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  1. New gen 4 carrier "KMS Titan" on an initial test run. 114m long, 399 parts. Thinking of making the elevator into a subassembly
  2. Last Update: 13/04/21 This thread is where I will organise and share all of my Naval Vessels, Naval Aircraft and other useful subassemblies. The Catalogue will be split into 3 main sections, Surface/Subsurface vessels, Aircraft and Subassemblies, more will likely be added but for now I will stick to these three - this should hopefully allow for an easy to navigate catalogue of all my craft (And hopefully encourage me to actually release some on a semi regular basis). The TEK Shipyards (Telnya-Karkov) is a fictional company that handles the building of everything from t
  3. Right i'm finished with my carrier 126 metres long with an aircraft elevator capable of lifting over 25 tons of aircraft, helicopters and SSTOs that can all launch, land and refuel on an angled flight deck carrier that can travel at 13.5m/s indefinitely. Beauty Shots Landing
  4. @Pds314check the rules, for some reason it's not allowed
  5. This is why I use Kerbal Constructs, Ships aren't designed to launched from a runway 3kms away from shore
  6. How do we feel about using kerbal konstructs for a water spawn because i'm not likeing the idea of wheeling over multi thousand ton carriers into the ocean Furthermore when it comes to landing fixed wing aircraft on a carrier, angled flight deck or otherwise, i find mouse aim far more precise than caps plus wasd
  7. An idea of what is to come So long is I can make a catapult
  8. Now introducing, The TEK-113 Light Aircraft Cruiser A 3rd generation aircraft carrier boasting an angled flight deck, clear deck markings, and a Mk-4A Ion reactor powering twin propellers capable of moving the 1500 ton vessel up to a speed of roughly 22 knots (11m/s). Designed to carry 2 Medium V/STOL Aircraft plus 2 light helicopters, the TEK-113 is a perfect scout vessel capable of operation many thousands of kilometres from the KSC. Gallery The specific vessel you are downloading; KMS Atlas DL; https://kerbalx.com/chadga
  9. The task is simple, create an electrically powered aircraft catapult capable of launching a craft weighing at least 15 tons. Success Criteria; Electrically powered low part count (below 50 parts) relatively stable capable of launching a craft to 30-40m/s Pictures and download are obligatory
  10. Light Carrier i am currently ironing out, around 340 parts, 113 metres long with a top speed of 10-11 m/s. flight deck is around 60 metres long.
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