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  1. Yes, for sure. I've found my most common abort situations are when I've had booster issues, or warping of the central stages, so that the vehicle skews and is either in danger of, or begins a rapid unplanned disassembly. I've had solid fuel boosters detach while still running (needs more struts) and threaten the crewed compartments, prompting an abort as well.
  2. Wow! I'm downloading right away! Those centrifuges are beautiful, and I've been wishing for more parts like the old Stockalike Station Parts for a while! Thanks for the fantastic mod!
  3. Wow! This looks fantastic. I'll try it out soon! Including trying to boost it into space .... Challenge accepted!
  4. Hey, despite enjoying many mods, I'm excited about the expansions! It will be great to have historical missions besides the default Soyuz 1 and Apollo 1 scenarios included with the base game.... haha.
  5. I'm also getting the bug mentioned above by @Wcmille. The latest version has not changed anything for it.
  6. In space travel, a Sol and SOL are very different things KSP-AVC might be one to add though.
  7. I see you like my Avatar :wink: !

    1. Bran31


      Ha... Yep! Found it while looking through NASA pics!

    2. Ozymandias_the_Goat
  8. I found the bug... it wasn't this mod, it was the RCS sounds mod. I was getting it with other mod command pods too. All is well with the Tundra parts!
  9. I've definitely had this bug for a while too, (since 1.1, I think) and also recently had a bug where mod command pods would shake on launch, but remain fixed above the launchpad, with the rest of the craft flying through them on stage to launch. Upon going through all my mods to eliminate the problem, it seems this one is the culprit. Staging works fine now, and the lighting effect is gone. Has anyone else had the weird launchpad bug? I'd love a fix if there's one to be had!
  10. So I've loved this mod in the past, but currently, when I load a craft with the Rodan pod it says I'm moving over the surface, and the ship is uncontrollable, and the rest of the rocket just flies upward, leaving the pod hanging there in the air. Anyone know what's up with this? I'm not sure what other info to provide to help give a better description of the issue...
  11. I had this same issue, and tried all sorts of suggested stuff with messing with the save file, but your fix worked! Thanks so much!
  12. I have this bug too... continuous RCS animation, though there's no thrust being applied to the vessel by the RCS thrusters, nor am I using RCS keys. The RCS animations also show up in the VAB and SPH.
  13. So I just tried that link and it replaced the IVA, but seems to be missing about 95% of the IVA props... it's as if it's incomplete... and I do have the IVA props mod installed. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. So I have an odd sort of issue, that I can't find the answer to anywhere. I just decided to try out RemoteTech, but I've found that I can still control unmanned probes, and none of the antenna tracking lines show up in the tracking centre. The parts are there, but it's as if the mod hasn't kicked in somehow. Here's some screenshots attempting to illustrate: