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  1. The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge!

    I don't know mine will be allowed but here is the playlist that I made a Jool-5 Mission, It's 5 videos by the way:
  2. I wanted to build a ship to go Eeloo. And here is the result. Kerbal X: Imgur Albume: Pictures:
  3. If you never went to Eeloo I don't think it will mess your game
  4. So, I've been playing KSP for a long time and I thought I can make a channel about it. And then this happened. Then I wanted to make more replica ships. So I want you to give me an idea to make ship like "Replica this ship" or "I draw that do this ship". And I am not a pro yet so be easy to me This is my channel, And those are my ship designs and replicas: İmgur albumes:,,
  5. Goliath K2 Replica from Darkorbit[Moded]

    It's stable and can fly at space well but at atmosphere, I don't think so.
  6. While I was playing darkorbit, I thought I can make the Goliath. Download link from KerbalX: And here is the result: and if you want here how I built it: Mods: B9 Aerospace - Legacy Parts Pack B9 Aerospace Parts Pack OPT Legacy Orbit Portal Technology [OPT] Spaceplane Parts Squad (stock) opt
  7. Project BABYLON: REBOOT!

    This is a good challenge. If I had time I could try that.
  8. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    Yes, this worked for the issue but also deleted the galaxy. I hope daniel l. can solve the problem.
  9. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    Actually I'm working on it and Ill make it I hope
  10. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    I may be found the answer. As I guess you make a program to just move and add planet, you probably forget move the main camera. Because of the camera is fixed I can see from the inside of the Interstellar Space. You can look at source of RSS and Kittopia to get how the camera works.(I hope you know game engines otherwise camera means nothing to you)
  11. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    I installed the mod and kopernicus then run the .exe file but after I open the game KSC disappered.
  12. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    OK. I'm going to upgrade my ship for life support mods and may be change the shape a little bit.
  13. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    I've got one more question; Can I build this ship with Extraplanetary Launchpads mod at Low Kerbin Orbit(LKO). Cause I tried more than a hour to fly this ship from kerbin to LKO.but it's impossible to me to do this without Infernal Robotics but this doesn't support 1.2.2.
  14. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    I may be can do this with OPT mod. But I don't know if you accept OPT mod. And I just made a ship that has minimum 25km/s ▲v. And this is the ship.