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  1. For the long connections there is an RTS part. Have you tried to use it? It gives you exactly 30m of hose and needs only one port. I.e. the parts counter is the same (two per one link) and the link distance is the same.
  2. The kerbal must be seated at the moment of launch to use the items that you've assigned in the editor. If you want to deliver items and kerbals separately, then you need using special parts - containers.
  3. Yeah, you're right. Somehow HW-80 missed the surface attach node. Which makes it a KAS bug, lol Thank you for explanation. I've updated the related bug.
  4. Hello. This feature looks reasonable for EVS. Thanks for the suggestion! I've created a feature request.
  5. First of all, this is KIS functionality. The part (HW-8))is from KAS, but the parts attaching function is handled by the KIS mod. And it looks you're using the wrench tool for attaching. This tool can only connect parts via their stack nodes. In order to be able to attach something on the surface of another part you need using the electrical screwdriver tool.
  6. If you're trying to connect two JS-1 ports together, then that's your problem. In the new KAS JS-1 part can only be a target of the link. The source must be something different, e.g. a winch or any of TJ parts.
  7. "Private message". BTW, by the rules of this forum, all the conversations should be in English. I can use translator when needed, but rules are rules.
  8. It tells you literally that: press the "Y" key. Don't hold it, just press (which means "press and release"). When the connector is dropped on the ground, you need wolk over it until the "Grab" message is shown. When the connector is attached or locked to the [part, you can grab it via the context menu.
  9. One note about editing persistence.cfg file. I really didn't advise anyone doing this. This file gets updated by the game at the moments when you least expect it. My advice is always saving the game (even if it's broken) into a separate file, editing, and loading. This way you can be sure your changes don't get overwritten. Once you made you game stable, save it into another file and use it as a base going forward.
  10. You are not trying to connect two JS-1 ports together, do you? Because this scenario is no more possible.
  11. A rule of thumb is never saving game that works bad (e.g. if the connectors cannot be grabbed, then the game works bad). When a mod doesn't operate as designed, it can put the part into a inconsistent state, which may get persisted. This applies to any mod, not only KAS. KAS is just more sensitive to it due to its parts have a lot of logic behind. And you've figured the right fix. Another approach that you could use is replacing the parts with KIS (in debug mode it allows spawning new parts in the flight). It's usually related to the wheel collider or auto struts. Can you make a simple setup from the stock parts for testing? My tests on the launchpad don't reveal any weird behavior. Alas, there is no way to fix it without a great sacrifice to the physical realism. If you were allowed to pick up such connector, the very next thing that would happen is a weird physical effect on the kerbal. It's due to the fact that in this state the joint is stretched, and there is a force in play. It may be compensated by the connector laying on the ground, but nobody may guess how it affect kerbal (the kerbal model is a very complicated complex of physics and kinematic). There are two ways how you can deal with such situation: Use kerbal to "kick" the connector in the direction of the source part. Once the connector is at the right distance, you'll be able to pick it up. Enable "advanced tweakables". This will reveal a hidden menu on the winch which allows docking the connector without the need of picking it up.
  12. 1.4 (June 7th, 2019): [Change] Update ES-ES localization. [Enhancement] Use icon of better resolution in the editor to avoid blurring. [Fix #271] KSP 1.7.1 breaks grabbing connectors from winch type parts. PLEASE READ! The new version doesn't fix some issues: The launch revert issue. Bad alignment of the connectors on the new female suite (plus, some errors in logs). As long as you don't modify KAS, this issue is minor. It can be critical in the other cases though. Avoid using the new suites for a while if you don't want to be hit by this problem. These two issues need to be addressed in the core game. They were discussed with the Squad team. That's all I can tell on the subject. Let's patiently wait for KSP 1.7.2 and see if the situation improved. Thanks to @Tonka Crash, there is a solution for those who absolutely can't wait (read his post above with the patches).