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  1. It's being worked on. I guess the next update is a pretty big change in how kopernicus works to make it better or more efficient or something and it's sort of an overhaul. Just have to wait. I deleted all my saves for 171 myself so I could start fresh on the whole experience. So it'll be a while before interstellar stuff even becomes relevant for me!
  2. So is it that Kopernicus is not compatible or is it more accurate to say that OPM is not compatible with the latest version of kopernicus due to all that...refactoring stuff that I can't make sense out of. I'm not really sure what happened but from what Thomas P said, his latest update breaks OPM and every other mod that relies on it? I Think?
  3. Oh I did go back but not that far. The subject matter seemed to be going in a different direction. My bad. I'll go back further.
  4. Kopernicus doesn't seem to work on 1.7.1. I used ckan and it doesn't show as compatible with the latest version. I enabled mods for 1.6.X where kopernicus is located and installed it, it installed just fine with the Outer Planets Mod but when I went in game (fresh install, no mods or saves an only kopernicus and OPM) there were no outer planets and the default system was there. I also tried this with the extra solar planets mod and again nothing. Shouldn't Kopernicus have worked even if it is the 1.6.X compatible version? Or did 1.7.1 change things so drastically that the latest version of kopernicus is just simply incompatible?
  5. Thanks! That got it! It was the missing Modularflightintegrator. I guess I accidentally deleted it while I was troubleshooting. Derp.
  6. Help, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with Kopernicus. I've only got kopernicus installed as a test with 1.2.2 to see if I can get other planets and systems working. I tried Outer Planets Mod (which is 1.2.1 compatible) and it didn't work, still the stock systems. So I figured it must be because the mod is not compatible with 1.2.2. But I just tried a new planet mod today: Cerillion Which is 1.2.2 compatible, but upon loading, I still only get the stock systems. I've only got kopernicus and planet cerillion installed, oh and I guess I also have module manager 2.7.5. What am I don't wrong?
  7. Oh, thanks! This really helps. I think something may be really messed up with my KSP as it still says I'm on pre-release. It may explain why I'm not seeing any change in the 64 bit edition. I'll reinstall KSP tonight and hope for the best.
  8. Has there been any news on progress for the pre-release? The 1.1.3 patch didn't seem to have any affect on the pre-release as it's still showing as build 1228. They are still working on this right? I'm kinda worried. It's been a few months and the last update I saw from Romfarer was over a month ago. I just hope Squad hasn't abandoned the 64bit project... I really prefer it over 32.
  9. If this is not currently supported by the 64bit pre-release I'm okay with that. I'm just trying to find an answer.
  10. So this doesn't mean anything to the Pre-Release does it?
  11. I can't seem to get this to work with the latest Pre-Release 64bit edition. Is it not compatible? I'm having a hard time telling which mods work/don't work with the prerelease since there are technically 2 KSPs out now.
  12. So 1.1 will officially support 64 bit and Unity 5 (from what I've heard), alleviating all these issues. Anyone know how far down the development road that might be? I'm pretty excited for this to be official.