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  1. At the moment of active KIS/KAS refactoring (2016) CCK was the only mod to manipulate categories via CFG files. And the purpose of CCK was to create a set of community recognized categories that all other mod authors could re-use. The Filter Extensions mod is more for customization of UI to a player's taste.
  2. I cannot recommend it for the carrier games as of now, but you can safely use it in the sandboxes.
  3. Different parts were made at different time, so there may be some inconsistency. I was going to bring them in line one day... and never did it. In KISv2 it doesn't matter since the number of slots is only a GUI thing that can be changed interactively.
  4. Harpoon only attaches to surface or asteroid. And you need to hit at a particular angle (ideally - 90 degrees). For the adjustment too you need to modify the KAS settings file: set "partAlignToolKey" to a hot key that opens the dialog.
  5. 1.11 (June 3rd, 2022): [Enhancement #329] Bring back harpoon and grappling hook.
  6. KSPDev Utils v2.7 2.7 (June 3rd, 2022): [Fix] Fix prefab fields loading when modules list changes: ConfigUtils.CopyPartConfigFromPrefab. [Fix] Pass filter Fn in GetSqrDistanceToPartOrDefault. [Enhancement] Add high FPS parameter to GUIUtils.GuiScale.
  7. Moving and storing the inventory stuff in the most awkward situations. E.g. on orbit or asteroid. Or on a floating platform in the ocean. Tests in simple conditions are also welcome, but such cases are likely covered well already.
  8. Yes, it's KISv2. This functionality is already available in the alpha version. It really helps doing the test job
  9. I'm working on wrapping up the changes and updating the localizations. Honestly, the time spent was well beyond my expectation. On the other hand, this feature challenged me. So, after all, it's worth it.
  10. This will be a logical separation, but the problem is in the implementation. Collision with surface and vessels is handled differently.
  11. I thought it would be easier, but I'm not giving up just yet. https://www.patreon.com/posts/66950846
  12. Could you give a screenshot, please? Or better a short video.
  13. In case of you're missing the harpoon parts: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65529113
  14. @BTAxis RTS part only works when the vessels are separate. Based on the screenshot, your vessels are docked via a klaw that makes them one vessel. It effectively disables the RTS function. Using RTS to overcome the stock game's "obey crossfeed" setting may be considered as a feature request. However, at this point it's not supported. You cannot pump fuel between different parts of the same vessel using RTS part.
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