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  1. Went to check it and figured you own it Great idea btw. In my mods I try to give meaningful names to the parts. Alas, there is no standard on it.
  2. Alpha-5 Changes: Fix "=====" strings in tooltip for some users (a mods conflict issue). Use a specialized KSPDev_Utils version to not collide with the other mods. Some small bug fixes and regressions. @KawaiiLucy @flart Thanks folks for your input! I really value your efforts in helping to make this mod live.
  3. @KawaiiLucy @flart I've figured the reason of "=====" tooltips. It's a broken localization file somewhere in your games. Not happening in the pristine game to me, so I tend to think it's some mod. I know how to workaround it in KIS2, though. Will do in the next alpha. FWIW, here is a config that makes this issue: Localization { en-us { ====== } } Looks like a bad comment in some localization config. I'd love to know a list of mods in your games to verify this theory.
  4. The shortcuts are supposed to be there. What do you see in the tooltip? This is absolutely insane! Could you please share your logs? What if you run a pristine game with only KIS2 installed, will you have the same issue? It used to be in the KSP 1.12.3 and before. I was going to address it one day, but it seems in 1.12.4 it's magically solved. At least for me. I noticed that the surface attach parts go under the surface of the target part. It was an issue in Alpha-3. Are you sure you've updated? The explosion is a result of the new part collision.
  5. Have you installed KIS/KAS manually or via CKAN? One common mistake people do is installing sources archive from GitHub instead of the release package. Verify that you have ModuleManager installed. It's required. Go through https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/wiki/Troubleshooting, it covers many common problems. Keep in mind that stock inventories and KIS inventories are completely independent things. If you put a part into stock inventory, you won't find it in the KIS inventory, And vise versa. Note, that there is KISv2 "alpha" version. There, the stock and the KIS inventories work together. If nothing from the above helped, please share a log.
  6. I'm glad you've found the answer However, I'd not recommend attaching KIS blocks to the ground (even though there is such an ability). Those parts have issues, but people were ok with them because there were no alternatives. Now, there is a stock anchor, which presumably is much more stable. And in general, if you don't really need to statically attach a vessel to the ground, then don't do it "just in case". For the refueling purpose unattached pylons (like "GP-20 Pylon") are just fine. They will move slightly on the scene load, but with the flexible pipes (like "Hose-70") it's not a problem.
  7. Forgot to mention what to test. The main focus is on to: The clarity of the UI. It should be intuitive. If it's not, let me know your use-case. Basically, the goal is to eliminate the question "what should I do if". You just start doing whatever you want and UI gives the hints. Nothing is expected to explode. There can be glitches, and I want to know about them! The new UI is supposed to be better than the stock (it's the whole purpose of KISv2!). If it's not, then I eager to know why. This is the time to start reporting bugs. If you see something , say something! I never tested this mod in the orbit or on a planet with low gravity. Are there any brave volontiers who can afford losing a base or a station?
  8. Alpha-4 Support drop and attach parts. Stack node / surafce attach mode switch. Press and hold "J" to activate pickup mode in flight. All other keys will be shown in the tooltip hints. The mod is designed so that new people dopn't need to learn "magic keys". All available ekys in any mode are shown either in the tooltop or at the screen top. The "J" key is the only exception, this one you need to remember.
  9. This is interesting. The logs look good, but the result is strange. Could you please send me the save game and the instruction on how to reproduce the issue in PM? I really need such samples (non launchpad or simulated orbit).
  10. Some updates: https://www.patreon.com/posts/kisv2-attach-is-73036232 I'm going to prepare a build soon.
  11. In case of you were following the KISv2 Alpha progress: https://www.patreon.com/posts/kisv2-attach-is-73036232
  12. Can you make an isolated test for this case? The parts hierarchy can sometimes become tricky, and the edge cases are possible. Also, please enable verbose logging in the game and collect logs during the problem reproduction. It may give me a clue.
  13. I'm not sure how is this situation related to KIS/KAS (my field of responsibility), but I know when this kind of things happen. I saw a lot of this stuff in my KIS developer carrier. It happens when the part object got detached with no `Vessel` module on it. The most common case is an exception in the middle of the part attach/detach process. Such cases can easily happen due to a mod conflict issue. No way it can be worked out with no detailed logs. Enable verbose logging in the game, reproduce the case, then share => chances to find the reason. However, a better approach is removing the mods one by one until the problem is gone. Knowing the name of the "offender" reduces the amount of work by an order of magnitude.
  14. And I forgot to mention that the latest fix was made not by me, but by @Rodger. Sorry, didn't mean take it as my own achievement My skills with textures and normals are very humble.
