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  1. Which part specifically and from what mod are you referring to? The KAS itself doesn't have any flexotubes. Some third-party mods do though. Every single part from the old KAS is no more supported (see this Wiki). I.e. they are all "broken". However, I don't like term "broken" because nobody was breaking them, they are simply not maintained anymore. They become incompatible with KSP as the new versions of the game are getting released. You still can install the old KAS into a new KSP and try using it, but it's on your own risk. Harpoons were not implemented in the new KAS. It wasn't an architectural decision, I just had to switch to other priorities (the new KIS). I still keep the harpoon parts in my mind and hope to get back to them. However, the new KIS beta is my top priority for now. In the meanwhile, installing the old KAS is the best bet. Correct. This is exactly what "legacy" means. You can install the old mod and use the parts, but only till the point when KSP changes become too significant. After this point you'll have to decide if you need the old KAS parts or the new KSP features. Most of the old KAS parts have counterparts in the new KAS. And it's almost never "one-to-one". A brief reference: Rigid pipes from old KAS that can be 30m of length and don't require you to bring any resources to build them => TJ1 & TJ2 (the distance is very limited). No more "pipes from nowhere". If you need a pipe, you have to either make it on-site or deliver it from Kerbin. It was a key point of KAS 1.0. A connection port from old KAS => JS-1. Winches from old KAS => W-50 & HW-80 (no ejection function). Harpoon, magnet, claw and anchor from old KAS => Nothing yet. Counterparts will be implemented somewhere in the future, but no ETA at this moment. The old concept of these parts was not good. The new one will be different, but at this moment it's too early to discuss it. Never existed in old KAS #1 => RTS-1 Never existed in old KAS #2 => PCB-1 & CH-1 Never existed in old KAS #3 => BGP-400 Never existed in old KAS #4 => TB-60 (however, I'd advise caution in using it since it has major issues in its current state).
  2. I wish I could say it will be added any time soon. Alas, it won't. All my efforts are currently dedicated to KIS v2.
  3. 1.24 (December 6th, 2019): [Change] Add a workaround for #354 to not get GUI freezed. [Fix #352] Incorrect calculation of resources on the equipped items.
  4. KSPDev Utils v2.1 2.1 (December 6th, 2019): [Fix] Properly handle the "zero variant selected" case. [Fix] Don't fail the OnGUI thread if any of the actions failed.
  5. 1.15 (December 1st, 2019): [Fix #25] Stock lights don't emit light, conflict with Restock.
  6. Interesting. What should have happen is a loud "breaking sound" and disconnecting from the hose. Could you please try reproducing this situation, but this time capture the logs (please, do it how explained here, I need a very specific log file)?
  7. Enable advanced tweakables in the game settings. It will reveal a menu option on the RTS part: "Lock connector". If the connector is simply far away and the part is not broken, it will help. But if you say it's "shot off to infinity", the part is likely broken. The connector is not supposed to get farther than 20m from the winch.
  8. In nutshell, KIS and the stock inventory systems are completely incompatible. It may seem they are similar, and as such, it's not a big deal to converge. Alas, under the hood, the implementation is so different that it's not possible. The only thing that is possible is disabling the stock inventory system and re-implement it in scope of KIS. I decided not to do this work in scope of the old KIS, and do it in scope of t KIS v2 instead. Take a look at this post to see how the new KIS will look like. It will blend to the stock game inventory and, eventually, replace it altogether. That's KAS, actually KSP doesn't have anything similar to this.
  9. Hmm. We've been thru this before. Looks like they've changed the models again. I had to remove restock mod due to it increases loading time (and I mostly develop and debug, rather than play). Will check it out. Thanks for the report!
  10. I remember discussions in this thread, where people were arguing like "c'mon! it's SIMPLY a screwdriver! anyone can use it!!!". However, using a screwdriver in zero gravity is not the same as attaching a curtain rod in a children's room.
  11. Anything that is compiled for KSP 1.8 is won't work with the prior versions. So, KAS 1.4 is your best bet. Technically, you can. But it's just a question of time when it turn into something weird. Today's KSP doesn't like vessels, attached to the ground.
  12. It should highlight that any 1.7.* version is incompatible. Anyway, removed it to avoid confusion.
  13. All my mods stopped updating in CKAN due to recent CurseForge changes. I moved KAS/SurfaceLights to SpaceDock in a test mode, and it worked. Will update KIS/EVS now. Expect to see the update in a day or so.
  14. 1.14 (October 27th, 2019): [Change] KSP 1.8 compatibility. WARNING: the mod won't work with version lower than KSP 1.8!