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  1. Is it possible to integrate this with linuxgurugamer's state funding saving an air-flight with passengers and giving daily income? Like in a strategy games, something like 100 credits per passenger for 100 km of flight. First you make contract flight and at it's end, save it for generating daily income.
  2. May i suggest for low tech flying saucer one based Coanda effect because of the design?
  4. from what i know, they have maximum MW, so if you have reactor of 5GW, you put nozzle up to 5000MW... i think now it's only for electric engines... however at low power it's better with smaller engines. L.E. after testing seems that bigger engine give more thrust at same power... i thought that the smaller evacuation the bigger pressure, but no.
  5. why to you put engines matching the reactor size? you should match rector power anything bigger it's just ballast. i think that pebble it's fine with 1.25m nozzle. aesthetics?
  6. Acvila

    Electrocutor's Thread

    you should have possibility to build lighter and of course fragile planes, something like FAR wings... but should also apply to structures also.
  7. any way i can change tech entries without losing them when update mods?
  8. i'm frustrated cause i started a campaign with standard income and research and i can't build anything, just rockets... and of course, men should die first before sending some probes, cause, logic
  9. Acvila

    [1.3] Procedural Wings as you can see they create a lot of drag, the plane can't accelerate, without them deployed it has like 500 drag.
  10. Acvila

    [1.3] Procedural Wings

    no dependency, ksp 1.4.1 with latest MM 3.0.6, i think i installed it through ckan enabling compatibility for 1.3. procedural wings vers. 0.12.2. Pcontrol surface mark 1 work perfect for me, i can use them like flaps(brakes) or control, no problem.
  11. Shouldn't wheels be researched before rockets and planes? How can you move a Rocket to the launch pad, on logs? Can you make a config with wheels in a lower tech? i know this is squad idea about wheels, but i think rovers should be built before rockets.
  12. Acvila

    [1.3] Procedural Wings

    for me pcontrolsurface mark 1 are working well and they are nice, i think you used wings mark 2 and thinking they are control surface. yeah b9 control surface are ugly, but if you make them thin, will look better. just use control surface mark 1 and for tail all moving pwing mark 1. B9 wings, i can't modify them, they are not transparent, but no possibility to change anything. i use ksp 1.4.1 dx 11 with shadow mage patch for dx 11. however, i like pwings better, they are lighter i think