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  1. Thanks you guys very much for the advice. I was able to deploy my sats thanks to you guys to thanks again!
  2. I am trying to evenly space 3 satellites in polar orbit around Kerbin at 500km x 500km but I am not sure how to do the math. I am not sure how to lower my orbit enough to make the satellites have enough time to orbit so they can get back up to their original position. Any tips on how to calculate the altitude at which I need to lower my orbit?
  3. I figured it out. I ended up having to turn the probe core around and the control surfaces were fixed. I noticed that when I loaded in the craft the navball was pointing in the opposite direction the craft was facing. Thanks you to everyone that commented, as it helped me a lot!
  4. I have had this problem before but I don't remember how I fixed it. I am used to pressing S on the keyboard to pull up and w to nose down with an aircraft in KSP but on this new aircraft I am making it is the opposite, when I press W it pulls up and when i press S it pulls down. I am not sure what to do. I rotated my control surfaces 180 degrees and the probe module and that did not work. If you know anything please leave a comment down below. Thanks! When I press W: http://imgur.com/08DJ5ir When I press S: http://imgur.com/wpWTGxP
  5. Okay, that makes sense. Thank you very much for telling me what that means! I really appreciate that.
  6. I figured it out somehow. In the structural fuselage that had the docking port on it I clipped the SAS module for the ship in the fuselage and on the docking port I clicked "decouple node" and the SAS module in the fuselage fell out and when I tried to redock the spacecraft to the port that was not working, it finally docked. I have no idea what that button means but it worked :/
  7. I am trying to dock my Spacecraft to my Space Station and I ran into this problem where the docking ports were not magnetizing. With the module I was trying to dock them to I used the Gizmos in the VAB to clip the docking port into the fuselage and I think that might be a part of it but if you have anything to try to fix this please help! http://imgur.com/gallery/xuYKRpi/new
  8. Thanks for the advice! Thanks for telling me that. It was my first time landing on Duna so I did not know what to expect. Really helpful advice. I will keep that in mind!
  9. I have only one chute and it is the Mk16 XL parachute. I was landing a few Km above sea level. I saw the minimum pressure setting of the parachute. I did not know what to do with it so i left it the same. If you could point me in the right direction that would be amazing. Thanks!!
  10. I am having this problem when I want to land on Duna but when I go to deploy my Mk16 XL parachute it does not want to deploy. Not even the drag chute wants to deploy. I am assuming this has to do something either with the parachute or with the atmosphere of Duna. Please help me on this topic. Thanks!!
  11. Alright so I have figured out what the problem was. My problem was that I needed to put more struts to support my rocket but thanks to all that were concerned!
  12. Alright so I have just gotten the full game of Kerbal Space Program and I was sending a probe out to Minmus, but when I was in orbit I came across an issue that whenever I used either my rocket boosters or my RCS the rocket would almost start to move to the point where it would become hard to control. To give a little more detail to the movement it was almost like the rocket was being shook by something in a movement sort of like a rubber band. IDK if this is because of the center of gravity of the rocket or because of something else but if you know something about it then pls help! Thank y
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