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  1. I am using RSS+RO mod. I want to build station around moon or build a colony at moon. To launch them I need to build very massive rockets with 150+ parts. For example: : This is my rocket with 184 parts and at the launch pad I am getting 6 fps. What should I do ? I can launch simple rockets (carrying satellites) with +40 fps. Is it possible to prevent this fps drop with a mod or with a tweak etc. ? System specs: FX-8350; GTX 970; 8GB RAM
  2. I can ignite simple ION engines because they only need only one propellant. But the complex ones with higher thrust need additionally megajoules. How can I produce megajoules ? When I try to ignite engine it says "Megajoules deprived".
  3. I didn't know capture means eliptical orbit, Probably that was the problem thanks for the answer
  4. I have captured saturn. And 5100 delta V left on my vessel. I want to capture and orbit Titan. The deltaV chart states that I need to burn 3 km/s for capture and 0.6km/s for orbit around Titan. However: In game I could capture Titan with 0.27 km/s delta v. But the problem is I need to burn 5,0km/s for orbit (not even circular). Do I really have to burn 5.0 km/s for orbiting Titan or how can I lower this to 3.0km/s as stated in delta V chart ? note: the vessel is not capable for aerobraking.
  5. I want to add a launch site in a place where I want. Is it possible. Or are the launch site options limited ? I am using KSC Switcher and RSS mod.
  6. I've designed moon rocket. With the help of Procedural fairings mod This is my rocket. Everything is normal except the rocket wobbles because the fairings not supporting my payload. I started turning early to show you. As you see the upper part with LES wobbles and the fairing can't support it. Even it can't hold itself (the fairings are not jetissoned !!). So my question is why this fairings are not supporting my payload. Sturts useless, auto-strut function useless, what should I do For example by Saturn rocket those 4 fairings were holding the CSM perfectly. I can't do the same in KSP
  7. Ok thanks, I did some test and it is getting better now.
  8. I keep periapsis at +20,000 - +40,000 meters. Also I try to waste as much time as I can in the atmosphere.
  9. Hi guys, I start to build Mars Transfer Vehicle but first I need to design a lander. The atmosphere of Mars is really thin. I enter the atmosphere with 3200 m/s and it decelerates me to 2800m/s. I can't open the chutes btw. the vessel has 40 tonns of mass, so the chutes are useless. I enter the atmoshphere with 7.5 meters shield(not inflatable heatshield rather normal). Even it is useless. For departure from Mars I need to reserve 3.800 delta V fuel. 1-) Is there a solution ? If not should I use some more fuel for stopping the vessel? But then the mass of the vessel will increase to 50 tonns even I am using lh2 and lox propellant.
  10. Thx but when I replace the cfg. with the new one nothing changes. Stilll can't see the parts. Are you using Realism Overhaul ? Do you have 10m stock inflatable heatshield ?
  11. Hi , So I am planning manned mars landings . But the stock 4m heatshield is not enough to decelerate the vessel (30 tonnes) in mars' thin atmosphere. I tried to land on surface but always ended up crashing on surface with 1,6 km/s speed. So I need 10m inflatable heatshield for more drag. The 1.1 version of KSP comes with 10m inflatable heatshield. After installing RO this part has disappeared. So my question is: Where can I find that heatshield or is there a mod that adds inflatable heat shields in KSP.
  12. Increasing SMA helped but not that much (1600). Now the required deltaV decreased to 27.000 m/s ---> this is my bodies.ini file
  13. @Arrowstar This time I made a simple mission. Earth---->Venus---->Mars: First of all I put the dates. For the launch window open I put my KSP date which is 40y 252d On the "launch window close" I put a random date. 10 years after launch window open. (I think the problem may be here) Then I put my target planets. I left the orbit info box blank because the spacecraft is not launched yet. Then I press compute flyby maneuver sequence and here is the result: 38.982 m/s delta V is required. I think something wrong with launch close date. How can I decide that ?
  14. Hi @PLAD how can I manage "earliest search date, search period, V at SOI" these kind of things ? Should I always get these infos from earlier missions ?
  15. Thanks for the answer I also tried that program but as result it is showing nothing. On ksp tot what is wrong with the planning ? I selected multi flyby manuever sequencer, I put launch window time same as the ksp time. I am not sure what to put in latest departure time but I've put 10 years after the ksp time. I've entered Earth--->Venus---->Earth---->Earth for Jupiter like Galileo spaceraft did. I left the orbit info blank cuz I didn't launch the spacecraft yet. And that's all I can. And they seem to be correct. Is something wrong here. Or can you quickly plan same route for yourself and compare your result with mine ? Btw. the flightpath is correct. I've double-checked it with the galileo's flightpath and they were same except the delta V requirement.