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  1. 2 kills I can certainly take that. I didn't expect it to do well considering how terribly it turned. Unfortunately, I made this pretty lazily as I did not tweak any of the pilot settings. If I had,who knows maybe it would have done significantly better. and @tetryds congrats on the win there as the defeated I now root for you
  2. One of my proudest creations... The WW2 Japanese Flying Boat H6K Lands and takes off from water. Also contains wheels for land operations. 2000lb bomb load
  3. Do ya think you could share your settings? I have a plane that out dives and out climbs anything I throw at it, but turns like a brick. I'll do some testing to see if I can get the right settings.
  4. I got a design in the hanger still testing ofc, but will be done soon. Still gotta find out how to make my 9.5t beast not try to out turn the dummy Here's what I got so far: http://imgur.com/AFrQuFU
  5. Because I enjoy making my own things and modifying my game to own liking. I don't have much modding experience so I'm trying to ease myself into it.
  6. I'm trying to modify your parts to create a ww2 pack and I'm coming across some trouble trying to make some unguided missiles(HVARs). I'm basing my weapons off your configs but i just can't find a place to start editing. Any ideas?
  7. It's been awhile since we heard any news from this.... Anything (screenshots ect.) to just tide us for a bit longer?
  8. You are the most energetic and amazingly dedicated modder i've seen so far! Now this and tetryd's mouse aim flight(when he finally decides to upload it ;( ) will be fantastic.
  9. Yup KSP didnt install a certain config correctly i believe which made engines give 0 power. I reinstalled ksp and it worked perfectly thanks!
  10. Is anyone else having engines give 0 thrust? Every single engine prop and jet are being engaged and throttling up but not going anywhere.
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