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  1. You know how in games like Elite and No mans sky you can fly through space like you would fly a plane on earth and stop at will at your desired destination? Would that be possible to mod into Kerbal? Sure making maneuvers, precise burns and waiting years in game to get to where you want to is fun from a realism standpoint, but whizzing through space in a small cruiser and exploring would not only be more fun, but would also open new possibility for mods like "To Boldly go"
  2. I've found this neat looking planet in space engine that I want to see modded into ksp, close to kerbin as a second habitable planet. But I have no experience in modding or programming.In this link I have a zip named the desired name for the planet once in game. I have included the bump, diff, norm, glow, and spec files exported from space engine in png and dds form. If you're up for the task, post the link to this thread when complete. Thank you! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r1svrv28duczwzi/AAAIRviZHAX57eam1hmiXxXGa?dl=0
  3. I installed everything right but nothing shows up, do i need to extract the contents of the JSI folder to Gamedata or just put JSI folder in
  4. When I go into the cockpit the ocean moves depending on where i move my camera. And when i open the alt+f9/f10 menus, i cant click anything or exit it, the little bar at the top just appears and goes away on mouse clicks and pressing the keys again
  5. Kerbalstuff is gone. Reupload to spacedock please?
  6. Kerbalstuff isn't reachable for me, cant get the torrent. Can anyone reupload it to somewhere?
  7. Is there a way I can edit the config file to allow removal of EVA suits on Laythe?
  8. Don't be sorry for not being done on time, take as much time as you need, the fact you're reviving this mod at all is great Also also, all of the new stars have the same kind of look as the normal sun until zoomed in as close as you can, i'm assuming this is normal but incase it isn't i thought id report it
  9. Ill make this as short as possible. My Kerbals and ships clip through the ground, slightly but enough to bother me. And when I go into EVA my kerbals cannot walk. The only mods i have installed are hyperedit. Part mods and distant objects. Help?
  10. Is there a way to turn off things exploding if you look at the sun for even a second? I just wanna look at planets, and having things explode and nearly give me a heart attack isn't very fun.
  11. KerbalStuff is down for good sadly can you reupload to spacedock.info?
  12. I'm looking for cockpits that look like the kind you would find on a world war 2 plane. the two mods i've found were both hosted on kerbal stuff and therefor are close to impossible to find, if anyone else knows of another mod i would love to hear. thanks!
  13. Hey if you still have this mods files can you upload them somewhere because kerbal stuff is gone now
  14. Is it possible you could post the versions you're running on dropbox or something? Even though they're far from perfect it would be nice to try them
  15. I know that extraplanetary launch pads is a mod but i cant wrap my head around it. Its a stupid idea I had but is there a way to make KSC switcher add launch sites on other planets at set coordinates
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