  15. 1.12 (September 7th, 2022): [Fix] Set a proper normal texture to the RTS hose.
  16. As usual, I need the details. Logs and (optional, but highly appreciated) a video.
  17. You can attach those parts to any winch. You can also attach those parts to ANY other part, but they will NOT work as harpoons in this case. The "harpooning feature" only activates when ejected from a winch. You can attached them in the editor or in EVA via KIS. Tbh, I didn't test if they can attach via the stock inventory mode. If it doesn't work, it's a bug which I will fix. A special note. Those parts in the older KAS used to have KIS extension module that allowed them to be attached/detached in EVA without using tools (like the portable storage). It's not the case for the current implementation. There are reasons for this, and I hope to address all the issues in KISv2.
  18. It's a very old version. Was fixed in scope of https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/issues/374. Use version: "1.27 (December 23rd, 2020)"
  19. Hmm. I remember implementing a restriction to store ground experiments into KIS (due to they could not properly initialize when pulled out). However, I don't remember restricting any cargo part. What was your usecase? (Disclaimer: the old versions are not maintained, nor supported. But I'm curious).
  20. Now I get it. You need the action group and not the actual "action" in the editor. I think this feature request covers the case. Feel free to add there any details you believe are valuable. Last time I checked, a kerbal could get attached to a winch without Kraken awake. However, it usually ends bad. The kerbal model is heavily animated today, so the normal Unity physics is not working there. A more or less stable behavior can be achieved if the rope is released at a significant distance so that the rope joint could consume random momentums from the kerbal ragdoll. No guarantees though. If kerbal hits anything, it's absolutely our of KAS control what will happen next. I was thinking about a "tether" part (in scope of KIS), and came to conclusion that it cannot relay on the PhysX engine. I.e. a physical joint is a bad answer to solve the task. It has to be an "arcade physics".
  21. Could you please be more specific on the "detach option"? KAS parts are not designed to be connected in the editor. The only exception is the JS1 part. You can attach to it a KAS compatible part, and it will be "adopted" in flight. In nut shell, if you expect any active functionality from the context menu of a KAS part in the editor, then this expectation is wrong. The parts are completely passive in this mode.
  22. It's unusual behavior. Are you sure you're not mixing the stock and the KIS containers/behavior? Grabbing from KIS container is different from the stock one. If you're suer, please attach the logs so we could investigate (read here to learn how to get THE RIGHT logs).
  23. This can be done. I've created feature request. This one is much more tricky. In fact, it's not even about KAS. That part misaligning thing is a consequence of using a weak PhysX joint. The cable joint is equal to the game's "tiny" connection. Try attaching your big vessel with the tiny docking port and you'll see more or less same picture. If KSP's physics engine was perfect, the cable connection would just get broken in your case due to it's simply not strong enough. However, in KSP most of the physics is arcade, and what you see is a simulation. That being said, this problem simply cannot be fixed. The only way to go around it is creating the reinforced joints as KSP does for the medium and large nodes. Even though it's technically doable, there are too many edge cases to address. Let's say I reinforce the cable, and you'll stop seeing the "gap" between connector and the winch. The very next thing would be misaligning the winch from its parent because this connection is not strong enough now. And even if this joint is fixed, the other one will fail up in the hierarchy, etc. Like it or not, but this game has its limits. And building a solid structure that respects all the physical forces is not something you can achieve. I did try to fix it locally for just one part (winch), and eventually gave up. I can cover a couple of cases, but at the cost of a significant code complexity. As for the harpoon vs grapple hook alignment. The latter adjusts to the normal at the hit point, and given its shape, the contact point is not that narrow as with the harpoon. That's why the actual attach point may not look aligned perfectly. Imagine dropping a square 1m x 1m plate on the ground: no matter how you try, you never make all points on its surface to contact with the ground simultaneously. Same here. Some parts of the grapple collider get into contact with the target sooner than the others, and the approximation/aligning logic goes from it. The rule of thumb: avoid edges and try to eject at the angles close to 90 degrees. This way the result and the expectation will differ much less.
  24. https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS2/releases Pick a release and have fun. The hooks attach on impact. Period. They are designed this way. If you want them get attached, make the impact. There is no any other way you can achieve it. All ejectable parts attach to the point they hit. If it's not the point "you want", then try aiming better before ejecting. And I don't see any realistic scenario when the ejected part attaches at CoM. Simply because CoM is usually located inside the part< and the harpoons attach at the surface of the part. Have you read this?
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