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  1. I am also having constant crashes. Damn, I was in the middle of building a reusable rocket based on the Energia II.
  2. Yeah, I'm just saying stuff that I actually know of. I am in no way a rocket expert, so I'm just here learning about this stuff. But yeah thanks for the replies. I read that they kinda meant to replace the Soyuz with the Zenit, but I guess the Zenit was just more expansive for that role.
  3. The Atlas is a lot like the Zenit, the Energia M is like the Ariane V, one cryogenic engine at the main stage with 2 boosters, both are medium lifters , and the Uragan was supposed to land like a shuttle making it fully reusable, as the Falcon Heavy supposed to be partially reusable, though I do not know the Energia IIs payload capacity. I do not really know how good the variants of the Energia rockets supposed to be, but the fact that It was able to be used in so many different ways was remarkable, that's all that I'm saying. The Buran part is really a "whatever, good for you" part of the program. But It could do It If it wanted to, which is always nice.
  4. The Zenit is the booster of the Energia, well the Zenit is based on the boosters What I am interested about is that, Why did the Angara win against the Energia M? There was this contest for a medium launch vehicle, and I kinda thought that a rocket which already had been developed in one form would have won it rather easily. I also read that They are actually trying to resurrect the Energia, but with not much success. But yeah the Energia was hella expensive.
  5. So I was reading stuff about the Energia rocket and the Buran. And I was honestly amazed. There is this launch system from the 80's. It not only could put 100 tonnes into LEO, or the Buran( If like You'd want to fight a space war), but It supplied the Russians/Soviets a medium launch vehicle, which was It's booster the Zenit that could replace the Soyuz , the Energia M which was meant to replace the Proton, the Energia II (Uragan), which was fully reusable, and the Vulcan-Hercules variant which could put 175 tonnes into LEO. And I am sitting here, and thinking that the Russians built a rocket 30 years ago, that was basically the Falcon Heavy, the SLS, the Space Shuttle,*Ariane V and the Atlas V all in one. And that is so friggin awesome. I mean, Why people aren't talking about this? Why isn't this thing a thing? How can something this awesome not be used? Oh my god, like seriously We can design this absolute beauty and not use it? What are we APES? Oh yes, we are. Sorry. Other than economic ones of course, Is there reason at all, Why the Energia is nothing more than a forgotten relic?
  6. 'kuz They look kute together. On a serious note. One might feel that They belong together for reasons undetermined. I do not know whether You actually "shipped" some couples in your life, because It comes down to "It just feels right", If there is actually any logical reason behind It, You have to ask a neuroscientist.
  7. Well, I looked through the forum and had no idea where else to post something like this, so I'll just post it here. I am not sure how many of you know Adam Young. Tl,dr.; He is a musician and mostly known for creating Owl City. And He released a new score, several(9) days ago. About Apollo 11. Here it is. For maximum effect mute this and star playing the one called "Launch"(It's the first one). Preferably at the same time. Your Welcome
  8. Well, I am a really new player, so some of my designs had quite a bit of extra stuff in case I screw up, but overall I'd say I value simplicity and aesthetics above all else, Simplicity includes both mass and part count so my list would be: Mass & efficiency Aesthetics Part count Although they are really close. One of my recent "Challenge" was to land on Minmus. I revised my ship like 5 times before I was satisfied with it, constantly cutting stuff off. I kinda have the soviet mentality in designing rockets.
  9. Hi guys! I am kinda new to the game, I only have 47 hours playtime, plus maybe 1-2 on the demo, so take my words with salt or pepper or smthing. So, I started the game with the mindset that I will focus on the jets, in order to learn the controls and stuff, and as I did the contracts and stuff I came up with some things that I think could benefit the game. First off is that I would absolutely love the idea If you could construct landing strips across Kerbin, like the old airfield. Mostly for landing jets and space planes and other stuff. Not really for launching stuff though. Like, You could spend money building these at certain locations, and They would function as recovery sites. Or maybe put independent airports/launch sites that would not belong to you, but you could use them and pay a fee or something like that later, so You'd have options If you for example asked to do a contract at the other side of Kerbin and do not want to spend half an hour flying back to KSC. Another idea I have is tied to this. I noticed that there are turbofan engines in the game which are very efficient, but well..too slow. Like there isn't much things to do with the subsonic engines after You get the Panther. So my idea is to introduce these independent airports/launch sites that would act as corporations and give You contracts. Contracts like: Ferry 4000 units of liquid fuel to the site, or build a LKO capable rocket( or a rocket according to certain specifications) and ferry that to the site. Or just transport 3 Skipper engines to a certain site or things like the tourist contracts but with 10,20,17 or so Kerbals. I'm saying these because I noticed that there's a lack of things to do with jets and especially with subsonic jets. Like, atmospheric survey contracts are nice and all, but after a while They become tedious and boring. Also something for the contracts as well. It would be great If there would be a certain "reputation" tied to certain contract types. Like, If I do a lot of test part or tourist or put satellite into certain orbit contract, the game would present me with more and better of these contracts. I believe that's all, If there are threads similar to this I apologize. I did a quick search just before I started typing this, but I did not find any thread that had the independent space port portion of the post.