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  1. RLA Stockalike has decent looking XRS - S2200 model.
  2. Are you sure you have everything up to date? I had similar problems, but now with latest versions it works as it should. AFAIK it was FAR bug, check if you have latest version.
  3. Did you had good sources about early Viking engines costs? 45K and 30K for unlocking looks really high compared to other engines of similar purpose from USA and USSR. Engines themselves are also noticeably more expensive.
  4. The problem with EVE dependency on CKAN is that it automatically installs default EVE config files that are not needed for SVE. I think the way this should be handled is by making SVE as a config option to EVE. For that you would need SVE version that doesnt bundle EVE.
  5. There is something bugged with newest solverengines version. Use previous one.
  6. Yea, procedural tanks have balloon option. For avionics I use 2m early guidance unit that gives 120t. Here's video how it looks This isnt optimized and more proof of concept, since for career I add small upper stage for higher margins and safety.
  7. Are you using balloon tanks? Because that was the reason Atlas could do without tanks staging. Your TWR at launch is very low, so with balloon tanks you would have much better chance. My Atlas-Mercury looks like this Its a bit more compact, with LES would be about 24 meters height. Since Im not using LES, there is about 400kg of payload left, so with early LES staging it most likely would work with it too. Boosters staging at 130s. 3 baby sergeants servers as retro rockets. Also lowering ablator to ~20 is very easy way to save some mass. Wont need more unless you skip out for 2nd reentry.
  8. So with 1.9.3 the RP-0 supersonic x planes contract now doesnt even pick up that Im flying, my speed or my altitude(Before the problem was that it completed instantly without taking required time).