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  1. For now the only way is docking the pylons. I was thinking about recursively following the KAS links but figured the GUI may become over complicated and confusing. So this feature is not in the roadmap for now. In your setup it seems the right-nist vessel is a mobile one, so dock all the vessel to the left so that there is only one RTS that is not in the docking mode. What is the exact name of the winch you're using? Every part has a unique name, and in this case it's a big deal to know the right one.
  2. Yeah. This one does not have a surface attach node.
  3. Grab the part, then click "R" until you get "surface node". This type of the nodes is not aligned to the target. Then use A/S/D/F to adjust the part rotation. All this stuff is mentioned in the hover menu when you're carrying a part (which some people trying to convince me to deprecate). If the part doesn't have a surface node (there are some), then you simply cannot do anything. That's a limitation of KIS.
  4. Nope. It's my responsibility now. The fix is simple, actually. Will be implemented in the next version.
  5. Reproduced! Thanks a lot! I've created a bug. FYI, this leak was with us since the beginning I've added logging for this case only in the latest version.
  6. In the log I don't see any traces of using KIS. Have you attached log from the right session? As for the X & H keys, if you don't hold one of them when releasing mouse button, then you're not attaching the part - you're simply dropping it. Not a surprise it drifts away when the vessel gets momentum.
  7. Do you have stable sequence of steps to have it reproduced? I never was able to achieve it, but added this check just in case.
  8. @taniwha @Espatie I'd be appreciated if you could give me coordinates that I could use in the stock game "place vessel" feature. It would help me testing this issue a lot. Who knows, may be there is a workaround? It would be not the first, nor the last "just for this case" code in KIS.
  9. For now it's too little information to work on. Try reading the troubleshooting guide. Using CKAN is usually reliable, but there were cases when the installation got broken. I had it myself at least twice.
  10. You cannot call cats just like that. There should a treat.
  11. Every slot (which is mistakenly named "item" in the code) can have only one configuration, it's used for all the items in the slot (stack). That's why KIS specifically restricts stacking items that have resources. If you haven't override this check (via the settings file), then you can be sure the slot has exactly one item. You cannot selectively change resources for an item in a stack, the items in the stack are required to have exactly same config/state.
  12. Cool. If you need to remove the item from inventory once the duct tape reserve depleted, call `StackRemove`.
  13. Yeah, I saw it too. The pick up kerbals are looked in range, and if none found (too far from everyone), a zero mass is calculated. An explicit check for zero kerbals needs to be added. Created a bug.