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  1. By the way, Nertea, do you still adhere to the principle "leave Kerbalism support for Kerbalism folks"? The reason for I ask is, Kerbalism development is effectively on hiatus right now (both 3.* and 4.* branches), so no "built-in" SystemHeat (or FFT) support is expected in foreseeable future. That's actually a reason for "middleman" mod like KerbalismSystemHeat to exist. However, if you don't mind adding "native" Kerbalism support to SystemHeat (and hopefully FFT), I'm glad to help as much as I can.
  2. Hi, I'm an author of KerbalismSystemHeat. Will try to fix this HeatControl radiators issue and update mod for last version of SystemHeat (this weekend maybe?). If you run into a problems with KSH, feel free to PM me on forum or open issues on github. Mod is experimental, as SystemHeat itself is under active development, so some issues will surely be present.
  3. @benjee10 I added a localization support for this mod. There are two pull requests on github: for Shared Assets: https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_sharedAssets/pull/2 and for Planetside Space Technologies mod itself: https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_MMSEV/pull/6 The latter includes full localization support, not only parts titles, descriptions, etc., but also mod's plugin code for wind turbines. Russian localization files added. I'm not sure if screenshots will be of any use here (as all messages on them are in russian), but why not?
  4. That's absolutely awesome. I love the visuals, the way this mod fits with SSPX and ReStock, but most of all - an eye for detail. Those dust removal magnetic arcs on ladders are gorgeus. And all modules have some sensors (?), which "look" one to another then modules are connected. Are they part of some kind of relative position control system? Anyway, those are a nice touch. Bunch of nice touches, actually. I'd like to make a russian localization for the mod, and add Kerbalism support. Is this ok to make pull request to master branch on github?
  5. It's a known KSP 1.11.* bug. More info is here: https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/KSP-Recall/issues/12 You should use KSP Recall mod, which fixes this bug (and some others): P.S. Please do not duplicate your posts in different forum topics.
  6. Hello, @Nertea . Big fan of your mods. I just started testing Far Future Tech mod in my career game, and noticed that SpaceDust lacks russian localization yet. So, here it is: https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/SpaceDust/pull/39 Quick question: while telescope is scanning a distant world, it shows some data rate in "Mit/s" format. What does that mean? Does probe with telescope should have antenna to transmit data back to KSC in order to actually discover resource bands? I also noticed, that message #LOC_SpaceDust_ModuleSpaceDustTelescope_Field_Instrument_Progress from localization files ("Surveying: <<1>>%") is not used in SpaceDust code (yet?).
  7. @blowfish Thanks for your great mods! Looks like I finally managed to add TweakScale support for fairings. Here are pull requests for plugin and farings themselves: https://github.com/blowfishpro/SimpleAdjustableFairings/pull/15 https://github.com/blowfishpro/SimpleAdjustableFairings-KWRocketry/pull/6 Have been tested in KSP 1.8.1 and 1.10.1, no issues found so far, except one: there are some fairings using simultaneously SimpleAdjustableFairings and B9PartSwitch modules (B9PS is used for switching fairing variants). Notable examples are SAF fairings from Bluedog_DB. It appears, tweakscale support is not working properly for them. As far as you are author of both SimpleAdjustableFairings and B9PartSwitch, may be you could figure out how to handle this issue? P.S. My regards, and thanks again for B9PartSwitch - this mod is literally a base for my simplified-real-fuels bunch of MM-configs I use in my career game for a long time.
  8. I'am ready to give up after a dozen attempts to make ModularLaunchpads work with Kourou and Soyuz launchpads from Kosmodrome. I tried moving spawn point, removing colliders, even tried to replicate your solution - copied "central circle" part of model from Proton launchpad to K- and G-launchpads - nothing works for me. Any rocket placed on top of "Soyuz Launch Base" from ModularLauchpads mod, violently disassembles itself on launch from G- or K- launchpads. Any chance you still have updated model files for Kourou and Soyuz launchpads (KosmoKourou.mu and KosmoLaunchpad-G.mu)? I might be missing something...
  9. CryoTanks mod has boiloff support for Lqd. Hydrogen and Lqd. Methane. Stock Oxidizer does not boil off though. There is patch in Kerbalism/Support, which adds "hydrogen liquefaction" and "lqd hydrogen evaporator" processes for ISRU converters, if CryoTanks is installed.
  10. Yes, and you could use H2 and O2 for hydrolox engines (from CryoEngines mod, for example). Well, not directly, because for some strange reason Kerbalism suggests, that stock Oxidizer is a hydrogen peroxide, not LOX. But you can produce H2O2 (i.e. Oxidizer) from H2 and O2: Kerbalism has process for this. My point is: LFO engines are a poor choice, if you are aiming for fuel/oxidizer production on site, and the "site" of choice is some no-atmosphere body. This is specifically true for moons and dwarf planets not far from Sun (as Mun, for example), as they have scarce carbon and nitrogen supplies.
  11. CO2 low output from MRE process is not really a Kerbalism problem, it's just how reaction works. MRE is aimed for oxygen production, not for carbon dioxide extraction. My suggestion for ISRU on non-atmospheric bodies is to search for water (ice) and electrolyse it.
  12. You could just set "Use earth time" flag in Game Settings.
  13. Amazing! Sorry, didn't see it on wiki before asking.
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