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  1. Ok,could you please list some (not all ) parts have this problem for me ? I really need your help . Thank you!
  2. KSP version and BDAC version plz. Actually i didn't receive any report like this before.I will try to find out what was wrong.
  3. Try to press alt+b and close CLEARANCE CHECK
  4. Some similar missiles are in the China part(Because I wanted to let more people know about Chinese weapons) As you say , we does not have any Anti Radiation Missile now.So we will add one to our part list. Maybe I am able to make the other missile when I am in holidays . LoL Thank you !
  5. Now the BDA category only support parts of BDAC We put our parts in Utility category now.
  6. Nope.This mod is based on BDA mod. Maybe it is because mod mutual interference. New turret for T-14
  7. First, check your game is KSP 1.6.1 Second,check your BDAC is v1.2.4 and KBF is installed correctly If your game and BDAC is right , try to press alt+b and turn on infinite ammo and try to toggle turrets and fire missiles
  8. Happy Spring Festival! And you can see a T-34-85 turret ,this is my gift for you!
  9. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Version V2.4 For KSP 1.6.X Newly added: China: Type 59 Tank Turret with Type 94 Anti-tank cannon PL-15 Long Range Air-to-Air Missile YJ-9E small anti-ship missile Europe: Bk27 Gun System Russia: GSH230 Dual-barrel 30MM Gun System Heavy Composite Armor Module 23MM self-defense turret equipped on TU-4 The turret of T62M1 tank Improvement: The armor piercing performance of some projectiles has been adjusted. For PL-10, AIM-9X adds over-the-shoulder launch capability (requiring radar assistance) Adjusted the mapping of D30 howitzer The performance of AESA radar is reduced. 新增: 中国: 搭载了94式反坦克炮的59式坦克炮塔 霹雳15远程空空导弹 鹰击9E小型空对地导弹 欧洲: Bk27航炮系统 俄罗斯: GSH230双管30MM航炮系统 重型复合装甲模块 TU-4上装备的23MM自卫炮塔 T62M1坦克的炮塔(抛壳) 美国: 暂无 改进: 调整了部分弹种的穿甲性能 为PL-10,AIM-9X增加了越肩发射能力(需要雷达辅助) 调整了D30榴弹炮的贴图 削减了AESA雷达的性能 (还有一些调整但是我忘了是啥) --------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. My first fighter with Bk27! And the Chinese new long range air-air missile PL-15 has been finished. PL-10,AIM-9X now get OTS (Over-the-shoulder) ability, they can destroy enemy plane behind you with the help of radar.