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  1. I meant the detachment pat. Once harpoon or hook attached (both attach on impact), they can only be detached by an EVA kerbal. There will be option to remotely detach winch from the harpoon/hook, but this would mean loosing the part.
  2. @LievenX @adriangm44 FWIW, KAS does modify the pre-built parts. However, it's done via a ModuleManager patch. I.e. if anything gets broken on the way, the MM mod is the first to check. I'd verify if the version is fresh, and then checked the log for exceptions.
  3. When a part is moved or placed via KIS, there is no force applied to any vessel, including the kerbal. And as far as I'm concerned, no cases lake that were reported this far with regards to the KIS actions. I cannot say for the stock system behavior though.
  4. The key difference between the stock system and KIS is that KIS doesn't create any parts until it's placed, either attached or free floating. And when it happens, the target part is explicitly aligned to the target vessel orbital velocities. I tried to track the stock logic with regard to it, but it's not that simple. Btw, KISv2 will follow the same approach: no material part is created until user finalized the choice on the placement. This approach has its drawbacks, but it eliminates the unexpected physical behavior.
  5. If you can reproduce this issue on an unmodded game, then a good place to post the problem explanation is this forum: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/69-technical-support-pc-unmodded-installs/ If the only way to reproduce the issue is having some mods in the game, then try reducing their number to the bare minimum and report to this forum: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/ Here and there I heard about weird behavior of the construction mode on the orbit, which doesn't surprise me much. The stock system creates a material part in a special "construction" state, and then constantly drops and re-creates it as you do your EVA work. It's a very easy way to get hit by some edge case. Especially, when there are mods in the game.
  6. To start with, KAS doesn't deal with attaching parts. It's KIS that does. And you say you haven't used KIS to attach the panel. So, what part of KIS or KAS have you used? Why do you believe any of these mods are related to the issue you observe?
  7. Could you please try reproducing the error and attaching the logs? There is no any dependency on KSPDev in CKAN config. I wonder how CKAN could even match KAS and KSPDev.
  8. How exactly did the KAS failed and how you knew it was indeed KAS? Was it a record in the logs? Just to clarify, the following record from the game's log doesn't indicate a real error. [ERR 14:57:18.948] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: KSPDev_Utils.2.6-KAS, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
  9. The magnet can be used on the unmanned crafts. All the other parts require a kerbal EVA.
  10. Okay, it seems the "harpoon" topic gets the audience. So, let me share some insights. Here is the plan that I've made when working on the KAS v1 design (and this plan didn't become live): "HP-01 Harpoon" only attaches to asteroids and celestial bodies surface. You cannot hook a kerbal (it's a live being) or a part (it's metal and sturdy). Attaches at impact. EVA is required to detach the harpoon from the asteroid/surface. "HG-02 Grappling Hook" only attaches to the solid parts (no kerbals allowed). Attaches at impact. EVA is required to detach the hook from the part. "HE-03 Electro-Magnet" only attaches to the solid parts (no kerbals allowed). Attaches to the nearest part in range (limited) once the electricity supply is provided. No EVA required, it can detach from the winch action by just deactivating the electricity supply. #1 and #2 don't require significant mod changes. I think I can make it pretty quick (given KISv2 is in beta). #3 is a different story - it will require the core changes. You're free to throw your ideas and suggestions before the actual work has started.
  11. No, KIS calculates volume based on the meshes. The stock implementation is based on the renderer and collider boundaries. In the normal case the boundary of a renderer should match the boundary of its mesh, but I've seen edge cases when it was not the case. Here is the code: https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS2/blob/4e718797258f581080df1f966c486f0e987bb315/Source/api/Utils/PartModelUtilsImpl.cs#L176
  12. To be more precise, KIS will be incompatible with the stock inventory GUI. The code that properly deals with the stock inventory API should not be affected. The only open question here is what is "properly"? FWIW, the stock inventory API is not existent. So, in the end, it will depend on the implementation of a specific mod.
  13. And now we have +4 "chime ins". Which totals to 6 per a year, which is an absolute record this far! I heard you ladies and gentlemen. Once KISv2 is in beta, I'll get back to the "ejecting things" in KAS.
  14. The KIS and stock inventory systems are not working together. They are two different systems. If you put stuff into the stock inventory, you have to use the stock functionality to use it. If you put stuff into KIS, you can only use KIS functionality. The only way of moving stuff between the inventories is dropping the parts on the ground and then picking them up in the right inventory mode. However, there will be a lot of edge cases. You may want to join the KISv2 alpha testing which addresses it, but it's only an ALPHA. Such versions don't have enough stability to be used in the carrier games.
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