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  1. Bunch of fresh models Kemen Devil mk2(Fighter spaceship) https://skfb.ly/6vKYz Harbon( earth-alike Planet) https://skfb.ly/6vSH7 ERASER(Gun) https://skfb.ly/6vS9A
  2. Looks nice! I haven't seen Stock version of B-52 like that
  3. The GAZ M21 Volga is an automobile which was produced in the Soviet Union by GAZ ("Gorki Automobiljni Zavod", in English : "Gorky automobile factory") from 1956 to 1970. The first car to carry the Volga name, it was developed in the early 1950s. Volgas were built with high ground clearance (which gives it a specific "high" look, contrary to "low-long-sleek" look of Western cars of similar design), rugged suspension, strong and forgiving engine, and rustproofing on a scale unheard of in the 1950s File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7d38ykotzbr90c/GAZ-21 a.craft?dl=0 Mods used: Tweak scale, Air
  4. DunaTale: Adventures of Valentina in Jeb's Duna Kingdom (Undertale) Serious Jeb TFE, Travel on ancient kerbin deserts and fight aganist Billtal (Bill and Mental) army (Serious Sam TFE)
  5. @blackrack I have a little question, it's possible to make dark side of planets with atmospheres more darker with your mod?
  6. In creating topic near button Content will be button Poll. There mod Airplane plus: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/140262-13-airplane-plus-r160-fixed-sounds-revised-iva-and-rotors-now-with-hover-jun-2-2017/&
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