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  1. Is it true that dlc will be added? I hope not. Maybe ksp will be bought by ea next update... What will the expansion packs be? Maybe make it so that you can pay a small amount of money If you run out of fuel to recharge your fuel tanks! and why not add adult content and change the rating to R18+?
  2. give me the rock model. i shall make a mod called "random rock part" with the rock of doom that does nothing.
  3. I had a dream Where Jebediah kerman Exploded for no reason. make that happen ingame.
  4. when i try to open the image in anything (photoshop and gimp as well) it does not let me. pictures of birds seems to realy help me...
  5. When i said textures i ment models. ill change that now
  6. It wont let me open textures in paint. i dont know why.
  7. When i try to open a texture to edit it for a mod im making, i find That is says "Page 1/11", and that i cannot edit it unless there is one page. i have tried everything, but nothing works. someone please help me!
  8. I know how to mod (its easy enough), but could someone please give me some textures (as well as models!). My mod will be called Ackoli space industries, and is mostly a combination of Base parts designed for Permanent bases. The art style I want is Stockalike, but a bit more detailed. These are the parts i want textures for= -ASI-250 Standard inflatable ring module, a 2.5 metre part around as big as the Rockomax X200-16 fuel tank, but inflates into a ring with a 10 metre diameter, and holds 8 crew. Has windows Dotted around the outside of the ring. -ASI-100 Small inflatable ring module, a 1.25 metre part as big as the FL-T200, But inflates to 5 metres. looks like a miniaturized ASI-250, And holds 4 crew. -ASI-420 Large scale inflatable ring module, 3.75 metre part as big as S3-3600 Tank. Looks like a larger, more detailed ASI-250. Holds 16 crew. -Ackoli Algal cylinder. Same size as an mk1 liquid fuel fuselage, Although it Is made out of mostly glass, inside which Green throth can be seen. -Ackoli Drop pod module. A 3.75 Metre Command pod, which looks like a sphere, but with a flat plate (1.25 metres) on the bottom and the top to mount things on. Looks like black metal (carbon fiber), and has a few small windows on it. -Nutrient extraction module. a 1.25 metre Object around the size of the 1.25 m battery. Looks like a grey-ish metal plate with Buttons around it. -Water extraction module. looks like the nutrient extraction module but All the buttons are blue, and there is a symbol of a water droplet on it. -Ackoli grade life-support recycling module. a 1.25 metre object around 3 times taller than the water/nutrient extraction module. Has Many buttons and dials on it. also has A recycling symbol on it. -Small Inflatable habitat module. A radial part, which inflates into a Medium sized Rectangle (with curved edges), with A few windows And straps wrapped around It. -Inflatable greenhouse dome. A Radial part, twice as large as the Small inflatable habitat module, that inflates into a large transparent dome with Shrubs inside it. -Extendable docking port. A docking port that inflates into a tube. -Kerbal entertainment Module, A large inflatable sphere with straps wrapped around it. Has A lot of windows, and fits 4 kerbals. on the interior is a large screen showing a kerbalized super-hero, And A box saying 'toys', as well as some tables and seats. -Space house 3000, A 2.5 Metre part, which looks similar to the hitchhiker module, but the exit is lower down, And Looks metallic. It fits two kerbals, and on the interior is a bunk bed, A box labeled "Space Toys", a table with a packet of chips on it, and a potted plant. Those are all the parts that i cannot texture myself, and need help doing. I would appreciate it if someone helped, and I will give credit. The mod Will also come with a space suit, but i can do that myself. So, please help me make ASI Base systems!
  10. Remove all realism because it is too hard make a kraken that kills kerbals extremely violently with blood and organs flying out and you need to go to a 1st person shooter minigame so you can kill it with chainsaws!
  11. Could you please make a forum section for joke suggestions, i find them entertaining and interesting. Then people could make Dumb suggestions (e.g KSP NEEDS BIG LAZORS!) And not get locked every time.
  12. with the mission, i skipped lko and went straight to escape velocity instead. then i thrusted to a jool encounter, without caring about the transfer burn. then i had a crappy jool orbit and had to thrust for a while for a laythe encounter. then i was going realy fast, and used up lots of fuel.
  13. I want to get to laythe, and make a reasonable sized base there. The other times i make a laythe rocket, It weighs around 10,000 tonnes and has Only an Lander can (the larger one) with a parachute one it. I need some tips to get my base to laythe, and use minimum fuel. And, I only use stock. Anyone who helps me is totally epic.
  14. Put Donald trumps face onto a kerbal so i can Throw him into the sun!
  15. Make a mun rocket which is as light as you can. Whoever wins is epic. the rules: -No mods or cheats -give me a screenshot. this is the badge for winning: ('_') Now do this amazing challenge of doom.
  16. Ackoli

    This would suck

    I mean real soldiers with real guns and stuff. And they will actually shoot you.
  17. What if squad merged with EA and then All physics and realism was removed because EA thought That it Was too advanced for the general public (Like they did with spore) And To get to a planet you clicked it and it showed a picture of a planet with a little lander on it and that was it and you always had to be online, And it was free, but there was an unskippable add every 10 seconds, And If you wanted to move 1 Meter you had to pay 250$ each time, and They removed all mods because they were unofficial, and then sued everyone who did not Update within 10 seconds? and what if squad sent Armed Soldiers to your house if you did not play KSP for 24 hours every day for the rest of the year?
  18. there is lots and lots of reasons. there is even some people who have enough money to buy multiple mars colonies. tax some billionaires and then a mars colony will be easy.