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  1. Bug fixes, fixing wheels and stuff like that are always nice, but if it were a final update? I'd just leave things as they are and focus more on (more buggy :D) content. Kerbal factions/nation for some kind of competition, bit of a contract/task overhaul, those kind of things. A bit more to populate Kerbin AND other planets with other space programs. Would be nice to see some other AI planes in the sky. And having KSC have some takeoffs and landings. An ATC of some sort for KSC too.
  2. I came late to the ksp scene with 1.0.2 or 1.0.5. At that time, I was playing on a notGamingLaptop. But it was fun as hell. For me though, game changer was the patch that brought 64bit. Everything got so fluent and playable. I stayed on that patch for a very long time due to the mods.
  3. Been enjoying it a lot. I can't give much feedback other than the experience with xp11 alone. Microsoft Flight Simulator X seems to have a fun rollplaying/goofball multiplayer thing going on, if you check out youtube channel Airforceproud95(not sure about the number suffix).Highly recommend his vids as they are pure comedy gold. No idea on Prepar3d. As for xp, it is damn fun. There is a learning curve. Not kerbal steep but you learn alot about how today's airliners and such navigate. And addons/mods make the game look neat-o. Has a "FAR" by default, though certainly a bit more forgiving than kerbal since you have planes already constructed appropriately. There are different planes including fanmade ones to install, like the famous f14 Tomcat. Payware (see it as dlc/paid mods made by third parties) are not needed to play the game. But I hear time and again that one should buy certain mustHaves at some point. Such as ATC ones as thr default air traffic controller can be quite drunk at times. Imo, game is worth it. Never gets boring. Always a place to fly to and scenery to dl. You don't have to dl all scenarios at once btw. Only oncr you wanna fly long distances. Just like KSP, you learn to respect the stuff. There are player-driven economy roleplay for XP, but I think MS FSX has a dlc that give you missions/contracts.
  4. This year, I had been mostly in planes and also used the airports mod for flying out to other continents I never has visited. It is cool to build and fly one's iterations of stuff. However, lately, I bought xplane11 and put my planesy interests for that game (or simulator, as game seems to a bad word for their community lol). Just sucks not to have the kerbies flying. Can't have 'em all. Kerbal is for rocketeering around after all.
  5. Hi. Weird title, I know, allow me to explain. There are of course mods like ILS and PAPI. But it is always nice to have some drones placed at locations that help you guide your plane. Maybe somebody has some other nifty ideas that don't require mods. Some might be unnecessary, but it gives you things to do for your career/sandbox purposes. Ok, so there are different fun things we can do to help us land a plane and such. Such as: (and correct me if I am wrong) 1. The classic 90'/270' runway beacon drone A helpful target for giving you nice range finding and runway alignment. Come to think of it, maybe one can add a few more that are well parked, to give you target markers that can act like Approach Side Row Lights? There are mods like Kerbal Konstructs/KSC++/Airport that bring all those neato approach lights, but they are hard to see from afar. The hardToSee part kinda brings us to... 2. PAPI/VASI via lights PAPI mod obviously makes more sense over building something alike this or this , as the render distance makes it too hard to see the lights until you are some 500m away. 3. Single/dual drone beacons/buoys Another interesting idea is dropping off drones that act as landmarks. I usually make a plane that flies straight off the runway, maintaining a 90/270' course and some 500m. With the help of the runway beacon, I toss off a parachute-buoy at some 10km and 30km. Just to get some pre-alignment. I also like dropping some two very-separate beacons that act like slalom poles/waypoint guides. 3 1/2. Selfmade runway lights Make a marked runway on such regions like polar caps for your ice base. I've yet to make a deployable drone with a long strut and lights that project runway lights. Anyways, small drones with lights pointing at the ground should it do, too. Just be sure to set them far enough apart, unless you like crashing in such like lvl3 runway lights :D. Anyways, these are roughly the silly things I setup for career. Are there other cool things to place or do, that could be useful? Doubt I covered all.
