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  1. Well, KIS cannot help here since it works with planes. One way you can achieve what you want is using the stock EVA construction mode. There you can adjust part position and orientation when it's already attached. I.e. you can use KIS to "drop" the part on the craft, and then use the stock UI to adjust its position. As for the locking camera view, there are mods that allow focusing on an arbitrary part. E.g. such functionality is available in Easy Vessel Switch (https://github.com/ihsoft/EasyVesselSwitch). However, if the kerbal and part positions are not fixed, then locking the view won't help much.
  2. Not without code changes. In what use-case you'd need to have more than 100m range? For a spot light such distance seems more than enough.
  3. Yes, it can be adjusted via the config in RTS part: // KASLinkResourceConnector maxTransferSpeed = 20.0 autoSpeedTransferDuration = 4
  4. Yeah, looks like a bug. Created a ticket. It shouldn't break anything critical, though.
  5. 1.19 (July 2st, 2021): [Change] KSP 1.11 compatibility. WARNING: the mod won't work with version lower than KSP 1.11! [Change] Use a specialized KSPDev Utils version to workaround the KPS 1.12 bug when a duplicated mod is detected. [Change] Deprecate theModuleStockLightColoredLens module. [Fix #39] Color picker is not available. [Fix #40] Deprecate the lens brightness control. The lens are now controlled by the stock game. [Fix #41] The light identifier gets lost when state changes between the ON/OFF states. [Fix #44] Deal with the duplicated "light" entries in the by module filter.
  6. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It's not a problem of this specific mod, it's a generic flaw of this mode: it doesn't properly recognize modules that are descendants of the stock modules. So, you get as many duplicated subcategories as many submodules you have. I've created a bug and will try to find a generic solution for it. In fact, many mods get affected by it.
  7. There is a bug https://github.com/ihsoft/SurfaceLights/issues/39. You may get the fix from it (it's a part config change). Never seen such behavior. Which part do you use? Is it happening on a clean game (no other mods)? What FPS you have normally and what is your video card?
  8. 1.9 (July 1st, 2021): [Fix #324] Resources intermittently disappear from RTS transfer dialog. Note, that the previous version was marked as compatible with KSP 1.12 only. This is not true. Both 1.8 and 1.9 are compatible with KSP 1.11 and higher.
  9. 2.3 (July 1st, 2021) [Change] The hint overlay now uses the stock Unity GUI style. [Change] The only adjustable text property is now the font size. Set the font size to 0 or just comment out the line to use the default game's font size. [Change] The hint overlay is now rescaling to the game's UI scale. [Change] An explicit setting showOverlay is added to the settings to stop showing the overlay. [Enhancement] Workaround the KSP 1.12 bug that halts the game in case of duplicated mods are detected.
  10. Hmm. On my system it resolved. However, I did many changes to it. Have you tired this workaround: https://www.patreon.com/posts/52939565?
  11. FYI. The KSP 1.12.1 has the issue above addressed. The v2.2 version should now work fine.
  12. KAS v1.8 1.8 (June 27th, 2021): [NOTICE] If a connected KAS part gets involved in a stock EVA construction operation, it will get immediately detached from the peer. To avoid unpexected behvior, it's recommended to manually break the link before using EVA construction mode. [NOTICE] The interactive links (like in PCB) are now not possible in EVA construction mode. [Compatibility] Drop AVC version check due to the KSP 1.12 duplicated mods handling bug. [Change] Better detect if any of the peers in the KAS connection got destroyed for any reason. The link gets properly broken in this case. [Enhancement] Allow attaching to the winches surface to let reinforcing them with struts. [Enhancement] Don't show resources that cannot be transferred in the RTS GUI. [Enhancement] Allow disabling the controls hints in the RTS resource transfer dialog. Use setting showTransferDialogHints. [Enhancement] Allow disabling the controls hints in the winches remote control dialog. Use setting showRemoteControlDialogHints. [Enhancement #248] Add ability to scale Transfer GUI. [Enhancement #321] Scale the Winch GUI dialog. [Fix #302] GUI does not respect hide/show function. [Fix #306] Logs spam from the parts dropped on the ground. [Fix #307] Interactive attach mode conflicts with construction mode. [Fix #308] Linked parts can be dragged in construct mode. [Fix #309] TJ parts cannot align when pulled out of cargo. [Fix #311] Breaks the Asteroid Redirect Training Mission. [Fix #313] Coupling vessels via the rigid link cause vessel breakage. [Fix #314] Retract cable option is visible when the connector is locked. [Fix #315] Attaching KAS links resets EVA editor parts highlighting. [Fix #316] The detached physicsless parts stay physicsless. [Fix #317] Coupling role delegation doesn't work. [Fix #318] EVA construction mode highlighting stays on the KAS pipes after the mode is canceled. [Fix #320] Renderer is active even on the locked winch connector. It was a looooong way. Much longer that I could anticipate, but it's over now. And, as usual, the Course Forge update will need some time to get populated. It's not on me! It's on the CurseForge staff.
  13. KSPDev Utils v2.6 2.6 (June 26th, 2021): [Fix] Fix scale initialization in: GUIUtils.GuiScaledSkin. [Enhancement] Add an alternative module to support game's GUI scale: GUIUtils.GuiScale. [Enhancement] Add a scope object to assist GUI matrix overrides: GUIUtils.GuiMatrixScope. [Enhancement] Add control to handle tooltips: GUIUtils.GuiTooltip.
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