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  1. I think your best bet instead of retracting the wheels would be to fold them underneath the chassis
  2. Getting Back into some ksp with a new trimaran frigate. The vessel currently sits at a healthy 201 parts with the dimensions being 68 metres long, 19 metres and 20 metres tall with a top speed of 30m/s. Instead of using screws like my older craft I've elected to use a set of 3 edited goliath engines, the rear pair acting as pseudo water jets, whilst the third embedded in the hull has a negative thrust providing an infinite range to the craft, however you will have to stop to refuel. It can do stretches of around 580km at 29m/s at 4x time warp before having to stop, I'm sure this can be improved by lowering the thrust but I can't be bothered to test this any further. The vessel also provides a large landing space for VTOL Aircraft as well as having a small hanger for embarked craft. The quarterdeck which can just be seen in the first picture can also house interchangable mission equipment in the form of a cargo pod containing either a full science suite, IRSU, Comms and Cargo storage units. I'm probably going to make a small helicopter to go with this craft before a release it as well as attempting to put it on laythe as well.
  3. Approximately 20 metres For the amphibious rovers likely just passengers and some deployable stuff, for the landing craft, other vehicles in theory.
  4. I'm not entirely sure what your point is given the whole point of the challenge is to fit a craft into the well deck.
  5. In the light of my new line of Carriers, I experimented with the concept of a well deck as can be seen in the Priest class LHA The challenge is simple, Create an amphibious craft, be it a rover or landing craft capable of launch and recovery from the vessel. The maximum dimensions of the opening deck are roughly 6.5m wide by 3.5m tall so plan your craft accordingly. I plan on splitting this into two categories: Amphibious Rovers; A wheeled vehicle able to move a modest amount of passengers of cargo, under it's own power, too and from the vessel Max part count of 50 parts Landing Craft; A specialised vehicle that is able to move heavier cargo, or light vehicles too and from the shore at high speeds Max part count of 75 parts Beyond these design specifications you are free to experiment to your hearts content. Good luck.
  6. After finishing all of my exams today I finally got around to taking some decent screenshots of the Bishop class and finally releasing it to kerbalX. As of late I've been getting into From the Depths so my next vessel, or few, may take advantage of a tumblehome hull.
  7. This specific hull form was inspired / a response to @Yukon0009's Neidon-Class Light carrier and was the first time I had seen a properly hulled carrier for a reasonable part count that included a lift and lower deck. I initially based the deck shape off of a shipbucket drawing of an alternate invincible class aircraft carrier focusing on rotary wing aircraft versus the V/STOL aircraft that the real world invinvible class used. Deacon-Class Landing Platform Helicopter https://kerbalx.com/chadgaskerman/Deacon-Class-LPH Priest-Class Landing Helicopter Assault Featuring a stretched hull with the stern width being widened out to be flush with the central section, the Priest-Class utilises two internal decks for aircraft and amphibious vehicle storage. The standout aspect of this vessel is it's well deck, allowing it to launch and recover amphibious vehicles without the use of cranes or other means. https://kerbalx.com/chadgaskerman/Priest-Class-LHA Bishop-Class Light Carrier Based off of the same hull form as the modified Priest-Class, the Bishop-Class features a further modifed flight deck that has been angled for the ease of launch and recovery of aircraft. The Hanger has also been moved into the space where the well deck once was, freeing up the forward section of the hull for better weight balancing and would allow for the installation of a catapult if the need arose. https://kerbalx.com/chadgaskerman/Bishop-Class-CVL
  8. So what you're telling me is that you want an airborne aircraft carrier?
  9. New Interplanetary ship I'm working on, based of an old idea of a decentralised colonisation system where plenty of outposts are spread out around a specific area on another planet. The two fuel tanks strapped to the top and bottom of the forward cargo area are the equivalent mass of the Dropship/ Reusable skycrane system to transport the different outposts to their landing zones. The various outposts will have supplies and crew transported to them via a mobile base; (This was really just an excuse to include a base crawler). The Crawler can carry auxilaury vehicles and also has a space to land VTOL air/space craft. It's also equipped with a full IRSU suite. This Current mission is designed for Duna but can easily be adapted to any other planet or moon with the exception of Eve and Laythe. For those two I'm planning on having floating outposts and a Large ship as opposed to a base crawler
  10. Original post has been updated to remove ambiguity
  11. So recently I've been working on a couple of Air-launch systems, The first is a smaller missile with a ComSat 'Warhead', meaning that it can't be interchanged and is the sole payload the system can carry. The other system is far more versatile with a larger payload that is still quite modest by traditional standards, can put roughly 3 tons into LKO comfortably, with fuel left in the second stage for station keeping and rendezvous. Right now I'm struggling to think of what to do next.
  12. Good starter round, I'm pretty sure doing it supersonic is possible so good luck
  13. The challenge is simple, fly an aircraft of your own design through the R&D tunnel without damaging your aircraft. You can prove your feat of engineering and piloting finess through either a video or a series of screenshots, before during and after. The tunnel is around 10 meters wide and 7 meters tall, it would be recommended construct your aircraft accordingly. The leaderboards will be split into the speed of the aircraft through the tunnel and the length of the aircraft passing through the tunnel. This Tunnel. Rules; Your aircraft has to enter and exit the tunnel unscathed No parts mod DLC allowed Non Parts mods are allowed, e.g Kerbal engineer Leaderboard (Speed) @QF9E 97.4m/s TBA TBA Leaderboard (Length) @QF9E 2.9m TBA TBA
  14. Not the happiest with how this turned out but it does the job.
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