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  1. On 2/20/2017 at 7:13 PM, Caylis1397 said:

    I want to inform everyone who is waiting for the next update, that it might take more time then I thought. This is due to a problem I can't seem to figure out. I have put a help request on the official unofficial "help a fellow plugin developer" thread, but I have not gotten a response yet, but it has only been a little while so no worries. If anyone want's to see if they can help, here is a link to the post with info on the problem.

    Any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated and hopefully a solution will be found soon.

    You may want to make your own thread in the help section. When I was looking for help, I got it much faster with my own thread.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Galileo said:

    Ah yeah I forgot I changed it last update.  

    Change this

     _DetailDist = 0.450E-06

    To this

     _DetailDist = 2E-06


    You can play with the values to suit your tastes.  That setting determines how far away before the detail texture fades out.  Play around with and see if you can get a setting you like. 

    Awesome, thanks! I'll try and post some screen shots with that for comparison.  



  3. 5 minutes ago, Avera9eJoe said:

    That image was taken by @cobbman11 using gemfX and KSPRC if I recall correctly - that atmosphere you're talking about is actually a bloom effect created by gemfx, not the actual atmospheric effects if I call correctly. I don't know if it actually has scatterer in it but I assume it does? Cobbman?

    Yeah, I was guessing that he was using GemFX. Do you know of any way to thicken the clouds to make them more similar to those in the picture?

  4. Hey man, getting this error: [WRN 10:02:21.483] PartResourceList: Already contains resource of name 'IntakeAtm'. Heres my log:  


    Edit: Removed a cfg called IntakeAtm.cfg and that fixed that error, but know its giving me "[WRN 10:02:21.483] PartResourceList: Already contains resource of name 'LqdFluorine'"  


    Edit 2: Fixed the resource stuff, but now theres an error saying "Requested value 'OVERRIDE' not found.

  5. 3 minutes ago, metalpoetza said:

    I'm just guessing here - but have you tried:

    python pykan --help

    It's also possible that python3 is not in your path - so you may need to give a full path to where it is installed. Probably somewhere under Program Files (no idea really). On UNIX the bangpath will conveniently read that out of the environment variables, but I don't think windows understands bangpaths and even if it did - it wouldn't know what /usr/bin/env means.

    Ayyyyy, that worked. By the way, I had to install appdirs. Might wanna mention it in your readme just for any other users on windows like me. Thanks!

  6. Just now, metalpoetza said:

    That's odd, I've never seen that happening. What OS are you on ? Are you sure you got beta-2c ? Any other information you can give me to help me work out why this is happening ?

    I am on Windows which may explain why its not working correctly as you said you don't have access to any Windows machines right? Other than that, all I am doing if going INTO the pyKAN 0.0.1-Beta 2c folder and shift-right clicking to open a command promt window in that directory. From there, I have tried many things. I have tried typing 'py' and then typing './pyKAN --help', '/pyKAN --help', 'pyKAN --help', and lastly 'pyKAN'. I have also tried just typeing those before entering 'py'. Again, I'm pretty unfamiliar with python so I may be doing something super incorrectly.