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  1. I love the rocket physics, but airplane are still unrealistic. Real airplanes should recover the roll and pitching moments, with a decent design of the center of mass and lift, and use the engine thrust to increase or reduce the altitude. Right now it is more like an arcade game to struggle with the controls while the airplane spins uncontrollable.
  2. In the map view, to hide the markers prograde/normal/radial if their screen coordinates fall inside the maneuver node radius. In this way they do not interfere. It gets very frustrating to move the wrong marker instead of the node, especially for complex maneuvers. For example, in a polar view, the normal/antinormal will be hidden, which are very unlikely useful with that view. The player can always change the view accordingly to show the markers needed. I think this should be easy to implement.
  3. I agree, the risk management is for an "expert" mode and very educational, because it can introduce new interesting mechanisms: EVA for making repairs, or each component have a list of subsystems and the critical ones require redundancies, or a failure of the systems for being exposed out of the safety operational limits; for example the failure of the SAS will create a very tense moment during a mission as the player will have to change to manual control. Just some ideas.
  4. For those who are too young to remember the game Buzz, it was a great simulation of the space race between USA and the former Soviet Union to be the first to land on the Moon. That game introduces you the concept of risk management. Which I think will greatly improve the game and provides more realism. Risk management is something that the space program have to deal everyday. Basically, a prototype component has great chances of failure and increases its reliability as it is tested and used. As the rocket becomes more complex and there are more steps in the space mission, the risk
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