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  1. Hey @Caylis1397, I still think theres an issue having to do with peoples science getting removed randomly. After some certain events (coming out of a warp seems to be one of the many), a message will pop up at the top and all of the science in your vessel will be removed. It's really weird.
  2. Hey man, everything is mostly working better, but unfortunately when you sync from group, all the science on your current vessel is deleted. My friend and I discovered this while doing two science missions simultaneously, and after I finished my mission we synced everything up, but all the science in his vessel was deleted. If you could let me know when this is fixed that would be great. Thanks!
  3. Just put the client side on clan. That's what DMP does.
  4. That's awesome to hear, and that's completely fine that you didn't respond sooner. Thanks for all the great work!
  5. I completely deleted all files before updating to Ill try and delete that and see if it fixes it, but I don't think that's the problem.
  6. Yes, it is saying "Saving *Some Number* scenario group modules from *Your Player Name* to *Your Group Name*" every 30 seconds. We were just testing Syncrio out with DMP, and it seemed that the science was syncing fine, but the technologies in the Research and Development were not syncing, and in fact, on his side, he had no technology unlocked, while I had 4 or 5 unlocked. Any idea why?
  7. Cool. The problem right now is that when I get science, it doesn't update for my friend. We tried to click sync from group, and when he clicked it, his science never went up, but when I clicked it my science went back to where his was. Is there something Im doing wrong. Also, is there a way to disable auto sync. I know I did it somehow by accident, but I'm not sure how to actually change it.
  8. @Caylis1397 Do I need to make a group for the science points and stuff to sync, or will it sync even if I'm not in a group.
  9. You should try to get your mod on CKAN, it would make updating way easier. Thanks for the fix though!
  10. [19:01:13][INFO] : Client YETI disconnected in ReceiveCallback, endpoint [::ffff:*MY IP IS HERE*]:10355, error: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host) I keep getting this message when ever my friend and I try to sync, any idea why? We get instantly kicked when this happens.
  11. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would be able to make a mod for Dark Multiplayer that allows for multiple people to have the same science points, funds, technology, etc. If anyone knows of a mod like this or is making one, please let me know. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, Ive read that, but none of it really makes sense to me. What should I be looking at in specific?
  13. Is there any way to disable certain aspects of this mod, such as the radiation or signals?
  14. It is fully compatible with 1.1.2, I just checked and it's still on CKAN. Enjoy!
  15. Hey, I found a mod on the forums called KerbalFeels. It looks really interesting, but unfortunately its not even slightly working in 1.1. I believe the license allows modification and distribution of the code, so anyone could technically try and update it. I also checked on the KSP subreddit for any interest, and there was a lot of positive feedback. If anyone knows of a similar mod, please let me know, and if anyone plans on updating the mod, let me know as well as I am super interested. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the appreciation, and I hope I will be able to keep it updated. Thanks for the original mod, and if you ever have any problems (possibly related to licensing or anything) just let me know. Thanks! Thank you for letting me know. I just pushed out an update which should fix that.
  17. @akron @cxg2827 @NecroBones @Nippie1995 @sumghai @martinezfg11 @hoojiwana Thank you guys for all the feedback. I will keep the poly count in mind for future models, and at least its better than the original 575,000 faces this model had :3
  18. Thanks! Do you have any suggestions or do you like it in its current state?
  19. Hey, I just finished doing some work on a propeller model for a mod that I was thinking of creating. Im just wondering if you guys have any feedback on the model, or more specifically the texturing. Thanks for any help, I sincerely appreciate it. You can view the model in 3D right here:
  20. I just checked it out and its amazing! Im not sure what I was doing wrong but when I unwrapped some certain things they were asymmetrical and deformed, but these look perfect. I also appreciate how you renamed some things in the hierarchy, looks much cleaner now. Thanks, and Ill respond when I'm done texturing for some final thoughts. @heliobyte I just finished this up, any thought/suggestions?
  21. @Proot Not sure if you want to, but there's a development build of Kopernicus on GitHub. You might be able to use it for some testing of KSPRC in 1.1. Dont
  22. Hey, so I got it looking a little better and also down to ~2,000 tris. I have a few pictures that I'll uplaod and at the end of the album there's a image with a drawing on it. I was wondering if you could try and see if you could get something similar on the model with a UV map, because I cannot do that for the life of me, it always seems to come out distorted. Heres a link to the .dae. Thanks if you chose to continue helping me!