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  1. I'm trying with 1.3.1-3 and I get an eternal loading screen. All mods I have: ModuleManager, Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntegrator, Sigma Dimensions and RESCALE. Am I missing something? I already tried clearing MM cache. EDIT: I fixed it. Kopernicus 1.3.1-3 does work. It was an unrelated problem with my mod being partially overwritten by steam integrity check.
  2. It doesn't work for me either with Rescale x10.625. I also tried Kopernicus 1.3.1-2 and 1.3.1-3. That didn't help. @Pointblank66 which version of Kopernicus did work before?
  3. Note: For some reason I can use Alt-/, Alt-* and other binds with left alt button, but i need to use right alt button for alt-end to work. Weird. I am using Win8.1. EDIT: This could be because I have f.lux installed which has ALT-End bound too.
  4. God, please. Why does this mod (all default options) would recover a vehicle that I set in the orbit? I was doing a mission where spacecraft was launched using a big plane (like SpaceShipOne). The plane was the root part, spacecraft was detached. I switched to spacecraft to circularize the orbit and back to the plane to land it. After recovering the plane I went to the Tracking Center to find that there is no spacecraft to be found :C
  5. Hi. I have a quick suggestion. We need to have indicated airspeed data available to display in game. It is displayed in AeroGUI (cheat menu) and called EAS. It would be very useful for spaceplanes.
  6. Thank you very much for this mod. It saves so much head-ache when designing almost anything. It would be even better if the graph had vertical axis labeled or the scale were displayed somewhere. I found that it is possible to make a barely stable airplane but the pitching moment would look perfectly (flat decreasing line). I think what happens is that the pitching moment is very low across all AoA, but the scaling of graph made it look like it was OK.
  7. I also have this bug. I noticed that when in Tracking Station, mission elapsed times of crafts were increasing bit too fast (even though i was in 1x timewarp).
  8. Yea, that's what I did before, but it's just a suggestion.
  9. Just as in title. When I launch the game and alt-tab I can't double click icons at desktop and in some other programs. Double click works inside opened folders though. KSP may be in main menu, in-game, wherever.
  10. Hi -MM-! Nice to see your mod so popular. Could you make it so it is possible to upgrade parts in Sandbox mode? And maybe to revert upgrades?
  11. Well then I'll try to answer your questions. 1) Ship may be not stiff enough. Some parts may create asymmetric lift even though they're behind the heatshield (F12 to check that). Wide and low ships are better than narrow and tall, but I know very well that it is impossible to launch such spacecraft easily. Instead of reaction wheels you can use Vernors on a long arm at the top (to increase torque, proven with Eve manned landing). MechJeb autopilot is much better at re-entry than stock SAS. If it is possible, consider splitting your craft in a few parts and landing each individually. 2) Higher PE is better unless you would skip on top of the atmosphere a few times. If 31km works then it's fine. I've always used 25km. 3) It is significant but you can't always change it, I think. If you could do a retro-burn to slow your craft to ~2000 m/s that might be advantageous if your ship is only mildly unstable. Re-entry temperatures depend only on speed.
  12. Use bigger (wider) heatshield. Additionaly, you can lower the amount of ablator you take to make it lighter. AFAIK you can easliy survive reentry with no ablator at all.
  13. Also it would be handy if range within which scientist can collect data from Materials Bay was bigger. Right now you have to literally stand on it to reach it.
  14. I arrived at Duna with 5300m/s dV spaceplane with 200m/s to spare
  15. Really fun mod but I think it should be more balanced. Now I can make NERV TWR 4 times larger and boost ISP using only a fraction of science I get from making a mission to Eeloo. One way of dealing with it is making stats little bit worse at the beginning, then being able to upgrade them to normal KSP levels and even better. Or capping the max improvements so we cant get 1400 ISP nerv or super lightweight ISRU. Also great improvement idea. Increase max temperature of parts!
  16. I went there (no Hyperedit) and there was nothing there.
  17. @sieve I think this aerobrake bug is caused by Stock Bug Fix Modules. I fix it by quicksaving and reloading.
  18. There is my attempt. I could very easily land on top of the VAB but whatever
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