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  1. so, the rockets fly in space before any prop invented... can-t understand tech tree
  2. you can use time control for physics warp, depend of computer you can increase 10-20 times or more... i use it for plane missions
  3. So, no matter if you attach it to an intake or not,it will function the same?
  4. maybe the req for precooler being attached to intakes...
  5. same here, i reached lvl 100 there, but not like it anymore!
  6. ksp 1.3 it was one month - 2weeks ago with the last version that was then. now i don't have it installed so can't provide log.
  7. same here, open bases and after a while i find them closed...
  8. It's easy to recover with a SSTO. I use them a lot, lower cost!
  9. Hi, great mod. Can you please add recover to the deploy part? cause if you can deploy something you can also recover it :).
  10. it's a scram jet, it will work only at high speed
  11. so, it's a feature... i had such a hard time to land that thing L.E. wouldn't be better if it has some kind of evacuation to work only on full parameters, cause it's hard to control such a ship? LLE interstelar fuel tank x16 has some wrong placed resources Argon, has HTP, HTP is missing, watter-htp has watter
  12. it happen to me as well on 1.3 install, new game. when i accelerate and decelerate it's working like a jet engine, but slower. i have attached to it a thermal electric generator for EC. i will try to create a simple craft
  13. i have the same problem with the solid core nuclear engine, but on new install. after i press x it not stop, it slowly decelerate, i thought it's a new feature. my vessel has radiators. L.E. it's functioning like a jet engine...