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  1. // OBJECT // { // name = Jool-Aurora // body = Jool // altitude = 27000 // killBodyRotation = True // detailSpeed = 50,150,0 // speed = 0,-5000,0 // offset = 180,0,0 // settings // { // _DetailScale = 2 // _Color = 250,250,999999,100 // _DetailDist = 1E-07 // _UVNoiseTex = AstronomersVisualPack/EVE/Textures/uvnoise1 // _UVNoiseScale = 0.5 // _UVNoiseStrength = 0.05 // _UVNoiseAnimation = 0.05,0.02 // _MainTex // { // value = AstronomersVisualPack/EVE/Textures/aurora1 // } // _DetailTex // { // value = AstronomersVisualPack/EVE/Textures/detailAurora // } // } // layer2D // { // macroCloudMaterial // { // } // } // } Removing this from aurora.cfg brings back clouds on all planets except Jool of course. Otherwise all clouds disappear. So it's either removing KSPRC all together or removing clouds from Jool at the moment for me.
  2. Actually CKAN does not prompt to install Scatterer, you have to do it manually. Every other mod you listed is included in dependencies. However there is another mod that is required by CKAN and that is Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier. So, when I click on AVP, it tells me that I have to also install: - AVP textures (2k/4k/8k) - EVE - Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier Anyway, after installing KSPRC I still have no clouds. I'm going to remove every mod, reinstall it via CKAN and add KSPRC again. EDIT: I've uninstalled KSPRC, fired up KSP and everything is looking beautiful. I take those flashes on Kerbin are storm?
  3. Now that I installed KSPRC over the rest of the mods, it showed the stock textures with no clouds/effects. Quickly reinstalled AVP plus dependencies via CKAN AND lowered the res to "half", I get beautiful textures and auroras but no clouds. Checked Eve and Laythe and no clouds either. Apart from that everything seems to be working.
  4. I tried to install 4k textures, didn't work. I opened the EVE config window in game and TextureConfig is showing "Invalid Name!".
  5. Ok, I'm at the stage when I'm beginning to slowly pull my hair out... I installed the mod and dependencies from CKAN - I chose 2k textures. It looks like it doesn't include the scatterer, so I installed that from CKAN as well. It would seen I installed everything at this point, go into my game and everything looks ok except that planets have no texture. Not a single one of them. Clouds, yes, auroras, yes, city lights, yes, but no ground textures. Please, in god's name, somebody help!
  6. MRE is meant for oxygen and metals, so why not C, right? Then you could burn those two to make CO2. I might be wrong but this seems like a perfectly acceptable feature and it won't break the immersion.
  7. I love the mod but now I'm on to mining and things have just got very frustrating... Maybe I'm missing something but, you can mine Ore and H2O, from Ore you can only produce O, from H2O obviously H and O. From the latter you can make Oxidizer. But to produce Liquid Fuel you need CO2 as well. Where the heck am I supposed to get CO2 from? It makes the whole idea of mining an asteroid or a moon pointless unless you have Kerbals producing CO2 on board. Perhaps I'm wrong?
  8. I absolutely love the mod. Unlike Davon it doesn't screw my engines and does exactly what I need. Any chance I could change the default colours green/yellow (or whatever they are) to something else? I have colour vision deficiency and am having hard time with those two.
  9. This mod doesn't seem to work for me. I press "B" and all I get is "Bill Kerman hesitating". I fly to the hatch door, nothing happens.
  10. This is all good news but is the new version rid of the bug where after assigning your first craft to BASE the mod is no longer working?
  11. As soon as you set your first craft to Base the window stops displaying all the info. Do it and then reload the previous save. See for yourself.
  12. Guys why would you want this mod? It breaks as soon as you set your first craft to "base" and there is no way around that. Seems that the creator isn't interested or he would have responded to this issue.
  13. I was able to "repair" State Funding by renaming the vessel to Lander (or anything else). I tried landing only a capsule with a small tank, engine and landing gear on Kerbin, and as soon as I renamed it to Base, it broke the mod again. I renamed it back to Lander and everything was back to "normal". What's so special about Bases? I really hope the author still follows this thread and will respond some time soon.
  14. I'm afraid I too have this problem with bases. The only mods I'm using are MechJeb and ScienceAlert. As soon as I sent my first base to Minimus StateFunding broke. Is there any way to "unbreak" this without reloading the old save (which I haven't got)? It really is a very good mod giving some purpose to the game and enhancing the experience. I wish I had seen this before.
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