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  1. it's so funny to land my plane like ships on they're tail and so unrealistic... waiting for this mod
  2. i didn't had any problems with it...
  3. i like PWings better, they seems also lighter than B9 ones
  4. it's working for me, PWing all parts
  5. i saw a plane on kerbal x made of 3500 parts, i bet that with tweak scale, procedural parts and procedural wings that plane doesn't need more than 150 parts. hardcore elitist will make that plane just to make a pic and never touch it(risk of processor meltdown at 1fps), while players like me will make it with mods and have fun with it. i also thank all modders and mod maintainers for making a good game in a great one. this is by far the best game community i know.
  6. i can't really understand how can be cheating when you use computers for flight, doing rockets as bigger than your funds or fortify ship as in real life... ksp is so unrealistically made that i lough every time when i start a career and have to wait till manage to build a humble, you get to the mun but can't build a plane! procedural parts, MJ2 and tweak scale are so much more realistic than any stock feature with manually pilot, manually orbiting (who does that in RL?) or seeing your ship from a camera way off you ship (who fly that camera ). without mods the game is boring.
  7. i simply don't understand why tweak scale isn't stock feature... i like better simple rockets approach with procedural parts. @Lisias +++ Mods * FloatEdit and ScaleEdit PAW prefabs fixed. did they fix it? L.E. just tried vers for 1.7 and is working
  8. Can anyone fork and recompile this mod? it doesn't fully work in 1.8!
  9. it's because of the ships , just move all ships files from vab and sph and return them after installing the mod
  10. did you deleted settings and physics cfg from main director?
  11. i don't know, i have over 30 mods including MJ2 and i have no problem... try dev version... do a check of file integrity, upload log file for devs to check, manually delete mj2 files from game data, check module manager version.