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  1. [quote name='Kelderek']Previous versions in the Fallout series taught me to avoid using companions. I'm glad this version provides a perk for playing solo too. By the way, if any of you like to read fiction and like the Fallout games, I highly recommend the Silo series from Hugh Howey ("Wool", "Shift", and "Dust"). The first book, [URL="http://www.amazon.com/Wool-Hugh-Howey/dp/1476733953/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1447951795&sr=1-1&keywords=wool+hugh+howey"]"Wool"[/URL] is one of my all-time favorite books and the story has a lot of similarities with the vault dwellers of the Fallout universe -- enough so that it would not surprise me if the Fallout games helped inspire the books, though I don't know if that is the case.[/QUOTE] Fallout new vegas taught me to grab Boone as soon as possible and then laugh as he kills everything all the way to vegas.
  2. Rule of thumb is that you never buy an american made care older than five years. But for foreign cars it's ok. Toyotas are tough vehicles, regular maintence and they last nearly forever. The only thing about them is that they use recycled metal in the frames so after so many years, you're going to need major frame work.
  3. [quote name='Gojira1000']About 80 hours in and I'm enjoying it a lot. Biggest gripe: They need to optimize the hell out of it. It's basically Skyrim with a lower frame-rate. Skyrim with guns and deathclaws. I have no problem with that.[/QUOTE]I'm running everything on high and haven't had a fps drop yet.
  4. Just got the power armor.Anyone complaining about this game needs their head examined.
  5. Quote from the essential guide of warfare. This is the biggest thing right here. They didn't think they would be a problem, that means the ewok scouts had free reign to scout anything. they wanted, they were also on the moon for nine months. They didn't appear to try and exterminate them. What this adds up to is that unlike the inca and aztecs the ewoks had time to study them, and once the rebels came they had a chance to help.
  6. Actually we can estimate the number of soldiers.The emperor stated that an entire legion of troops were on the surface. according to supplementary info that's roughly 8000 troops. We don't know the number of ewoks, and since star wars isn't big on real math and science it's impossible to calculate, all we can assume is that they had enough numbers to absorb losses. Which is why the idea that what we are seeing is rebel propaganda makes sense. The ewoks did help but they probably took heavy losses.
  7. Keep in mind that the AT ST is a scout walker, it's designed to out flank and recon positions, meaning it's fast and lightly armored a log can weight over a ton, plus newtons laws come into play meaning it's not impossible.Also the rebel team was hand picked by Han Solo who is a fairly smart person, he most likely picked people who were suited for that sort of terrain and crack shots. They wouldn't have needed allot to win.
  8. I'm assuming that most people here are familiar with the star wars guides to vehicles and warfare and such, well got the essential guide to warfare today and read the section on endor. Now Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard of the storm trooper marksmenship and the fact they got beaten by ewoks. The marksmanship is simple to explain they were ordered to let them go. However the ewok situation was harder to explain. Basically what I gleaned is that the only reason why the ewoks won is because they out numbered the imperials something crazy like 1000 to 1, they probably also realized that if they failed here they would probably all die anyways, so it's a sacrifice a million to save a billion scenario. What we've seen in the film was simply put rebel propaganda they wanted to show primitives standing up to the empire, and winning, ignoring the fact that what really happened was the rebels used the ewoks as a meat shield while they picked off storm troopers from cover. I'll admit that the whole bow and arrow vs storm trooper armor is hard to swallow, but I'm willing to give it a pass if we assume it was the exception not the norm. So what other things have made more sense after reading EU material.
  9. Keep in mind that the interpretation of the prime directive changed from kirks era to picards.The main reasoning behind the directive is to prevent the federation from doing what happened to bajor in DS9, imperial aggression and occupation. It's perfectly fine to interact with other cultures, but you're not supposed to give them weapons or try and rule them. If they're planet is going to do something to destroy itself, you can actually save it. The only reason the prime directive changed is that the federation didn't have a direct threat facing it. When the dominion and borg became known, the whole first contact thing became allot looser such as species only getting warp for a year being contacted.
  10. There's a huge difference between seeing the flaw and going overboard. Alright coal power plants produce mercury, instead of wasting time studying what effect it's going to have, focus energy on either how to prevent it or how to gain the same amount of power of half the amount of coal. But honestly this entire thing smells of oil companies.
  11. It's not you, there are plenty of insecure people in the world who have to blame others for their own failings. Best thing to do is walk away and keep a record of everything, people like this tend to not take kindly to being left.
  12. So here's what's happening, people are whining about coal power plants producing whatever harmful chemical of the week. So they want them shut down.So they start trying to use wind turbines, people then start whining about how they kill birds or change climate or some foolishness. Then comes solar panels, people start whining about heating or cooling or whatever. Then there's nuclear power, People whine because Chernobyl. No matter what power source you're going to come up with people are going to whine about it doing something to the earth. Instead of trying to prove that it's hurting the planet work on creating a more efficient power source, as in less is more or whatever. The planet is fine and is going to be fine, humans just have to learn to adapt.
  13. No it's my response for a subject that quite frankly annoys me.The planet is not going to turn into a giant desert, nor is it going to turn into a giant snow ball. Stop researching what you think is the effect of random crap on the environment, and focus on making things more efficient Planet existed for several million years just fine and according to them some form of humans have always lived on it.
  14. Well then they're morons who should be focusing on more useful sciences.Forest fires release more greenhouse gases than cars, and I think it's safe to say have been happening for allot longer than cars have existed.
  15. I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing for years, completely ignoring these people and carrying on like usual. How much greenhouse gasses do active volcanoes spew out every year? How many volcanoes are on earth and how many thousands of years have they been active for? The planet takes care of this stuff, humans just have to learn to mind their own business.
  16. Base delta zero for star fleet is general order 24.
  17. The entire message behind the original series was supposed to be an allegory to the cold war. TNG was "after" the cold war, and so forth. As it stands Kirks federation is a completely different beast than Picards and companies federation. They were on the verge of war with the Klingons, they had to do what it took to ensure the federations survival, such as stealing cloaking devices. But somewhere along the line it became policy to lobotomize all federation people and remove their spines. Hiding behind the prime directive and such.
  18. Screwing up is writing a bad episode like catspaw or threshold. What we tried to do with the ferengi is him hating capitalism beyond the point of sound judgement.Ok so you want the ferengi to be all the bad parts of capitalism? Make them pirates, and thieves that steal whatever they can and then sell it to the highest bidder. Have them exploit people with outrageous fees payment plans and all that stuff. Having females unclothed because clothes cost money is a joke. Having the ferengi act borderline feral means no one is going to get the message. Make them like Quark cunning and always waiting for an opportunity.
  19. I suggest you rewatch the bad star trek that he directly had a hand in creating. He's not a genius, He's a man who got lucky. Nothing more.
  20. I'd be doing exactly what I'm doing now, living each day as it comes.
  21. Are we talking standard 8-5 or 8-8 working?I'd say minimum of ten years. You can build something from schematics, but until you do so once you're not going to be able to build it fast for efficiently. The Da vinci tank is a good example, you can build one for the plans, but unless you realize that he intentionally sabotaged it you're not going to be setting up a production line.
  22. There's this thing called mechanical pressurized suits. The suit in the movie could be one very easily.
  23. The author of the book assumed that since they weren't trying to beat the soviets to the moon they'd have the time to produce a space suit that's more sensible to work in instead of the hey we're first suit of apollo.
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