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  1. I just removed Trajectories and it's running smoothly now. Trajectories was the issue. I hope Ferram finds a way to fix the issue, because Trajecories has proven to be very useful to me.
  2. No, I don't have an old install in my save. I also have Atmosphere Autopilot installed, and also Trajectories. I remember in the older versions (1.1 versions and 1.2 dev builds) I used both with FAR without getting a performance hit. I am updating all the mods in my folder to see if that works.
  3. Unfortunately the new version of FAR has some serious performance issues. When I attempt to fly the game lags out and stutters, it seems to be worse when pitching. It also gets pretty bad when nearing transonic/supersonic speed.
  4. A bit of a planet development question. It seems somewhere during the process I "broke" material for the scaledversion and now my planet looks like a black disco ball from orbit. And also my normal map doesn't seem to be aligned with the rest of the planet. Any way to fix this?
  5. Then that brings us back to why we have the thick armored hulls. Sci-fi shields fail under heavy loads. And when they fail you'll want something to protect you.
  6. In sci fi shields are more or less a first line of defense. They will do their job and hold their own, but you can't expect them to last. When the shields fall you are going to want reinforced armor. Really, who in a sci-fi or space opera setting would ride around space in a bare boned superstructure? Especially in a setting where engines are clearly many many times more efficient and there is far less concern over delta V than today?
  7. It sure looked awesome though. I think it enhances that moment actually. It makes Leia look even more desperate that she resorts to a lie that Vader will almost certainly not buy at that point. Yep. It's refreshing to see a Star Wars movie where plot armor is removed, it puts another perspective on things in the SW universe.
  8. It's still a dev build so some bugs need to be worked out. The EVA parachutes mod should be handy for this in the meantime.
  9. Not officially, but it will still work in 1.2 as long as you have the latest version of Kopernicus (using it in 1.2 right now). But while the planet pack is still playable, it has some drawbacks but nothing too game breaking. For one, trying to apply Scatterer and EVE configs won't work until it is updated to 1.2, and there is a bug where all you see is a void when you're in the KSC overview (although forum user @ayli posted a config in the thread above that fixes this issue).
  10. I suppose if you use SMURFF it will improve your takeoff and landing speeds with FAR, but then it ends up making everything overpowered in space if you just want to play with stock sized planets.
  11. That's pretty much why I perfer using my joystick for flying aircraft in KSP. Since I started using it I've had my canards torn off much less often. Once you get your joystick and get past the learning curve, you'll never go back.
  12. I'm personally hoping that is coming this next update, and turns out that is why it's taking so long .
  13. The high takeoff and landing speeds actually are a problem I have with FAR (still love the mod). I can't even seem to even get wide-winged stock aircraft like the Stearwing A300 off the ground or landed with a reasonable takeoff/landing speed with FAR installed, despite the fact those wings should give it a lot of lift, especially at lower speeds and ground level. Hopefully future versions of FAR will address this.