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  1. You may want to make your own thread in the help section. When I was looking for help, I got it much faster with my own thread.
  2. Posting here just to let you know that I'm excited for the new update!
  3. Hey, I saw a post on the sub-reddit, and it sounded super cool. If anyone is looking for a project, this would be a great one: https://redd.it/59z82v
  4. Awesome, thanks! I'll try and post some screen shots with that for comparison. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/U3h1B
  5. Yeah, I was guessing that he was using GemFX. Do you know of any way to thicken the clouds to make them more similar to those in the picture?
  6. Aight sorry for the wait. I reinstalled SVE and it looks much better than before: http://imgur.com/a/atbn4 (but very, very thin on my opinion) This is kind of a longshot, but do you know of a way to make Kerbin's atmosphere and clouds more similar to this:
  7. Awesome, make sure to tell me when you think you've fixed it and I'll try it out again!
  8. Hmm, the clouds seem pretty blurry in my game compared to what I've seen. I'm using the high resolution version of SVE, but it's still oddly blurry. Is this a common bug, or just a limitation?
  9. This is the full error I get: http://pastebin.com/AqTn5xjb. This comes right after KerbalFactory says "Start parts load".
  10. Hey man, getting this error: [WRN 10:02:21.483] PartResourceList: Already contains resource of name 'IntakeAtm'. Heres my log: http://pastebin.com/6dWm16Rx Edit: Removed a cfg called IntakeAtm.cfg and that fixed that error, but know its giving me "[WRN 10:02:21.483] PartResourceList: Already contains resource of name 'LqdFluorine'" Edit 2: Fixed the resource stuff, but now theres an error saying "Requested value 'OVERRIDE' not found.
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