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  1. i didn't update it... i play it directly from the folder. I hope steam will not update it by itself, is set for update at launch of the game. Man, that's such a big disappointment...
  2. I think i will stick with 1.12.3 then, also, KSP2 removed from wishlist. Not buying it!
  3. Can i install last version without installing the launcher? I know that i can bypass the launcher, but i don't need another useless launcher installed on my computer. The game is already finished, why are they changing things now? As many said, fix the bugs or do nothing!
  4. with force directx 11, maybe... however, this mod is very demanding for graphic card... i got like 26 fps on moon with nvidia 1060 and the cooler was doing to much noise to be playable. On minmus was better.
  5. I have problems with this version, only your version(RCS Build Aid Continued for 1.9) is working for me... This version freeze the game in loading screen. L.E. never mind, now this version is also working... 1.03, few days ago i had problems with it.
  6. It doesn't work... something about wingstuff.dll. I will keep only the old PWings, that was the best of them, even without GUI. L.E. what bothers me is why they changed the CKAN version without showing dependencies, i lost a day to find which mod freeze my game to load... This is just wrong!
  7. I just tested again, it's scaling, but the income seems to be very very low compared to other contracts, so it's not an issue, it's just very low income compared to other agencies. issue 13
  8. From what can i see in my modded KSP, GAP it's the only who doesn't scale with settings. Scansat it's scaling and i think they're contracts are from contract configurator.
  9. The income is very low when playing with maximized science and credits from settings. Shouldn't they scale like stock? I mean, when i increase funds rewards from game difficulty settings, GAP has still the same rewards, while the others are increased.
  10. After i've downloaded multiple crafts yesterday from KerbalX, now always i enter in editor there are 2 crafts in there, also i found multiple double crafts merged saved in one file... i've deleted them , but they keep spamming.
  11. Thx for your time, it's not working with MJ without FAR... i was playing without FAR si that was the problem, it should have MJ as incompatible on CKAN or FAR as dependency... However i have a lot of errors while in space center only. frame drops to 24 fps. In current state i prefer to play without FAR, but MJ is over this mod, so, i stick with best mod for wings which is PW, not B9.
  12. Can you pls show me the direct link to the working one, the one with handle bars? I tested Version 1.0.0B and it doesn't work, for me, it's working only v 0.93 from CKAN, V 0.401(last one on CKAN) it's not working. L.E. so, the problem is that i don't use FAR and i have MJ installed?... yeah, it's working with FAR...
  13. did you fix it? How? I have ships saved with this mod and i don't want to ruin the save. I don't know what was the previous version installed... Ckan L/E. You gave me idea to look in Ckan and i installed the previous version from there, now it's working.
  14. Hi, with the latest version of the mod KSP can't load. If i uninstall the mod KSP will load. Or another mod break it... I will add a log file later https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sFtwWhwxd_qR0FV0FE8D9nvv9GgoC8rz/view?usp=sharing
  15. Thx for reply, i can manage it even so for now, but I'll be better with no crew . Before last patches it was even harder to put over 10 Kerbals in a plane... but i remember there was a mod which bypass this deleting Kerbals window, i think... i should find that mod. Sorry for edits... i just found an old fix for this, i will try to see if it works now. Sadly this fix comes with cost of losing IVA... so will be better with counting only seats.
  16. Nice mod, but with 75 Kerbals on board i get like 20 FPS... can we have a version which count only seats when there are more than 10 Kerbals? It's hard to fly at low FPS.
  17. I like to see this... Soufriere from Strike from the Sea by Douglas Reeman... i read it long time ago.
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