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  1. Water textures badly need an update.
  2. I'm currently playing a career with Kerbalism. Would switching to the new version of Kerbalism break my career save?
  3. Hello, I began career with Kerbalism and I liked it very much. I also use Memgraph to reduce garbage collection which is a huge problem for me. But in the editor (SPH or VAB) Memgraph is not working. At first I went to Memgraph topic and we found out that Kerbalism causes the problem. Is there anything you can do about this issue? I use Windows 10 x64 My KSP ver: 1.6.1 ModuleManager.4.0.2 Logs: Memgraph graph that shown in editor:
  4. After I remove these mods, Memgraph works as normal.
  5. Thanks, here it is:
  6. Here: (But output_log.txt files are old.)
  7. Is there any possible fix? Because this bug drives me mad. I can't design craft without getting disrupted in every 5-8 seconds.
  8. How to proceed with rescue climbers mission? I landed near one of the climbers but I can't control her. Edit: Also I'm getting same missions after completing them instead of new missions. For example I completed "Barnstorm the Island ...." mission, now I have this mission avaliable but no money gain, only reputation.
  9. I hope I created the log correctly:
  10. Graph creates red lines frequently (5-8sec) while in editor. In flight red lines appear after 90-120 sec. I feel bad stutter in editor as same as not using Memgraph at all.
  11. Hi, this mod (latest version) doesn't work in Editor. It works in flight. I'm using KSP 1.6.1. Is it known issue or?
  12. I'll try now but it says: "KSP_VERSION_MAX":{ "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":4, "PATCH":1 Edit: It looks like compatible. I compared several parts (especially latest Making History parts), engines, pods, tanks..etc all have different mass values.