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  1. I don't see how KAS can help here. Indeed, you can go EVA and attach the ladder using KIS, but this topic is for a different mod.
  2. KAS is not responsible for the inventory things. This mod only adds some new parts into the game, and that's it. Could you please give more details? Like screenshots and videos?
  3. Without this video, I would not have believed that this was possible at all! I wish KAS had a part like this. TBH, never used KAL-1000 before. I've created a tracking ticket.
  4. Unlikely. The "backpack" is not a part, it's a feature of the kerbal themselves. Given kerbals already have a stock cargo module, you cannot do anything else. One possible way would be using the KIS portable container and adding a cargo module there, but you won't be able to seat with it.
  5. There is no such a way. If you scroll this page up, you'll find my post explaining why. The best thing you can do is dropping the part on the ground from one inventory and then putting it into another.
  6. I'm glad to hear that you liked it. The only reason for creating this mod was my frustration with how the default game allows you to switch. To be honest, it was not even a mod initially - it was a debug tool
  7. It's physics. You've attached more than 2 tons of mass on a tiny sized attachment node in the worst configuration possible (up side down). Replace the winch with a tiny docking port and you'll get the same behavior. Except, with the docking ports the auto-strut feature may (or may not) turn on to reinforce the joint. Auto struts cannot work with the moving parts (winch and its docking head). If you want this setup to work, use struts to fix the container inside the fairing.
  8. It depends on what you've stored first. If the stack was created from a dead battery or broken panel, then all the new items will inherit this state. You never know. It all depends on the part design.
  9. See https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/blob/d92c40bf5a3c6d851027fccd53c9f45506fc3846/settings.cfg#L107 Check `ModuleManager.ConfigCache` for the part in question and verify if all modules of the part are listed as stackable. Keep in mind that blind whitelisting may result in a weird behavior in the game. If a module has a state or resources, and you've whitelisted it, be sure the state of the stacked parts will become inconsistent. Basically, the state for all the parts in the stack will get reset to the first part added to the inventory.
  10. WOW! I didn't bother to add scrollers to this dialog because I assumed the screen height is enough for any crazy setup Created a feature request.
  11. @adriangm44 Thanks for doing all these tests and sharing the result. However, most of the cases are well known. The way how KIS was implemented (many years ago) assumes that all parts in the stack must have the same properties and state. It means that part cannot stack if any of the below is true: The part contains any resource. Electricity is also a resource, that's why batteries are not stacking. The part has a module which state can change. E.g. the deployable parts. This limitation applies to the stock inventory system as well because of the inventory items are persisted in
  12. The short answer is to update KIS settings at this line: https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/blob/master/settings.cfg#L107. The full answer would require browsing ModuleManager and/or TweakScale threads to get the actual patches.
  13. What's the part name? Can you give a link to the part config on GitHub?
  14. The default part state is the state in which you see it in the editor. If in the editor it's deflated and has zero capacity, then KIS won't add inventories. This cannot be fixed on the KIS side since the inventories are added to the parts at the game start. However, the mod developer can create an MM patch to have it addressed by explicitly adding the inventories. E.g. it's successfully done for the deployable parts in KPBS mod.
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