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  1. KSP with a propper implementation of multiplayer and base building already sells it for me, tough $59 sounds maybe a bit steep (i mean i'll buy it either way but $49 sounds more reasonable). Anyway i'd love to see steam workshop support, not to replace this forum, but to replace the different mod distribution platforms currently (spacedock, curse, ckan, dropbox and idk its too many), and it would make it much easier to both manage and keep a large mod library updated, manage dependencies and game version comparability. There are many things i would like to see in the game, but as long as you include at least what KSP already have (improved or not) i'm trusting mods to deliver the sprinkle, so from me, i thank you for delivering a rewamp of KSP, and with much hype, please don't wait until late 2020 <3
  2. Prity much. no kerbin scale tho. I removed SVE and went with the Boulder thing that comes with EVE, and that fixed kerbin/duna/Laythe cloads, but outer planets are unchanged. meaning i still get this. But i thought it was supposed to look like that:
  3. i'm sure that after 73 pages someone has allready said this, but a battery and solarpanel parts would be lovely Edit: Yes and a probecore with connect nodes for US
  4. reinstalled everything and now i got this. But i'm confused. Is this how its supposed to look like? Allso my kerbin and duna cloads seem changed.... Edit: Yep defenently changed
  5. Just did a test. Game worked fine, but none of the effects worked, it allso broke my scatterer and EVE effects on the stock planets. Its a heavily modded install. i have lost count.
  6. thanks for that. i need to change my comment, dmagic (and stock) works fine, but Surface Experminets does not. Debug kept spamming this for all parts, over and over, with apparently no end the entire log file is 5mb. if you want it i'll have to make a dropbox account or something
  7. Awesome. i actually looked into it. something in the lines of "if (Experiment.experimentActionName == "Finalize Results")" then exit without action will avoid these (and only these) experiments. Its a bit easy and dirty but it works. but on another sidenote. i did some mun flying around earlier, both with this mod and For Science! and neither would automatically preform the Dmagic expermients (x-ray, orbital telescope etc) it did stock and Surface Experiments though. I have tried digging into codes to find out. Might just be my client, but i noticed Dmagic reacently had an API change regarding mod compatability. I'll get you a log tomorrow.
  8. Allright. Much experience with Arma 2 modding, none with Kerbal, but i looked up your source, did some research and i whipped this out: else if (currentExperiment.experimentActionName == "Finalize Results") // this is Station Science. Station Science is the only once who uses this text, and they use it on all their experiments { Debug.Log("[ForScience!] Skipping: Station Science: " + currentExperiment.experiment.id); } Add this to your Skip exceptions list of checks. Did a quick test and it worked perfectly. These experiments are done so rarely that doing them manually is the next best thing. And their contracts usly include returning the experiment in their original container as well, so just completely leaving these out is actually a good solution.
  9. a question/ request: make this compatible with Station Science. This mod includes 6 orbital experiments thats intended to need large stations and hundred of days in orbit with several active scientists to complete. Will this do them instantly trough code magic (like For Science! did on my station) or will this mod let those keep running as long as they need?
  10. Love the mod, but i got 1 problem with it. i use Station Science and these are intended to be long term projects, requiring several big and heavy station parts to finish. My station have been orbiting kerbin for about 100 days and is nearly halfway done. But i installed For Science! earlier today, and as i loaded up the station, i instantly got them all completed, even though i hadn't even started a couple. any way to make an exeption for these? othervise it kinda ruins that mod. (or automaticly disabled on vehicle load) Edit: Allso would love an option for unmanned probes to transmits all sience.
  11. i secound a rep only increase/decrease. Not increasing overtime, just based on rep. then i would love it allso, couldn't you include something in this mod that just takes the money out of contracts all together? would radically change the career mode
  12. right, thanks, but what happens when the homesick timer ends? do they die of homesickness?
  13. i'm looking and looking, but i can't find the answer. On the USI-LS UI window, there is "Sup", "hab" and "home". its obvious "sup" is how long the basic supplies last, but what is the other 2?