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  1. You can find these parts in manufacturer"Kerbal Liberation Army". BDAmod's update cancel the supporting of other MODS'parts so i move my parts into that category
  2. As the developer,I have use it in 1.7.3 for a long time.
  3. In 1.8.1 there is somthing wrong with DDS maps so some parts of this mod ,so these parts look strange.(Still trying to fix them) Weapons work well.So I didn't update this mod .
  4. This days i try to make something special based on BDAC rockets. The first idea: LAD(Low Altitude Dispenser) It's just an unpowered rocket And i try to make the ADS for land vehicles. My idea is to add a delay expansion collision box to the rocket,and it works. I'm still perfecting them.Any suggestions?
  5. If you want to make glasses like those in this mod ,you should set the Material 's shader to "KSP/Bumped specular(transparent)" in Unity Something new WIP
  6. It must be the most meaningful mod in this year. Well , I think you've taken this game to a higher level.
  7. Ok,could you please list some (not all ) parts have this problem for me ? I really need your help . Thank you!
  8. KSP version and BDAC version plz. Actually i didn't receive any report like this before.I will try to find out what was wrong.
  9. Some similar missiles are in the China part(Because I wanted to let more people know about Chinese weapons) As you say , we does not have any Anti Radiation Missile now.So we will add one to our part list. Maybe I am able to make the other missile when I am in holidays . LoL Thank you !
  10. Now the BDA category only support parts of BDAC We put our parts in Utility category now.
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