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  1. Which version of this .craft from? I am unable to load the .craft file for my current version of KSP (ID: 1622). I took a look at the aircraft, and while a bit unusual, it does fly rather well. However while this may be a good step to something greater, it will need to be able to carry aircraft similar to weight of the stock Satellite Launcher. I'll be experimenting with this variation aswell, thank you for the suggestions
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll experimenting with these variations and will eventually conclude any results I may find, perhaps even discover a completely brand new of type of naval travel with stock parts. For now I am accepting any other suggestions you or others may have to improve the vehicle.
  3. Currently I am designing a ground-effect vehicle in KSP, named the GEV-1 (Ground Effect Vehicle 1), looking to one day turn it into a ground-effect aircraft carrier. Since the ground-effect phenomenon does not exist in the game, I am just looking to make this large beast fly at low altitudes. Like any large beasts, they usually have many technical problems, and while working on the ground-effect vehicle it quickly became apparent that there will not be enough power or enough lift to compensate the size of the vehicle. I am looking for any help to get this vehicle flying, at whatever the cost as long as it keeps these features: Fuel should be enough to cross an ocean. Vehicle should be able to land as a hydroplane. Vehicle should be able to fly over water stably. The aircraft ramp should be able to keep it's length the same or slightly smaller. It can takeoff and land on water. (Optional) should be able to survive time warp, however I can fix it myself. If you wish to see how the vehicle performs in person, here is a download link to the .craft: