'd say, the situation here is beyond repair. Could you please find the first save where it was working fins and start from there to repeat the problem? Once it happens, capture and share the log please (not from the player, the KSP.log one).
  6. I recall someone was reporting similar issue a year ago. IIRC, it' a Unity issue (or feature?). It reports mouse and trackpad clicks differently, so unless the app is specifically checking for the trackpad events, they won't be handled. How did you put all these containers in the backpack? KIS doesn't allow to have more than one carriable item in the backpack. The only known way to bypass the check is using KIS debug feature "Spawn item". And this feature must be used wisely, it's not made for a regular player.
  7. This issue doesn't sound familiar. Could you please make a video and share the log from this video?
  8. The ground experiment parts don't play well when being pulled out of a regular KIS container. Trust me, I've spent enough time trying to solve it before giving up. I bet you'd not want to bring an experiment part in a KIS container to Mun, and end up with a non-functioning experiment. So, for now the stock game inventories and KIS inventories are separate. However, there is a converge point: you can put stock game inventory into KIS inventory. In KISv2 it will be much more clear. Alas, this effort is being affected by the hot season in the company I'm working for: in August-September we launch a lot of features for the end of the year holidays. I planned to launch a KISv2 alpha test a month ago, and haven't succeeded on this plan
  9. It's a legacy name from the original KIS, which was released many years ago. I don't mind changing it to something else. In fact, in RU localization it's called "Tapeless recorder" (in contrary to "tape recorder"). We may choose something similar for EN and other localizations. Except maybe Chinese, where it's already not a "ghetto blaster" (according to Google translate).
  10. Yup. https://github.com/ihsoft/KAS/blob/master/Patches/MM-LegacyKASPipesPart.txt
  11. ReleaseTools v1.2 KPSPDev: ReleaseTools v1.2 (July 30th, 2020): [Change] Better handling of SSL/API errors in the CurseClient. [Fix] Opt-out from certificate validation when calling CurseForge and Cloudflare. [Fix] Supply user-agent header to make Cloudflare happy.
  12. 1.7 (July 30th, 2020): [Change] Better react on the attached part(s) destruction to properly reset the link state. [Change] Some performance improvement for the winch connector handling. [Change] Update EN/RU localizations to version 6. [Change] Update Chinese localization. [Fix #295] Stop using MiniAVC.dll in favor of MiniAVC-V2.dll. [Fix #297] Decoupling near winch connected in editor causes the winch to break in to two separate vessels.
  13. KIS v1.26 1.26 (July 18th, 2020): [Change] Switch to MiniAVC-V2. [Enhancement] Add a new fun part: Snacks! [Enhancement] Add a new fun part: Fallen Kerbonaut. FYI, there is a real life prototype for this part. [Enhancement] Add storage lockers parts. They used to be a part of the defunc SEP mod. [Enhancement #360] Use fuel type from the config for the EVA fuel canister. [Fix #362] Tab Key in Map View crashes the game. [Fix #364] KSP 1.10: Carriable items cannot be equipped. HINT: Give it some time to show up in CKAN.
  14. KSPDev Utils v2.4 2.4 (July 18th, 2020): [Fix #9] Events and actions don't localize.
  15. I was able to reproduce the issue with the B9PS. I haven't figured any quick fix for that, so I'd likely leave it for KISv2. In the new version all the parts are created using the stock game functionality, so this issue will naturally vanish.