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  1. If you mean the inventory name, then yes - it can only be seen in the dialog. Could be a nice feature to see it when the box is packed into another inventory. There was an issue in the version file. It's fixed now. Once CKAN updated, it will pickup the change.
  2. And this forum topic explicitly says : [Minimum KSP version - 1.11]
  3. 1.28 (January 15th, 2021): [Fix #378] Dropped parts cannot be moved or trigger physics. [Fix #379] KIS functionality interferes with the stock construction mode. [Fix #380] Model equippable parts cannot be carried. [Fix #381] Hide UI command doesn't play well with KIS. [Fix #382] Static attach doesn't verify which joint is broken. People keep asking if KIS is compatible with the stock system. So, here is the official answer which I hope will make it crystal clear. KIS and the stock inventory system are completely independent. They do not interfere with each oth
  4. Ah, my bad! I thought you want me installing all your mods Thanks for the crafts designs. I'll try playing with them... right after I solve some issues with KIS.
  5. No, and in general I'm not going to do that. Testing for compatibility with all the mods in the world is beyond my capacity. However, I may try to solve conflicts with a particular popular mod if one was identified. As for the mods list, I'd point at these two: "Kerbal Improved Save System" and "Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued". The first one mangles with the save state, and it may be incompatible to the KAS behavior. The other one reacts on joints creation/destroying, and this is what happens when you dock/undock a KAS link. Could you please share your vessel file? I'll try my
  6. So, I've built a similar design on the launch pad and played around. The issue doesn't reproduce. Unless I have a reliable way to reproduce the problem, it's very unlikely it will be fixed. Could you please try reproducing it on the launchpad with only KIS/KAS installed? The code that is involved in the RTS docking/undocking action is the same as in the stock (de)coupling, I don't see any difference that could trigger the cross-feed issue. Btw, which other mods do you have in your setup? One thing that happens when vessels separate is crossfeed re-calculation, but it's an internal stock f
  7. How do you do refueling? Which parts and what's the sequence?
  8. Nope, you cannot do that. But you can drop the item on the ground, put it into the stock inventory, and use it from there.
  9. Have you updated to the latest KIS? This issue should be fixed there. Just remember that it won't fix the parts that were already dropped. You would need to be put them into KIS inventory and then pull out again.
  10. KIS works fine. Only KAS is marked as such. However, the problems I found there were all related to attaching KAS parts via the stock inventory system. When used in an old way via KIS or preassembled in VAB, everything was working fine. I'm not familiar to the parts discussed in this thread, but I can take a look at the logs.
  11. Just to broadcast it to a broader audience. KAS needs testers!
  12. I did some testing of KAS with the new inventory system and found too many issues to release a quick fix. Adding a new cargo item module to all the parts will let you pack them into the inventory, but trust me, you won't be happy on the further experience. It will take some time to investigate all the cases and have them fixed. That being said, KAS v1.7 is marked as KSP v1.11 incompatible. I'll appreciate all the bug reports either here or on GitHub. The more cases you give me, the more cases will be fixed. If you're willing to get into the troubles, put this file into your game (make sur
  13. Santa Kerman has just placed a small gift under your Kerbal tree. 1.17 (December 26th, 2020): [Fix #33] Duplicated "Light On/Off" events in PAW. [Change] Deprecate the legacy RGB controls in favor of the new stock color changer. [Change] Deprecate the stock lights lens customization since it's now supported by the game. [Enhancement] Make the light parts compatible with the stock inventory system. [Enhancement] Allow "Blink On/Off" toggle on the uncommand vessels. [Enhancement] Add light customization controls in FLIGHT to the new stock light parts.
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