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  1. Amazing! Sorry, didn't see it on wiki before asking.
  2. So, dev version of Kerbalism now calculates radiation taking into account vessel shape, size and position relative to Sun. It's rather cool feature, and I am looking forward to play with it then 3.1 comes out. But, my question is: is it possible to implement this feature (radiation ray-tracing?) not only for stars, but also for other radiation emitters, like nuclear reactors or engines, both on active vessel and vessels nearby (inside game physics sphere, for example)?
  3. Stock ability to switch parts variants became available only in KSP 1.4 (ModulePartVariant). Almost all Nertea's mods are older and were using variants switching long before 1.4.
  4. Looks like temporary (I hope) spacedock.com problem for me.
  5. No, Near Future Aeronautics is not available on CKAN. From the very first post in this topic:
  6. You mentioned Mk2 Cockpit, so you are probably looking for spaceplane cockpits. One or two 2.5m cockpits in great OPT mod: Lots of 2.5m cockpits in Prakasa Aeroworks mod:
  7. About B9PartSwitch error: I think CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcher.cfg from CryoTanks mod causes it. Basically, this config file has two patches: first adds ModuleB9PartSwitch with few fuel tanks configurations to fuel tanks, containing LiquidFuel and Oxidizer. Second patch does the same for fuel tanks, containing LqdHydrogen. Now, thanks to config file MD-ISRU-CommunityResourcePack.cfg, Duna Direct first stage part has liquid fuel, oxidizer and liquid hydrogen for ISRU purposes (if CommunityResourcePack is installed). So, Nertea's patches both apply, and we have duplicate ModuleB9PartSwitch and an error in game. Fast and dirty solution (new MD-ISRU-CommunityResourcePack.cfg): This, of course, disables ISRU, if CryoTanks mod is installed. Any better solutions... I don't know yet. Any thoughts?
  8. Wow! Thanks a lot! It looks like Mk4 Vulture cockpit and fuselage parts are back to my game.
  9. Great news! I am planning a couple of missions to Asclepius in my current career game, it would be nice to make a visit to Kruel too.
  10. Ahh, that rule. Sorry, I have mistaken this for some of Murphy's laws.
  11. Correction: The first 90% of the project takes 10% of the development time.
  12. I ran into the same bug in KSP 1.4.2, and was not able to fix it. So, my solution: just delete all files related to Kruel, effectively removing it from the game. Yes, it's a shame, that Asclepius doesn't have a moon in my install, but...
  13. KSP parts are near 1.5 times smaller than their real-life counterparts (for example, Mk1-3 Command Pod (diameter 2.5m) is an analogue for Apollo Command Module, which was 3.9m in diameter). Dimension of Curiosity rover, From Wikipedia: So, I suggest no more than 2 meters long large rover body (Curiosity), and respectively smaller for smaller rovers.
  14. Well, I don't see anything special (the only thing is both "Firespitter.dll" AND "Firespitter" folder, but I don't think it is related). You can try to install Near Future Electrical mod (whole mod, with "DecayingRTG" patch) and check, if your RTGs are now have "Radioisotope Generator" module. By the way, Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus has it's own patch for decaying RTGs. If it works, you can just remove "NearFutureElectrical/Parts" folder then.