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  1. After I decouple the smallar craft on top of this to collect science. Main ship became debris in Tracking Station. I can't control it. As you can see there are solar panels can generate power but still I can't control it. Why? (My KSP version is 1.3.1) Edit: I found the problem. I mistakenly in control of Stack Seperator, not the ship. Sorry.
  2. I want electric engine. I added these links because of [INDO]dimas_1502 said that it is not realistic and there is no operational electric aircraft in real life. I'm not for realism here. So, electric engines should be more powerful than in real life to balance non-existence of ultralight parts in KSP.
  3. Where did you get this info? If it is restricted to real life engines, there must be few examples at least: (In development) (In development)
  4. This is a game, not real life. And electric propeller engine is not science-fiction.
  5. Electric planes are not for only interplanetary.
  6. Realism Overhaul link doesn't work.
  7. Add electric engine(s) please. I need them for Duna and Eve.
  8. But I don't use X Science mod.
  9. These are the mods I use:
  10. I get mini freezes between red lines which can be seen as mini drops in green graph. Why is it happening? (I'm using KSP v1.3.1)
  11. Is garbage collection still an issue?
  12. Mun was on the way of my planned route. So I made the burn an hour earlier. Nuclear engines made 8 min (2400 Delta-V) burn from Kerbin orbit to Moho. Insertion burn to enter Moho orbit was supposed to be around 2800 Delta-V according to Transfer Window Planner. But after the Kerbin departure burn, now maneuver node says it requires 4550 Delta-V. Ho can long burn time and an hour early burn create such difference?
  13. CanOmer

    Eve plane design

    Is there a mod which adds electric propeller engine other than KAX (which is for 1.2.2)?
  14. What are the most "Kerbal" movies you watch? It doesn't have to be space related movie. (I'm looking for a movie to watch and I like KSP a lot.)
  15. I begin using nuclear and ion engines and I am not sure how to use them efficiently. I created maneuver node to Mun. Burn time is 4 minutes. I divided the burn in to two 2 minutes burns to make it more efficient. How much is my gain from it? What is the maximum acceptable burn time? If I'd burn 4 minutes at once how much delta-v would I lose?