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  1. Hi, I'm experiencing some issues that may be due to Contract Configurator. A log can be found here : The error is that when I'm changing screens, the scene freezes with no option for me to do anything. The values displayed (such as time) are also weird. Could you check if the errors could be because of the mod ? I'll try uninstalling it and see if the problem stops but I'd like very much to keep playing with custom contracts thanks to your incredible mod
  2. Thanks, I'll try uninstalling it and discuss it on the thread of Contract Configurator. Thanks for your help
  3. I experience the same errors as akron with the screen displaying weird values (mainly 9s) when I happen to switch screens. It doesn't always do so but still quite frequently. Here's a link to my KSP.log, I hope that's the right file :s I see a lot of NullReferenceException in there, not all related to KER it seems, but I can't understand what causes the screen to freeze. If you could direct me, that would be a real help.
  4. You've all given me a lot to work with It seemed to me that around 1.5 wasn't too bad to avoid the drag around 10.000m but I do tend to put just a bit more. That's probably me wanting the lauch to be quicker ^^ That data will surely be useful Yes so the reason I went with three is rather silly I think. The diameter of the engine is smaller than the tank, which feels weird to me. It also feels like it's not drag efficient so I thought to put the engine on the side, and for symmetry reason, I decided to put more than one. Also by putting engines on the side, I thought I'd have more room below the lander for the struts. I don't know if it's a real issue though... That's something I should have realised by myself I just went from the Mk1 to the next pod without checking its real abilities (except for the crew capacity)... The margin I had (I won't say I did it on purpose ^^) allowed me to get to a quite low orbit around the Mun without using the fuel from the lander. I even managed to start deccelerating with the RE-L10 so hopefully, the fuel I had on the last phase was enough to land and get back But that's good to know. Also I should pay more attention to how much dv I really use. For now, I'll keep landing on the Mun as long as I don't have space stations. I feel like it's a good exercise for when I'll land on other planets or moons. But it'll be quite fun to have space stations ^^ can't wait I never really paid attention to how heavy the ablator was. Like you said, I had plenty left when I got back, I'll work on it. As for the nosecones, I don't know if there are larger ones (for the fuel tanks) but I haven't unlocked them yet.
  5. Hello, I built yesterday a ship that successfully landed on the Mun and came back. I am not that satisfied with my design because it feels big and bulky but I'm also thinking that at some point and for some missions you can't help but build big ships to get a lot of delta v. You can find the design here : I think it might help to tell you what I thought to get to this. I tried building it from top to bottom (and maybe changed a few things at the end but the intention was here ^^). There were three phases for me, as one of the constraints I put on myself is to leave as little debris as I can in orbit, so : The last stages, to properly land on the Mun, take off from it and possibly some fuel to adjust my orbit to get home faster The middle stages, to finalize the orbit around Kerbin (this way the bottom stages will be on a suborbital flight and will crash on Kerbin), to get on an intercept trajectory and to get on an orbit as low as possible around the Mun And finally the bottom stages, to get in orbit around Kerbin (or just about) Thanks to a delta v map I found, I could estimate my deltav needs to 580m/s to land and about 1000m/s for the trip back 860m/s for the Mun intercept, 310m/s for the Mun Orbit and some margin to finish the orbit around Kerbin 3200 m/s . But here it seems I'm not that good at piloting yet, so I often seem to need more Here's a picture of the beast : For the propulsion, I chose for these three phases : 3 LV-909 with one X200-16 Fuel Tank 1 RE-L10 with one X200-32 Fuel Tank First, some boosters (6 "Kickback"s) and then 5 X200-32 Fuel Tanks mounted in what I imagine to be asparagus and powered by a RE-M3 Like I said, this ship was succesful in its mission, but I'm afraid it will be much more complicated as soon as I try to get more payload (such as tourists or scientific equipment). Do you have any advice to improve this ?
  6. It's not too bothering anyway, I was just curious I'll see if it stills happens in 1.1. (And the hiccup did last about a minute in real time. I wasn't warping as I wanted to pay close attention to what was happening. But it's not that bad, don't worry). I had to read this twice but I got it This will probably be useful very soon. Also I knew KSP only simulated a 2-body problem but I never really thought about what it meant, I just assumed it would be easier. I think you just proved me wrong . Anyway, thank you all for your answers !
  7. Your description seems to match what I see. Here are a few screenshots of the phenomenon, I left the clock in the upper left corner for you. The hiccup lasts about a minute in real time. The third and fourth image show the wrong orbit, and the fifth is the back to normal situation. Something interesting though, I used KAC and asked to pause 5 seconds prior to the SOI change. The hiccup happened before the KAC pop-up, and the orbit went back to normal a few seconds after. So I just need to not touch anything during this minute and everything is fine, right ?
  8. Hello all, I recently purchased the game and already had a lot of fun with it. I read many help posts as well so thank you for the help so far. I'm experiencing a strange behaviour of the orbit displayed (conics I believe ?) when I'm changing from a body SOI to another. For example, assume I'm orbiting the Mun (yay !) and I want to go back to Kerbin. I'll play with the manoeuver nodes until I get a nice Kerbin orbit after exiting the Mun's sphere of influence. I'll execute the manoeuver not too badly and then, right after I exit (end of the blue trajectory), the orbit will completely change and I don't understand why. But there's more. After a short time, the orbit will get back to what it was supposed to be. Has anyone seen this before and could tell me what's happening ? I can't say if the problem also exist with other bodies as I'm still at the very beginning. All my settings are default (I think), but I do have a few mods installed. If I didn't provide enough information, please ask for more.
  9. I created an account just to tell you how great this story is I can't wait to read more.