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  1. Everything works perfect,i am in love with this IVA! Congratulations about your amazing work,and thanks you share with us!!!
  2. Don't give up,until you release this awesome IVA!!!
  3. I do it,all perfect!!! http://prntscr.com/irtbdb Thanks a lot Nereid ,i love your work!!!
  4. Hallo,i can't understand why happened this,maybe a bug? http://prntscr.com/iqv7nb
  5. If you don't have IVA the wrongs are to .cfg parameters! Here is the right: http://prntscr.com/gjbtpg Change to the capsule .cfg with the: WyvernCrewCapsuleInterior and to the the IVA .cfg with the: ArcAerospace/Spaces/WyvernCrewCapsule/WyvernCrewCapsuleInterior
  6. I believe Mk1 Command Pod-IVA with this retro props come soon ! I believe this Pod-IVA, is priority have these props ! For the IVA fans !
  7. sorry for my english! if you need much monitors check here: this iva from alexustas,is a retro style one monitor,not hd analysis,like old times
  8. great,amazing... i hope you will add an iva like this and to mk1 pod
  9. Hey, this may sound odd, but have you ever done me blueprints for me in the past?



      Yes my friend i do blueprints for you at the past!

      I am sorry respond to you now,but i am not login until now!

    2. ZooNamedGames


      Oh I thought so :P ! I enjoyed them so much that when I saw the username I couldn't help but ask. :D 

      Nice to speak to you again :) .