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  1. [1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack v3.9.1

    OK,I can change the color by myself
  2. [1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack v3.9.1

    OK,I am sorry. But you can try this color (RGB 162 162 162 ) And it will like this I think this color is more suitable for the modern ship
  3. [1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack v3.9.1

    It's pretty good but I think the modern parts will look nice in white or gray colors instead of black.
  4. About exhuast, I found a solution. Like this. Energy (set less time to make the particle not become big) I hope you can try and tell me the result,please. Thanks! @SpannerMonkey(smce)
  5. 【DHMO】Icecovery Studio 画廊

  6. 什么?我大坎吧亡了?

  7. Hi there

    Welcome!Wait,there are so many Chinese here .Why you all speak English. #huaji
  8. Oh.I am sorry . Now look these photos. What is wrong with it?
  9. Is it all right? And could you tell me what is wrong with it? @SpannerMonkey(smce)
  10. Thank you for your advice.I will take it. If we really need a model form tf3dm or p3dm. we will put it into ksp with checking and modifying.For example, a plane model i may be just take its wings. Haha, there are few models were not made from you
  11. Thank you.We made many things in the KBF ,such as some tanks,some planes,so many Chinese weapons. Oh!By the way,we have M2HB ,AIM120D and AIM9X!