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  1. Would commenting here necro this post? It's been like a month since the last guy. Anyways, I admit I want MP, but I think DMP doesn't do it quite right. I second a lot of what Alshain said above, but to be clear, I basically have no interest in playing vanilla KSP in multiplayer. I want to get into mod-heavy dogfights with friends on LAN, not play with tonnes of strangers in vanilla career. Admittedly, I've never touched career mode. And, I've been running more of a PMC than a space program... I also don't think Squad should do this unless entirely necessary, or if they have a really good idea of how to bring it all together that didn’t occur to us. As for the time warp issues, I think that voting would work unless you have a tonne of players on the server at once. “*player* wants to timewarp (1000x speed) until Maneuver Node (10 hours). Vote: Y/N.” Otherwise, some simple system- the sort of weird, parallel timeline system DMP uses is the reason I and others are not all over it, with all due respect to its devs. In short, KSP MP is, in my opinion, probably best left as by mods, for mods. If it takes Squad to put it together though, sure.