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  1. Not as much as the gas giants though, apparently.
  2. In real life, Helium-3 is vastly present on the Earth's Moon, so maybe they will implement the ability to gather it from the Moon's analogue in KSP2??
  3. So here's my problem... I bought the breaking ground DLC recently but I discovered that in order to get the terrain features on the celestial bodies, I need a new save file. However this means loosing all my bases and stations that I spent hours building, as well as all my science and funds. How can I upgrade the KSP world to generate these features as part of the DLC, but keep all my vessels and keep science and funds etc? Thanks.
  4. Nicely answered and explained, thanks. Fully understand your decisions as well.
  5. Hi, Does this add a very tenuous atmosphere on the Mun, and Eeloo for example? Mainly because the real-life counterparts of these bodies have very thin atmospheres and it might be cool to get a slight barometer reading from the surface.
  6. Title says it all. The game takes several minutes to exit and the only way to get it to speed up slighly is to somehow crash the program by spamming my mouse clicks on the window. My game is heavily modded, so this may be the cause but is there a way to solve this e.g. a particular mod that causes this? Thanks.
  7. When I right click on the AKI Power Transfer Conduit, no options are available for linking to other conduits, therefore meaning I can't use these experiments.
  8. Hello, does this mod work with the latest version of KSP, or do I have to downgrade to 1.3? Thanks.
  9. Make sure there is a material kits container available within 250m from the parts you are disassembling, and the material kits will flow into that container. Thanks, so thats why everyone is stuck on one star
  10. May someone please explain how the Tundra training academy works. I have on on my mun base and I want to upgrade my kolonists and crew to higher levels (at least level 2 as thats what my pilot is). Thanks.
  11. Is firespitter actually required to play MKS? as my mod folder is huge and id like to take unecessary mods out.
  12. Ive just deleted all but the latest version of module manager so Ill have a look.
  13. I have just updated USI Core so maybe that was the issue but here is the log file:
  14. KSP Game is 1.4.2 MKS version is And i believe USI Tools version is
  15. Anyone else experience the Kolony dashboard missing from the game?