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  1. Howdy. Ok, I know I know. New planet mods are one thing. But how about some roll the dice of RNGsus to change a variety of things, such as planet size, gravity etc. Basically stock planets but, uh, RNG flips things around. Mmh. Ok, planet mods more or less cover that. But maybe something interesting could come from this? Or how about some sort of procedurally genetated planets, where the surface also may have unique aspects. Maybe even have it be a single planet that is loaded with challenges and achievements? Just some things that came from the top of my head. Should probably have stayed there lol. Did a search but nothing in topics popped up
  2. Been playing mods so much that: I haven't mastered (or been) at all stock planets yet. Such sins like not being at Jool or Duna (in my defense, I always miss the launch windows due to doing stuff on Mun and Minmus). Make normal stuff with a weight budget rather than nerding on scifi designs. Although, I am playing Career mode by default. Make a decent SSTO (lol). I still haven't really played stock (well, back in my noob sandbox times). PS: still a kerb noob ;).
  3. Personally speaking, I always took a plus 1 size due to fears of such a result. So i would've had the 3m variant under the 2.5m. Tweakscale at times. However it also depends on your descent angle (sorry, don't know the correct term) but sometimes it is best not to put 25km on periapsis. Better aerobrake a few times.
  4. Ok. Before you throw all your jebs at me- I read several threads and offsite laptop review sites. I know people tend to hate these personal advice laptop threads. However, I still require quite some guidance on certain laptops, especially ones that are not full gaming laptops. To clarify, I am looking for one that can obviously play KSP, and other modern games like Overwatch ( note that I never play on high settings). Coming from a 2011'ish i5 Samsung rv520 that has a GT520m, so anything could be nice. But also ones that have good architecture, which apparently ASUS ROGs tend to have. Or so I read that the placement of power supply is nice and it has a nice passive cooling setuo. I would like to hear from those who do use laptops how things are going. I am also the type who would rather have a laptop that can survive some 4 years. That is a bit of a magic 8 ball thing, but I have read here and there that MSI and DELL laptops are not sooooo reliable (now is the time to prove me wrong). However, I am looking for more manufacturer names. Only recently did I hear about Schenker Laptops, Germany-based. I am studying abroad at the moment but I do live in Germany. Anyways. I want to hear some advice and opinions on (gaming) laptops. I know I know, it is a bit of a farce, but some of us have to rely on them these days. I have seen a few people playing Overwatch on these non-ROG asus laptops, so I think there are alternatives? I suppose I'd be willing to pay up to $1300USD, but not if they are prone to breakdown due to faulty parts or crapoy architecture (hence worries read about MSI and DELL). Thanks. Do please be thorough with your opinions on what would be viable :3
  5. I am no expert. At a time when 32bit was the only option, I think it helped squeeze more free memory time before crashing. Ksp.exe used to eat too much RAM and crash once it passed the 4gb limit. This is no longer a big deal with 64bit client. I suppose the rest is a matter of graphics taste and your rig. Other than that. I assume you can just start the game with the ksp.exe?
  6. Doh. Really? I always thought it would launch steam if I had copypasted the steam version. One thing I also wanted to avoid was getting any version patched to 1.3 since I still have a few adventures going in 1.2.2 ( I am aware that you can 'add a non steam game). Hmmmmmmmmmm. So ok. Let me drag the steam ksp folder on my external hdd to test it. If it really works, then maybe a GOG refund is at order. Edit - wooops. Thanks for the responses! Edit2 - well. Lol... It worked. Mmmm. Darn it. Refund gog? I still wonder if it would still be good to keep the GOG version, especially with TakeTwo now in charge xD. #pessimism
  7. Hi. After seeing that I want to play KSP without having to drag Steam and other personal stuff of it with me, I've decided to buy the GOG/DRM-free version. I also intend to infect a few people at my university by playing it there :p. My question here is if I actually have to reinstall EVERYTHING or if I just need to grab something like GOG's ksp.exe or some file just so it doesn't launch the Steam version? Just need to know, because my internet is not the fastest where I am (and somewhat limited), so it would be good to know, provided anybody actually did the same. I suppose, too, that you can just copypaste the savegames? I will be sticking with 1.2.2. for now as I still have a lousy career going.
  8. Ike lives up to it's description of 'getting in the way'. Usually tries to bully anybody like a bouncer! A moon with attitude!
  9. Because some of us lack trust in outsiders (or their meddling in any way). Probably it is just acute pessimism. Then again. Some of us actually care more about SQUAD and SQUAD only. And there is always some change or thing that leads to somebody getting the short end of the stick. Gonna stage myself off, since I don't want to kill the board with my blatheringies. ... I don't know why, but I need to buy the GOG version asap.
  10. Oh yes. It will be for the better in the end. And if anything - and this may sound weird at this point - I would pay for DLC because KSP deserves it. The only thing that I don't like about it is that there will a lot more bureaucracy and splitting between the community and devs at some point. And usually, things can easily go a way different path because somebody up there thinks it is better. It happens all the time. I know I'm doing a bit of a doomsday thing, but I really liked SQUAD being on its own legs. But just to be clear. I'm just a minion! I don't want to be painting the devil on the wall, but it does feel a bit like there's a deal with him - making the painting all but unnecessary! lol
  11. I kinda prefered KSP to be in the hands of its original makers, but this is how life goes. I'm unfortunately part of the skeptical Kerbals here. Yes, Take-Two has a nice track record, but it is the other stuff and changes that concern me (and others). I also had some ideas on the outside, and now I can pretty much trash that I think ,_,
  12. I can't quite say much other than the fact that I am playing on a VERY LOWEND LAPTOP with an even lowerloooowend graphic card. The game will run quite stable for HOURS. And even with 300+, sloppy fps included and even recording with OBS. Again. Not a useful comment on my side, but memory issues have rarely been an issue for me since 64bit.
  13. Jeb literally is MIA. He was flying an early career (hard) game propeller plane when the game client froze. Reloading the game returned the plane, but not Jeb. He is out there. Somewhere...
  14. I deny the total of my family's wealth! (wth lol) And first lines of Crucial Fix's Smell The Blood.
  15. The learning curve can be steep (if not, steeper than whatever EVE ONLINE attempts to prove :D), but not impossible. I wish more people would play KSP, because it really gives respect to the space race era and technology. However, I've noticed it is quite difficult on it's own just to explain people at my university just what is KSP about. You tell them the raw basics and they just go "What" or "Meh, moving on, you weirdo". /shrugs But it CAN be used to educate. Just need to jam it down throats and smack the KSP manual on people's faces a few more times till they get it.