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  1. my mistake... isp is something else than i thought
  2. installed from Ckan, i don't find the University part. Same from manual install. In parts is present, but not showing in the research tree nor in the vab, sph. can be blacklisted by kerbal research and development?
  3. Runs fine with over 90 mods... You don't need other mods with this, just upgrade what you need and enjoy .
  4. i had this problem when wheels were in contact with other parts of the ship, in flight saying that i'm, landed, when i was trying to cary a rover.
  5. can you please make an unofficial release till then? this mod is essential for me...
  6. it's so funny to land my plane like ships on they're tail and so unrealistic... waiting for this mod
  7. i like PWings better, they seems also lighter than B9 ones
  8. it's working for me, PWing all parts
  9. i saw a plane on kerbal x made of 3500 parts, i bet that with tweak scale, procedural parts and procedural wings that plane doesn't need more than 150 parts. hardcore elitist will make that plane just to make a pic and never touch it(risk of processor meltdown at 1fps), while players like me will make it with mods and have fun with it. i also thank all modders and mod maintainers for making a good game in a great one. this is by far the best game community i know.