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  1. I've got a couple ships and probes in my current game built with inline fairings, and I just used CKAN to remove FAR because it hasn't been updated to work with 1.4.5 yet. The problem comes when CKAN removed inline fairings. Spacedock has a version inline fairings that is good through 1.4.1 but requires FAR. There is also a version on spacedock that doesn't require FAR, however, that mod is only up to KSP 1.2.1 Any advice?
  2. Combining this with the 10m inflatable heat shield will either be chocolate and peanut butter or orange juice and toothpaste. I'm just not sure which yet.
  3. A friend and I were lamenting how the inability to time accelerate during an engine burn nerfs ion engines. He started talking about hand modding my install to boost their TWR, and asking if anyone had done similar mods. I couldn't help but smile when I told him of this mod. He laughed when I explained when you slap a Mk1 Cockpit on a GN Drive, push the throttle to the firewall, activate Trans Am and hit that staging button... It was a brief, pointed lesson in the dangers of atmospheric heating. :-) I do miss this mod.
  4. I kinda rage quit and deorbited that sat.... You're right in that my burn time came off the maneuver node indicator on the nav ball. And the more I think about it, I wonder if I didn't miss read something. I know I had 9,m/s of delta V and about an hour or so of burn time sounds familiar. The burn was intended to put me in Kerbol orbit with a apoapsis around 13.6 Gm and a periapsis between 10 and 12 Gm.
  5. It's a relay sat with 2 Gigantors, 4 Dawns and enough reaction mass for 9km/s. TWR is 0.25 I was starting from Kerbin orbit and trying to get into a lower, Kerbol orbit by braking free of kerbin and lowering my Kerbol periapis. Don't recall my target altitude. Is the "2-3km/s will get you anywhere in the system" anything like the grognard at work who thinks all a coder should ever need is emacs and a compiler, and anyone who wants an IDE is a poser who doesn't deserve to call themselves a programer?
  6. I'm trying to do something similar but setting up a deep space relay network and I'm looking at a 15 day burn!!! Granted its only 1/6 of my delta V but wow. The only snag is that I can't seem to time accelerate while under thrust.... That 15 day burn just went from a neat little moment to a showstopper.
  7. Caveat: I admit that it is entirely possible that I was being too cute for my own good. I've launched my first fleet for Duna, and it includes a ship with a stack of HECS cores each with as battery, a pair of OX-4L solar panels, and an RA-2, with decouplers to separate them. The plan is to arrive at Duna with plenty of delta V, park myself in nice wide orbit, say 4-5 Mm, pop off the first relay. And this is where I've hit a rough patch. What sequence of maneuvers will put me back in the same orbit, but X degrees ahead(or behind) the first relay?
  8. I was reading your post on drag in version 1.0.4, and saw you mentioned a post by levelord, talking about unused nodes and drag.  The link is dead, and some quick searches on the forum didn't give me anything useful.  Is his post archived somewhere else?

  9. I'm coming back to the game after a 2 year break, and I'm a bit bummed to see that you Kinetic Penetrator isn't supported in the current KSP.  Is this just a matter of updating the metadata in the repository or is it well and truly broken by progress?

    1. Randazzo


      I imagine it will be seriously broken, but I haven't even looked at it in a year or more. I don't even have the original files for it any longer.

    2. grimlock14


      :-(  I really liked that mod.  Thanks anyway.

  10. The Kerbalstuff page seems to indicate that this mod is available with ckan, but ckan disagrees. Which is in error?
  11. Have you ever installed a couple of mods, just to find them to be somewhere between "meh" and "okay?" Then when by chance you combine 2 or more mods it becomes VOLTRON! My personal chocolate and peanut butter mod combo comes from Randazzo's Kinetic Penetrator science probe and TeeJay85's Radial Engine mounts. I currently have half a dozen probes careening around the system, each tipped with a MIRV of Kinetic Pentetrators, on Radial Engine Mounts. Okay, I did use Tweakscale to shrink the radial mounts down a size but TeeJay even recommends that.
  12. Sort of. I'm also treating it as practice for trips to other planets. I've done the direct ascent from the Mun, back to Kerbin, now I'm going to try a Munar orbit rendvous. I'm confident that the lander can will be in the shadow of the 2.5m heat shield. I was responding to the The Optimist when they said I don't need said heat shield. Although, now that I look at their name, I wonder if they weren't just messing with the new guy...
  13. What section code controls which actions of a part can be set as Action Groups? For example, what would I have to change if I wanted make an MPL transmit its science using an Action Group. I've already tried AGX, but that doesn't allow me to make something from the right-click menu "actionable."
  14. ::facepalm:: There isn't any need to mod parts. At the end of the day, it all comes down to acceleration. As per Battletech rules, a "thrust point" is half a G, 4.9m/s^2. So if I want simulate something with say, 3 thrust points, put a Rhino and an Oscar B on a Command Pod, turn on Infinite Fuel, and use MechJeb to cap acceleration at 29.4 m/s^2. That should be fine for a 1st order approximation.