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  1. I have been trying to get RSS working on KSP 1.61 for a few days now. Have tried both manual and CKAN install over a fresh KSP download. The only error I keep getting is "this version of Kopernicus is not compatible". The version is the latest "Kopernicus-1.7.1-5 for 1.61" No idea what to try next. Everything is checked for being the latest version and I have followed any instructions. I am just going to play with the opengl force settings and see if it is something as weird as that but otherwise not a clue what to try, I had this running on 1.31 and with graphics cranked it happily worked. If you have any suggestions or ideas or need info from me PLEASE let me know. TNX!!
  2. I do have switcher but it has only ever shown KSC/KSP. Guess I best dig into that then and see if I can work through it. Thanks for the direction!
  3. Thanks I should have got a email notice from the other thread oh well. Ok I do have switcher and its non functional. I wonder if thats the root of things. Thanks again!
  4. Are you working on a mod to add in additional launch sites or have a good idea how to make them switch? I had thought there was one for earlier versions 1.2xx but not 1.45. I found a cfg file with all the launch site specs but have zero idea how to make that work. It would have been nice to use some of the better placed sites around the world to launch from. Guyana would have been fantastic for all of those equatorial contracts. Whats really been fun is KSC is in Flordia and Woomera is is in Japan but the misnamed "desert" airfield is now 700m underwater so I have been searching for a few days trying to figure this one out lol If you have some hints or help would appreciate it! Wragie
  5. No one can help with setting up alternate launch sites????
  6. Does anyone know of a mod that adds in additional real world launch locations when using the RO/RSS mods? I have been looking but the best I have found is something that is called Launchpads.cfg which sounds right and lists all the places but I have zero idea how to actually make that work. Instructions were a wee bit thin (none) even after drinking multiple cups of coffee. In my install of RO/RSS the additional 2 launch sites are useless unless you can swim. The desert site is now 700 meters under water for example. I would love to have Guiana, Vandenburg and a few others as launch options. I keep getting sucked into accepting contracts that want 0° incidence which is kinda hard to do in the early 50's game time lol. Those take a wee bit of go juice to achieve and the early engines don't have terribly good isps. I know this has to be here but I can't find it. Thanks! W
  7. Once u have mañual just get a lander can and attach a small container to side. Fill that up with things to screw onto sides of can. Move to launch pad/runway go eva and practice. And either print manual or have it on your phone or tablet etc so you can reference it in game. Y u can just tab out to desktop to look but i have problems with game after i return when i do that.
  8. Ok someone tell me what the go,f club does? I just thought it was always game fluff and never once used or equiped it lol
  9. Ah Doc you needed to aim your feather light veehickle at Kerbin and miss... some would say that means orbiting lol Correct me if I am wrong but I think you just delayed the standard launch pad explosion to when you came back (aka sub-orbital) lol. Actually if you had a few dv at most should be easy to change the perigee at the apogee.
  10. Getting into Mun orbit without aerobraking is easy. You just need to just scrape the surface "slightly" without exploding...and slow down...how hard can it be? Going back a few posts every kilo of payload makes a difference.if you do more than one experiment thats just more dead weight to lift. Glad to see it isnt turning out to be a calkwalk to do this. I am still stuck at 2kg over the limit. If i trim off the weight usually fuel It crashes and burns for me, if i leave it in i have tons of dv left in orbit.
  11. This was meant to be a fun challenge. Thats why the 1000kg AUW was only real rule. So if it is easy how do we make it harder to accomplish? Personally I would love to find a good cubesat mod and have that required using only real world parts or at least realistic ones. The idea being if you could get it to work in RSS maybe just maybe that could be a basis for someone to build and get into the cubesat launch biz. Hey stranger things have happened! Like when it rains fish....
  12. The payload is the key. I went with one of the Pioneer clones by BlueDog like Tyler had. 13kg has built in antenna, power, control wheel, and antennas. Mine came out at 1002kgs. I had scaled down fins and reaction wheels so could have just made the weight and Kerbin orbit. What I was thinking of using was one of those CubeSat mods or the Octosat. I think those Cubesats are much lighter. Its funny when your final stage has a cup of fuel yet has far more DV that the first which probably weighed in around 700kg on mine.
  13. Sorry about the late response. No Krash installed. I found I could crash and explode all by myself and didn't need to install KRASH lol Did check to make sure it wasn't installed.
  14. Your mission should you decide to accept it, is to design, launch, orbit and then perform a scientific test of your choosing and send the results back to .....EARTH or Kerbin if you want something easier. The original idea is by Tyler Raiz and here is a video he put up on YouTube. This was too good and too fun an idea not to put here as a challenge. Sometimes bigger is not funner... Rulez: 1. The entire vehicle launch weight cannot exceed 1000kg. That is whatever payload, engines fuel tanks, fuels, science stuff antennas or Jebs lunch, what ever you want to put into space. That's it, that is all the rules. Well you could try to do it with stock parts for that extra heavy duty headache that will result. The Challenge: 1. Get it into a stable orbit around Kerbin EASY Earn a paper mache star or Hello Kitty Stickers as a reward 2. Get it into a stable around full scale Earth (realism overhaul required) Medium Earn Bronze Star and some Bill stickers 3. Launch your vehicle and return or transmit scientific data from around the Mun Medium hard Your reward is a Gold Star and some Jeb action stickers 4. Launch your vehicle and return or transmit scientific data from around the Moon Hard Your reward is a Gold Star with diamonds and Valentina's bikini pictures 5. Launch your vehicle and.....Seriously? have you tried this? Well if you get THIS far a guy named Scott Manlee.. something will come to your house and mow your lawn..that or Santa Claus will 6. Subscribe to Tylers YouTube channel and give him a thumbs up for this one!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeHMXQRT6D3o2sbfsqkpCcA
  15. New day new problem lol. I started a new carrier mode. I grab a few contracts, head over and build something to cover the contract, launch and recover. So far so good. When I go to get more contracts or anything else I am now locked out of the buildings. I can enter the launch pad and runway. On the launchpad I can launch the craft I just flew but that's all I can do. I have KOS installed and have never used it but otherwise is all mods I am familiar with and had installed via ckan. When I try to exit back to the previous menu it doesn't work. To exit the game it is alt-f4 or task manager. Tried this a few times and it is consistent behavior. I had flown just one flight after getting RSS working and it locked up when I landed the first flight. Didn't think too much about that and figured I would just recover Jeb the next time I started the game. It wouldn't let me into the tracking station and since was first flight just got out of game and made new one. And thats where this note starts... So any ideas could this be a mod other than rss or should i start from scratch and rebuild the rss install?