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  1. I try to split delta-v instead of burn time. In this maneuver, I began my burn around ~12s to split the amount of delta-v before and after T-0 equally.
  2. Nothing. But after craft is above 70km, indicator shows correct value.
  3. I used to use BetterBurnTime mod but now KSP has burn time estimation built in. And, BetterBurnTime mod author said that it is no longer needed to have burn time indicator in the mod. But stock burn time indicator seems incorrect. In this maneuver in the screenshot requires 1532.5m/s burn. Stage2 will burns 1197m/s delta-V in 19.7s and Stage0 will burn 335.5m/s delta-v in about 45s. Sum of these two burns is like 65s. Indicator should show ~33s instead of 5m, 27s if I am correct. Related discussion in the mod's thread:
  4. Yes Kerbal Engineer Redux shows total Delta-V burn time. I'm talking about maneuver burn time. Total maneuver burn delta-v is 1532.5m/s which needs both engines to burn. These are those two burns' delta-v and burn times in my numbers. The first engine. It's a stock rocket named ComSat Lx. I launched it for testing the new burn time feature.
  5. The red "Burn Time" is not correct. It looks like it is calculated as all delta-v requirement for the maneuver burn by the tiny engine on the 0th stage, not the big engine on the 2nd stage. Complete burn is combination of 2 engines: Stage2: 1197m/s (19.7s) Stage0: 335.5m/s (~45s ?) So, how could sum of these two burns became 5m, 27s? If we can have only one engine burn time estimation, I'd choose the first one as we had before.
  6. CanOmer

    [1.5.X] Rover Wheel Sounds v2.3 (2016-10-24)

    Wheels without sound is somewhat dull in the game. Great mod. It works with KSP 1.5 (I don't have Making History btw).
  7. Is this mod better than KER on garbage collection issue?
  8. Is garbage collection is much worse in this update or it's just me? I've a decent GPU, CPU and 12gb memory (still I turn terrain scatters off), no mods (except KER), no more than 1 craft in mission, just a new sandbox start. I'm flying with one of the small planes (Osprey) around KSC and experience freezes (500ms) in every 10-15 seconds.