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    EVAing (the amount of kerbals in my base + 1) kerbals to build something with KAS™.

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  1. with a couple hundred meter long invisible cable And a jetpack for the camera.
  2. When you always bring a book to draw rockets on (to school or work or whatever) and then people ask what you are drawing. Ummm.... rockets.
  3. When my brother had some powder for training (as in the gym) and it said "Pure monohydrate" of course I first misread it as "Pure monopropellant".
  4. When I play ftl I use the space key to pause, so in ksp I end up reverting.
  5. I made a base on minmus, and the junk around that base is used to make a small rocket (with kis).
  6. Kerbocraft? Where you make robots with guns and kerbals control them
  7. Rule 40 of weeds: you kill them with weed killer. Xbox live
  8. Did I miss the hype train? If so, then I will try to dock a cabin on the back of the hype train (Yes i know that the hype train does not have brakes)
  9. When I did that I deducted some of my money to feel a little bit less "cheaty".
  10. I name them most of them about what it is for or what it is like: Plane 4 Fighter jet VTOL Microbase 1 Microbase 1 ISRU And some others have "normal" names like: Taco escape pod SharkSub 1 More crap (Yes even that) And last but not least: Untitled Space Craft
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