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  1. How do you suppose Kerbals engrave the plaques for flags?

    They aren't engraving the plaques, they're just choosing which one to use. The large supply of pre-engraved plaques for every possible occasion and typo is why stock rocket parts are so heavy.
  2. What's your most stupid thing ever you did in KSP?

    I hate to waste fuel and parts, so I was busy using my Mun lander's transfer & deorbit stage to come in for landing. I staged it off while hovering about 10m up, then lowered the landing gear and prepared to settle down for some science. Landing on a fuel tank is far less effective than landing on solid ground, and my vehicle promptly tipped over. ... But the stupid part isn't that it happened, rather that it was the third identical mun lander to have the exact same piloting problem. (The subsequent identical Mun landers #4 through #6 managed to avoid landing on their previous stages, but still managed to tip over for unrelated reasons.)
  3. What's your most daring rescue?

    I had a Minmus bus which had been reconfigured to hold extra snacks to deliver. At the last minute, a tourism contract came up, so I piled in a full set of 6 instead of the originally intended single pilot. Between the overcrowding and the reduced tankage, I got the 10% low O2 alarm halfway to Minmus. By burning all the landing and return fuel, I was able to accelerate the bus to the point where it would reach Minmus SoI in 3.5 hours instead of 3 days, but it would be performing a 1000m/s flyby at PE. Bill was working at Jeb's Junkyard at the time, so he assembled an LV-909 and stacked a bunch of FL-T400 tanks around it with KAS. Scraping all the fuel in the area together along with an extra can of air, he launched vertically and fought hard against the unbalanced load to hover near the incoming trajectory before burning to rendezvous. Going EVA, he bolted the can of air onto the bus with 9 minutes to spare. The subsequent docking and fuel transfer was much less panicked, and the combined vehicle was able to land safely at Minmus with no casualties.
  4. Naming your ships

    To be clear, my vehicle might be named Engineer Training Bus on launch, but two weeks later it will be auto-renamed to Minmus Fuel Depot Ship, just like every other craft that has visited the Minmus Fuel Depot.
  5. Naming your ships

    I used to name my ships, but almost all of them are now called "Munbase Alpha Ship" or "Minmus Refinery Ship" and I have given up fighting that.
  6. What do you think the Mystery goo really is ?

    I'm convinced that the mystery goo is refined from that suspicious residue in the launchpad surface samples.
  7. I have a question, It is an important one

    Is it a terrain issue, a fuel issue or a piloting issue?
  8. Can airbrakes be used as propellers?

    They don't have lift, so probably not? What about using some control surfaces tuned so they fold flat to the airstream and act as tail fins when "deployed", but open up into a variable pitch prop in normal mode?
  9. How long your first stages last?

    You don't need the radial decouplers unless you're planning to have multiple solid stages, and solids are heavy enough that you shouldn't try to lift one off the ground unless it is burning. Just bolt the SRBs together for free and drop them all at once with a single stack decoupler. Steer heavier rockets gently to prevent origami around that single connection point.
  10. Kessler's syndrome

    The best way to clean up a mess, is to not make the mess in the first place.
  11. Skirting Death - Share Your Closest Calls

    Valentina was in low Mün orbit on her way to deliver some radiator panels to a goofed-up mining operation. The plan was to deliver the panels, refuel, and return to Kerbin with this final stage. The problems started when Val was too impatient to dock with the orbital station for a smidgen more fuel and instead began her descent with only 550m/s in the tank thinking it would be enough thanks to the surface speed (note: Münar surface speed is actually only 10m/s, not ~100). The suicide burn ended a couple hundred meters away from the base, with zero fuel and 40m/s remaining. A quick lithobraking later, and the only parts left were a lifesupport container, the capsule, a docking port and two scattered landing gear. Plus the radiator panels in her backpack, so the primary mission was a complete success. Hitching a ride home took longer than expected.
  12. My interpretation was that the next collider doesn't exist when you reach the edge of your current one. You then start to fall. Just a moment later, the collider loads in, and rips the wheels off.
  13. I have a question, It is an important one

    Uhm... *None* of Duna's atmosphere is thick. You can use nukes and ions on the surface. Also, never slow down on your way to orbit. Slowing down is a good way to ensure you will not go to space today. If your trajectory is high enough to clear the local terrain, you're good to burn for orbital speed. If you've got rocket engines that can take you to orbit, surely you can throttle down and hover to move it closer? Just keep the nose pointed surface radial, and tip over just a wee bit to accelerate sideways before going back to radial and drifting. Once you can't get any closer, pull out an FLT-400 (or other smallish portable tank), fill it at the base and then roll it up or down the hill to the rocket. Repeat as necessary.
  14. How long your first stages last?

    200-300m for most. Like Mastikator, I like to use a high velocity launch pad made out of Hammers. That, or the first stage lasts approx 200Mm and returns for the full refund.
  15. Launching and landing are pretty easy going these days, but committing to an interplanetary mission is difficult. I've got one en route now, and they'd barely finished the ejection burn before I built and launched a rescue ship to rendezvous with them halfway there.