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  1. New contract for a VTOL aircraft. Also; I have a huge back log of craft to publish including this bad boy for Contract 001a.
  2. finally got around to polishing this enough for release, to ease with landing i'd suggest switching to the carrier before final and throttling up just to make landing a bit easier.
  3. AN-TCV-04 Albion Fleet Carrier The AN-TCV-04 is the fourth iteration of a standardized CATOBAR carrier capable of supporting 4 aircraft across all feasible mission profiles from long range surveys, to SSTO operations. The Mark 4 carriers have been constructed using strictly attachment nodes and the offset tool to construct both decks, creating a far more time warp resilient frame. The dimensions are the following; 115 metres long from bow to stern, a beam of 21 metres and a full height of 24 metres (including propellers). https://kerbalx.com/chadgaskerman/AN-TCV-04-Albion This is the first of hopefully many naval craft I hope to release in the coming months, including different factions with different design styles and philosophies including separate aircraft models for each faction. This carrier belongs to the AN faction (,I'm yet to give it an actual name,) that mimics the US Navy as well as RN, based on the Russian/Soviet Navy and CN, based on the Royal Navy.
  4. Part mods defeat the objective of the challenge, i'm sure you can get creative with various, unorthodox combinations to make the right look for your craft.
  5. A stable, if not concerning max Alt of 16.5km without proper optimization
  6. I'm currently in the process of making a template carrier so we don't have to develop a carrier alongside a wing of aircraft, should have it finished, tested and hopefully released this coming monday. Current dimensions are roughly 110m long with around a 60m landing strip being able to use both a catapult or a ski jump.
  7. After a brief break of making carriers I've decided to start scaling them down. This Light carrier is based upon the soviet Pr.1150 light carrier, mainly based on the tapering runway which i hope makes landing easy - i'm yet to test this. 97 metres long ~1,700 tons compliment of 4 aircraft and 1 helicopter
  8. I think i'm somewhere near calling this done, still think the seaport area is a bit sparse but i'm not sure how to fill it
  9. Work here is coming along nicely, still unsure what I'm going to put between the spaceport and the port.
  10. This is pretty cool ngl although I still need to figure out how to mask all of the floating stuff.
  11. Ok so I've fixed the missing texture issue, however it appears the ctrl + K menu isn't working for me. I can only open it and the only button that works is editmapdecals
  12. Missing textures for kerbinside? I am using parallax which could be interfering with the textures but idk
  13. This should be interesting, I've been deeply disappointed by the lack of airfields in the latest update.
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