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  1. I have an issue with this mod and GPP: The contract "Help a scientist perform experiments at ..." mentions that i should help "Agalong Kerman" perform experiments on Iota. The scientist that spawned was Agalong at first, but after a short while it got renamed to "Asgela Gaelan", because in GPP those arent Kerbals, but Gaelans ;-) Now when i launch a vessel with Asgela on Board, the contract still says that Agalong should perform the experiments and it does not display Agalong as "on board". So this basically blocks me from finishing this contract. Hope there is a solution to this :-)
  2. Here is the log: And the Modlist:
  3. I think I have already found the problem: Apparently ModuleManager 3.0.1 had some changes so that some cfg files need to be updated. I downgraded to MM 2.8.1 and the error is gone.
  4. Hi, I just wanted to start a new game with the Galileo Pack and wanted to increase the difficulty, so I installed DangIt (via CKAN). When loading the game the Modulemanager says that there is an error related to Gamedata/DangIt/ModuleManager/Tanks.cfg I don´t know how to fix it, but i´d really love to start that new game with a complete mod set. Can anyone help?
  5. @ExEvolution I had the same issue. Reinstalling FAR fixed it for me. May be that ckan did something wrong during the installation. Btw I also had the high CPU load issue, but it was also fixed by the reinstallation
  6. I fixed it by removing scatterer from my game. for some reason it seemed to cause the crashes
  7. Hello I just downloaded the windows 1.1 Version of KSP and wanted to try most of the mod collection that I used on linux (64bit). I can start the game and fly a rocket or two but after 5-15 minutes the game crashes with the windows error "KSP stopped working". I cannot give any instructions on how to reproduce this issue, because it happens random (sometimes in the vab, sometimes on scene changes). Here is my output.log: And my system: i7 6700k 32GB Memory Radeon R9 390 with 8GB graphics memory Hope you can help
  8. Hey Any chance this might get an update for 1.1? Would love to use those parts
  9. Hello I just updated the mod. Now my Mun space station shows a hab time of ~ -250 days... I thought I should have a look at my kerbals - but as soon as I load the space station it disintegrates in a thousand parts :-( I kind of like this feature, but my savegame was a little too unprepared for this. Now I´d like to turn it off, get my Kerbals back to Kerbin, turn it on again and then send my Kerbals back where they belong. So, the question is: how do I turn the hab-feature off? Thanks for the help
  10. I have now tried starting the modded copy of KSP while steam is running. This time the Player.log got a lot bigger before the game crashed, so I uploaded it:
  11. Hello For my ckan-modded install I copied KSP to my desktop to /Desktop/ckan/1/. This means I have a "clean" install in my steam folder. In the ckan/1/ folder there is also the ckan.exe, so I think everything is where it should be. I tried the unmodded copy in my steam folder, and it works fine. I usually don't run steam while playing KSP.
  12. Hello, I have recently upgraded my System and now I tried getting KSP running again. I tried starting the game, but it crashes on the startup loading screen. I am running the 64bit version on ubuntu 64bit. I start KSP by running this After i run the .sh, this is the terminal output: My system: Intel Core i7 6700k 16GB DDR4 memory Sapphire R9 390X 8GB I have a lot of mods installed, but my system should be able to handle it: The Player.log: If anything is missing, just tell me. I hope you guys can help me - I love this game :-)
  13. Hello, I really like the life support mods like USI LS and TAC LS - but is there a mod that adds a need for kerbals to sleep? I think it would add some more challenge to the game if you have to make certain that your kerbals are not too tired. Thanks for the answers