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  1. Oh no worries, I switched it to 1.2 to I not only have access to the Old BDArmory, I have access to my older mods too
  2. Installed KSP 1.3, Installed BD armory and requirements, Doesn't show up at all in my game even though it loads BD Armory when the game is starting up
  3. Now that Kerbalstuff shut down, Will there be a new download link?
  4. And I'm like: This looks cool i'm gonna download it, Wait I ALREADY HAVE IT!
  5. 143 - Crash Jool into Kerbin
  6. 141 - Make random Fallout series stuff
  7. Right now i only hate two mods -Kerbal Space Ponies -MechJeb
  8. Darn it! i really wanted to use this mod