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  1. make a vr mod so i can feel like im flying the spaceship in real life but not really only in the game
  2. make a mod that adds submarines to the game and the nations of ussr and usa and we can hunt for red october
  3. make a mod that adds a city and cars and police and pedestrians to the game and you have to do missions and you get wanted levels... stuff like that
  4. just copy the table from the wiki and try pasting in excel it might work... [snip]
  5. this is a space program game, what are the point of boats? there is nothing to do in the water
  6. why dont you take your delta v and figure out how many seconds prior it will take to dump before your elevation is 0 at current v... [snip]
  7. that would be the wrong way to go about it... you save the starting state of the planets/universe and record your inputs every frame.... theoretically the physics will repeat... that would require less data to record
  8. delete next time, dont edit my excrements amazing person
  9. it literally takes the time it takes to drag an icon from one window to another, then you do ctrl+f and then you look for 'socket' or 'webrequest'...[snip]
  10. i agree with this but honestly, all i asked is if it works with the latest... i didnt want an answer right away, i would have waited a week, a month until 1.5 comes out but i would have waited until someone told me it worked for my version. I wouldnt have bothered anyone. I simply posted the question and went back to my game. And I come back to snarky amazing persons... everywhere i go these amazing persons follow me... is it the same guy? maybe who knows on the internet, maybe it is you for all i know... next time if you see a "newbie" ask if something is up to date and want to roll your eyes and go tell your friends and laugh at me then go do that and don't reply, just let me wither away with no response. Again if I wante to test it myself I would have clicked download, unrar'd the archive, installed it into my game data folder, then i would have loaded my game and then i would have saw the game start and then id ask myself... is it working? how do i know? i guess things look different... hmm maybe... maybe i should just [snip] ask in the mod's thread... do you mind if i do that?? is that ok with you guys?
  11. i agree, i just am sick of people that want to be little excrementss like when i am told to test it myself when i am asking if it works. If I wanted to go through the problem of it i would have taken the 5 minutes to do it but why not just ask on the loveing thread? it's the thread the mod's author made and i asked on his thread if it works... why are people loveing harassing me then?
  12. what exactly is a switcher mod? and you can never have too many mods boi
  13. the mod should not do what the author wants if the author is not a logical person it should work intuitively and in a logical way.
  14. that's good cause it is weird whenever i play a new game, i end up on their forums and then someone ends up being rude to me and because i probably have bipolar disorder i usually get myself banned and then i cant get support for a mod or something and then i end up getting liquided off anytime i play the game and then i start hating the game... i use to mod for gta iv and gta v but i ended up getting myself banned from every gta website for constantly talking excrements to people who insisted on notifying me of how excrementsty and useless my mods were and i ended up trolling the community... it happend with paradox, gtaforums, all the different sites on reddit, mount and blade forum, i get banned from anything that requires social interaction... i get banned u name it, cause i grew up in a time where if you said something you had to back it up and here i am now on the internet full of people that want to tell me how stupid i am for asking questions squad just ban me now cause some amazing person on texture replacer mod is giving me excrements for asking if it works on 1.4.2 just ban me now cause im already going into troll mode if i keep getting harassed for asking questions if you ban me just please let me continue to download mods... paradox forums locks their mods away for members only and yeah i got banned there
  15. Ok great, i know this mod will make playing career a lot more fun since you take more interest in developing your kerbals. I do it anyway but now to have it integrated in the game, it is awesome. I am going to setup my ckan so i can download your mod... you may want to setup the max version as 1.4.9 because i doubt game updates will affect your mod unless it is something major that changes the game engine which i dont see happening in the 1.4.x versions