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  1. Interlude- Pioneers "So, we have decided that, for now, the probes we have on the inner planets are good enough." "Well, that's nice. I don't have to -" "Don't even start, Mort," said Tandin as a hammer flew across the room and nearly took off Mort's left ear. "Try that again and see what happens." Mort may be snobby, but he wasn't stupid. "Our next job is to send landers to these planets, and from there, begin manned missions. The probes to the outer planets will still go, but now, we focus more on Kerbin's local system." "And, Gene, what do you have in mind?" asked Val. "Oh, me and Wernher were thinking along the lines of a Remote-Controlled Robotic Exploration Rover."
  2. I'm currently watching Interstellar quest, which gets my vote so far.
  3. Which video series of Kerbal Space Program, by Scott Manley is the best?
  4. Chapter 8- Moho 1 The launch was perfect. The systems performed well, and Gene and the gang were able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Gene plotted a burn onto Moho's orbital tilt. And then, he plotted a Moho intercept. The stakes were high- missing Moho would mean speeding out of the solar system. And all were silent as the pictures rolled in. Gene began the capture burn. And the craft achieved orbit.
  5. Tandin must be too- he got hit by a hammer. And Bill should get a +5 courage boost for stopping an attempted kerbal slaughter.
  6. Chapter 7- Gilly 1 The Discovery rocket blasted off, heading into the sky and beyond it. Reporters, scientists, members of the Gilly-is-Great club and a certain kerbal couple were watching. Gene and the gang in Mission Control plotted a Eve intercept, from which they would encounter Gilly. Gene breathed a sigh of relief. "Entering the Eve system!" "Begin capture burn." Several pictures were captured of the purple planet. Gene brought the engines online and burned a Gilly intercept. "We are now in visual range of Gilly!" "Doesn't have a lot of gravity," muttered Linus.
  7. Interlude- Koffee Break and a Transfer "So," Tandin said as he attached one of the solar panels to the probe core, "We're sending this to a moon 13 kilometers in radius?" "That's one way to look at it," said Bill. "Another is to look at Wernher and that intern of his- what's her name- Hayla or something- and fall over laughing," said Gus. Tandin aimed his wrench at Gus and whacked him across the shoulder. Gus grabbed a hammer and did the same to Tandin. Bill yanked the two fighters away from the melee. "Gus, shut up. Tandin, go take a break." Tandin hitched a ride to the Astronaut Complex, and made his way to Calmin Kerman's Koffee Co. He was met by Hayna, drinking a cup of iced tea. "Hi," said Hayna. "Hello," replied Tandin. Tandin ordered a mug of Kraken Special and a scone, and sat with Hayna. "How's Gilly 1 coming along?" asked Hayna. "Good, although the fur really flies between Gus and me. He called you a clueless intern, by the way. I'm planning on transferring to the R&D and doing Rocket Design." Hayna giggled. "And you'd see more of me." Tandin grinned. "This transfer is sounding better and better. Anyway, how's life in the R&D treating you?" "Good, good. Wernher calls to me 'his little prodigy'. I've been hanging out in the Science Archives, reviewing older experiments." "That's nice. Well, if you'll excuse me, I believe I have a little transfer form to handle."
  8. hehe Coming out this afternoon... a Gilly probe and possibly our favorite couple...
  9. Not completely is what I'm trying to do... it won't be the same as ES. I have some other ideas that I'll put into the plot
  10. Yep, you read my mind. The landings come after the probes.
  11. I'm sorry about the lack of content, but with testing and school...urghh. Interlude: Tandin and Hayna The two young kerbals, one male and one female, stood by the table in crisp, clean, white shirts, emblazoned with the C7 Aerospace Division logo and name tags. The two kerbals were named Tandin and Hayna. Tandin was the male, Hayna the female. On the table sat a large poster board, which was preceded by a small box with wires and such sticking out. Wernher and Gene walked over. "Hello, you two. I'm Gene Kerman and this is Wernher Von Kerman. Both of us are judges of the 10th annual Kerbal Space Program Innovation Awards." "Hello, sir," said Tandin, shaking Gene's hand. "Zhis is your project, zhen?" asked Wernher. "Correct, sir," said Hayna. "This is the Mobile Tracking Monitor Unit, designed to track ships and such without a huge dish." Tandin continued. "It works by detecting electricity in an area, and from there, it is able to identify the ship." "Interesting. We must move on, but thank you for your time," said Gene. "Same to you," replied Hayna. 15 minutes later "And the grand prize winner is... Tandin and Hayna Kerman!" Hayna and Tandin cheered and hugged. They were promptly recruited at KSC the next day
  12. Chapter 6: Eve Explorer A massive rocket was being rolled down the crawlerway. "That's good, boys!" cried out Gene Kerman. "She's one impressive ship, I'll give her that," said Gus Kerman. "Zhe's a good rocket for ze big missions," was Wernher's reply. 65 days earlier "Alright guys, we have a new contract on us. This one's from Ally Kerman's Interior Decorating and Rocket Fuel Co. They want us to go to Eve, 'because we believe there is good purple paint in the making there.' Any objections?" "Yes, Gene, it's going to cost-" THWACK! "Good job with the wrench, Bill. So, no questions?" *silence* "Good! Gus, you guys get cracking." 65 days later The rocket flew upwards, and soon began to heat up. And the journey of the Eve 1 began. Mission Control began to plot a course to Eve. And the probe made the burn. "It made it!" Linus cried out. Gene squinted at the monitor. "That's Eve..." "HOLY KRAKEN! WE MADE IT!" Jeb screeched. "Engage the retroburn!' "We're around Eve!" "Prepare to make the burn." The sun set over Eve... As the probe circled around Eve, Linus said. "The sunrises on Eve... they're green." Now, Wernher was wondering... could Eve's oceans be made of rocket fuel?
  13. Did the chapter thing. First post.
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