  6. Just to be on the same page; I did not mean any negative tone with the glorified fanfiction comment. It was merely putting it in a simplified synonym/term (alike tvtropes heh); if one were to do things animated anthology-style, with people putting in "their personal tastes perspective or vision", which is by all means okay. It can also bring other bizarre things, as one had said with 'and then there are the others' reputation. I suppose one just has to add a small guideline. Nonetheless, my point here was just that such like Love, Death & Robot would bring a lot of things akin to fanfiction. I probably should had defined more but didn't want to walltext. Speaking of which, I am a fanficwriter myself, for good and bad ;). So I know well what you mean. Likewise, also had learned of the Sturgeon's Law when a random reader recommended one of mine with that term. (Tales of the Vjel-Amaj) So, yeah, it does exist for a reason. I can't go deep into the stuff of drama, but I think one could literally say that nature/kraken are somewhat the antagonist. Alike Dante's Peak or Armaggedon(spelling), where a volcano or asteroid is a threat. Either way, it is not me to say what is boring or fun. It is just that audiences might prefer ethics tales (good v bad). A nice (imo) balance of sliceOfLife and ethics can be seen in the anime Wings of Honneamise (1987), which is also about space flight and why it is important. Highly recommended, especially for us kerbal folk. Check out the trailer, or maybe even youtube has the full movie.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, I'd be for some sort of limited licensing that allows one to make small animation films and such. Feature film would probably too hard to establish from the beginning. Best would be shorts, or even anthology-style tales, as seen in such like Netflix' Love, Death and Robot (google search link). Might be like a glorified fanfiction, but it would allow KSP to get some spread to the world out there. Or so my opinion. Yeah. One would have to pitch to both, with a nudge towards TTI. Either way, not a thing of the impossible. Especially since it is all about showing why KSP is great. One would have to add some things, as such need an antagonist of some sort (usually); be it some evil Kerbal corp, invisible Kraken, etc. Even a short akin to such like TeamFortress2 - Meet the *class* animated shorts. Anyways. I said much.
  8. The magic word is probably licensing over selling copyrights (unless it means the same? Gah, hell with semantics). SQUAD did make a few shorts of Kerbal, although those were rather commercials. I agree that there is a lot of room for animation ideas to grow. Just be aware that such movie and the likes need a serious dedication of time, so it is likely that a separate animation team/company is necessary. Be it fans or other. Speaking of which, there was this animated  movie called Capture The Flag (2015). Google search link here Suppose it would be simple to come up with a premise that is fun(ny) and living up to what is kerb.
  9. I won't get into the DLC rabbit hole, as I am not so proficient about them. Other than such being quite the scourge in the gaming world since, lol. Excluding my blatherings... Imo, the DLCs just need to bring some genuine features. If the DLCs are truly attuned to being mini addons - say, bringing in such like an active airport, other AI commercial planes in the sky that take off and land at other airports, other Kerbal factions to compete against etc - then I think we wouldn't have to worry about last DLC worries.
  10. Yeah. Would be nice to have such like wind/turbulences (rather than just random camera wobbles), rain/storm. Suppose unity has limits though :(.
  11. Thanks. Sounds great. I like playing around with airplanes, and it was always a pain to get the right flap angles per plane in stock aero. I suppose I can have the leading edge set to inverted deployment at the same time. That should help get a neat AoA gradually. Will try it all out once I get back home next week.
  12. So, will this allow us to use such like flaps in steps, so to speak? That would be cool. Usually had to pin a PAW and mess with the throttle a lot when landing. Fiddingly with control surface limits via mouse was always annoying since I only had two hands :p. This change would help a lot with that. Have a few axis buttons free that could be set for that :>
  13. Or he has had so many highG centrifuge training units that he just became one with madness and blind trust into Kerbal engineering... Or something like this short youtube vid :p.
  14. Oh sure, I know :). Wasn't expecting any miracle working. Don't worry. It does seem so that Kopernicus' exceptions were indeed the source of issues. I also noticed that there was a Kopernicus in the CommunityTechTree folder... Must've dragged dropped Kopernicus there by accident, and thought it to be updated. Need to watch out more in the future. It was just so that I recall the mentioning of BoulderCo, but could not quite pin it down where I had read it as I was skimming through BH addon dev and release threads. In the other news, got BH to run. Obviously no surprise to say this, but it looks damn sexy. Seems like I can use my recent new career start file as well. Might consider a bit of a "career start bonus" cheat, so I can get to the fun in space a bit faster. Anyways. Thanks for help, nonetheless :).